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  1. I thought I read that the sub was yearly. Thing is, I wouldn't pay for a BYOND-based game in the current state of the BYOND platform. Nor would I charge for a BYOND creation, regardless of whether or not said creation uses IP. Although they did report they are in the process of switching the platform from VS6 to VS2013 (http://www.byond.com/forum/?post=1545753), which will allow them for more lattitude in terms of new features for the platform. Maybe then, it would be viable if one wants to monetize their game. We'll see, I guess.
  2. Thanks, much appreciated. I've noticed SoE was still around, although it's not nearly as busy as it used to, probably due to the CnDs Squeenix sent to BYOND about the 10,000 FFL spinoffs around (boy I'm glad I wasn't around when that happened). Doesn't seem like they've voiced any concerns over DQ games, though...
  3. Saw a japanese video showing this glitch, and I wondered if it worked on the US version, so I recorded and tried... and surely enough it works! So here it is: I love breaking games!
  4. It will pretty much be the same. There will be more to the opening than that, and the only thing I will say is that it will have shades of Lufia 1's prologue.
  5. Thanks! I don't believe Tarq will care about those being used anyway.
  6. Thought the starting sequence was too bland, so I remade it a bit... And a few things changed in the starting area as well.
  7. Well if we look at it further... DQ9's Minstrel is a Jack of all Stats, with a few spells here and there. The Prince of Cannock was that too, which made him look weak in comparison to the Prince of Midenhall. (Although at max level, Cannock was only 20 strength points away from Midenhall but details...) So I found it was the most fitting placeholder for the moment.
  8. I'll probably give the BYOND folks a chance, and worst-case scenario, I'll just take away the hub entry. Actually, the way I had it ran, it saved all my grotto z-levels quickly for about 82kb each, which isn't too bad. And I'd rather have them there than clogging my dmb. Oh, and new stuff: I just hate the fact that the party system is glitchy, and I know exactly what causes it: the keyboard event handling lib I use. I may have an idea on how to work around it. And more audio goodness:
  9. That could be feasible, I'll most likely have