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  1. Using those HUDs for the adventure logs alongside the all-in-one saving lib I was using was HELL! Finally got it to work. And now my saves don't weight a ton as a result! Also updated the offline preview. Go back to page 1 for the link.
  2. It could either be that, or a battery issue. A battery nearing its end of life can be flakey and cause data corruption in the RAM memory it's supposed to keep "alive" when the cartridge is not used. When the game tries to read data when loading your quest log, if it can't properly identify what kind of data there is instead of the typical adventure log data, it will "DU-DU-DU-DU-DU-DU-DU-DU-DU, DU-DUM!" and clear the data. Nowaways, battery issues are no longer an issue thanks to flash memory, but for technology as old as the NES, that's the only solution they had that wouldn't make cartridges cost an arm and a leg.
  3. Argh!!! Cursed jingle, I hate you!!! I hope you get AIDS cancer!

    1. Neofrodo


      But it's so appropriate. :D

  4. A few of you might have had that happen to their Dragon Warrior NES cartridges: I thought Squeenix would've kicked the habit in Dragon Quest 9... They didn't! I HATE the cursed jingle, especially on a dark screen. It scared the crap out of me as a kid, and I'm still getting chills whenever this happens! Just wondering: does anyone have similar reactions like this when they hear the dreaded jingle? Or perhaps any other game-related sound/music, for that matter?
  5. Oh it will be. It will actually both. Why go for one model when you can implement both in the same game?
  6. I've been using the YMCK Magical 8-bit plugin. Best thing since sliced bread, let me tell ya!
  7. It's when I see things like these that I hate being stuck with my Blackberry... "Dost thou wish to rest?" Nah, I'm cool... "But thou must!" ...!
  8. Speaking of remade themes... Mind you, this is the first time ever I'm composing something on Fruity Loops. I went by ear. Had to listen a lot to the Game Boy version to replicate some of its patterns.
  9. BTW, I've changed the URL for the offline preview binaries: http://bit.ly/1lBGV0I I've added it to the first page of the thread, along with the Youtube channel link.
  10. New Timeless Lands video, go check the game's post in the fangames forum. Enjoy! :D

  11. While we did get help for some stuff by a few of you, we also got some help from a friend of ours who reworked some of our current tunes thru FL (which seems to be the de facto way to go, judging on how most people here use it, and after we saw what he did, and how he did it). So here'a a small clip with the new Fortelms theme, a redone version of the world map theme (clearer notes, subtle changes in the lead square), and stuff that will most likely be added in as a bonus. Plus, I found a way to distribute the game via the standard EXE way without resorting to BYOND's BYONDEXE method (which they charge 100$ for). I'll use my method when I'll release the next preview. And before I get asked, no, I don't know when exactly I'll release it. But it shouldn't take years either! Next item to work on, and that will most likely be shown off: Adventure Log selection screen, NES-style.
  12. Given that I've practically been raised by my NES, mine was 1. It helped me a lot with learning english at the age of 9~10 (and yes, I did eventually understand what the Elizabethian-English terms meant).
  13. Well as far as NES "authenticity" goes, I wouldn't have a problem with the tracks being MMC5-style (the MMC5 chip on some Famicom games basically adds two extra square tracks, but I'm sure you knew that). And hey, you know how to work with FL, that's already more than what I can do. So "cheat" all you want! I use .ogg for my tracks. However, BYOND's FMOD implementation doesn't seem to be able to act upon metadata stored into ogg files. So I basically have to split the intro from the loop, and queue them in the same channel code-wise (BYOND has 8 channels for its "sound()" proc), leaving the loop to repeat until another BGM is required to play, or until I decide to stop the sound from that specific channel. So if there is an intro, just split it off from the track itself instead of going for loop metadata.
  14. Dragon Quest: Timeless Lands preview: http://bit.ly/1nyP1s2 - Requires BYOND installed. Unzip contents somewhere, run DMB file. Read readme.txt. Have fun!

  15. Finally, the account glitch has been taken care of. Thanks Fozz for passing my message on! And screw that 1/4 thing, I just do the coding, we come up with ideas and concepts both. The playable demo isn't much for now, but I figured it would keep you guys a tiny tad bit busy while we're working on this. Erdrick: Wow, that's great news! I wasn't exactly asking for you to actually compose the song, but if that's something you enjoy doing, we'll gladly take any help we can. We can't really repay you guys for that, though, except by releasing a full version eventually (and as for moderation powers [which is how seemingly most BYOND game devs seem to "reward" contributors], it's more of a curse than a gift, let me tell you first hand...). But if anyone feels like contributing, we'll take it for sure. You'll be credited for the work, obviously. That's the least we can do. Slime Master: Looking good. Just wondering, would you happen to have those at their original resolution? Like this one for Nokturnus, for instance? The game's resolution is 480x480, with each tile being 32 pixels. So what we're looking for is the original resolution. We then take care of the resampling for 32x32 (which is a straight up x2 from the original size, really, as a tile is 16 pixels, originally). If you happen to have 'em in their original resolution, it would be grand.
  16. Nah, the game was called Dragon Quest: No Man's Land back in 2007. It has been played by a few people back then (while still in the 10 fps era), and a lot of them saw the admin-triggered Michael battles. So the idea may have caught up with Ivor (who was the creator of the first DWLegends hub entry) or the guys at Revelation Gaming. The Michael thing was heavily inspired by the Michael Quest flash movies on Albino Blacksheep (which I enjoyed tremendously). Hell, the fight even had the Romancing Saga 1 (SNES) boss battle theme as a shoutout to the Michael Forever flash. So no, I'm not the creator of DWL, nor any of his inspirations. Actually, you may remember me as the then-trigger-happy "nazi GM from hell" known as Mart. Rest assured things have changed with time. Matter of fact, I have an entirely different approach with how the game will be moderated. Instead of flat-out bans, the players will simply have their multi-player features (such as all forms of chat, partying with other players [partying with characters from Patty's pub won't be impacted], etc.) taken away. The player will still be able to play the game just fine, except he won't be able to interact with others. That can be lifted, of course, after discussing with the offending player. Bans will only be for cases where the isolation process would not be able to contain the problems caused by a given player. And in such cases, we'll also ensure the method used by the offending player is "patched" so we don't have to ban again for those reasons. I'd like to ensure banning is used as least as possible. But yeah, I'm definitely not new to BYOND.
  17. Haven't got much done system-wise as I'm waiting for my friend to enter all the spells/skills definition in the code (hey, he likes doing that, so who am I to stop him? ). But I did continue a bit of the original remapping. Small tour of Razel, the ghost town
  18. As for the font, I'll just need the link to the font. I have my friend who's working with me on the project who will take care of the splash screen, so I'll forward that over to him. The NES rendition is good, I must admit. One I'd be looking for is DQ9's observatory (Angelic Land, I believe it's called). Couldn't find any midi for it, so I can't use my usual method. Plus, all the DQ9 midis that are rippable from the ROM have those echoing tracks, which make the DQ9 original midis sound like there's way too much stuff in there when parsed by the soundfont.
  19. Well the colors are not set in stone yet. There's still much to do. Also: We've now got that little HUD that appears when idle for a few seconds. Also, some more dungeon exploring.
  20. Well from the rest of the sentences, and asking a few people around, I figured it could've been a different "dialect", so to speak. So yeah, I've learned early modern english at the same time as typical english. To be fair, though, the 80's TMNT cartoons, Samurai Pizza Cats, and later on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, helped a lot as well.
  21. Kinda cold here too, I'd say, but nothing out of what we're used to. I can't say we really have it bad.
  22. I believe they've made the end-game much harder, but they've also balanced the efficiency of some spells, making them useless. They've also turned Thor's Sword into a sage-only staff, and they've broadened the range of equipment certain classes can equip. So they've properly balanced it in mid-game, but made it quite unforgiving at end-game. Edit: just tried a new game, went out solo with starting gear, and I got MURDERED straight up by Slimes and a Black Raven, with them dealing 3 damage shots. That is a LOT considering you usually get hit for either 1 or nothing by those. The starting enemies are dealing Giant Anteater / Horned Rabbit damage right off the bat. So yeah, it is hard right from the start.
  23. Hey there everyone. I'm mostly known around here as that guy who was making that BYOND DQ game that looked like the real NES deal. As some of you have noticed, I'm back in business! I'm a long-time Dragon Quest enthusiat, as Dragon Warrior largely contributed in teaching me english (French is my primary language, as I'm from Quebec, Canada) when I was a kid. And since I like to understand what's "under the hood" of a game, I guess it's fitting that I'm fiddling on one. I'm fascinated by all the quirky stuff found in games, such as debug modes, technical info, and the extent to which games can be taken through rom hacks. I'm more of an old school kind of gamer, hence why that's the style I use for my game. If you have any questions or comments, just let me know.
  24. While I'm working on the item system... Here's a tiny bonus on what MIGHT be involved throughout the game's plot. The old-school NESers will recognize that immediately. Here are also a few featured "8-bitized" monsters Murdaw (DQ6) Straight from Namek, the cyrilleet-speaking Grandmaster Nimzo (DQ5) Orgodemir (DQ7) Metal Slime Knight That guy from the legendary Michael Quest 3 flash from Albino Blacksheep.
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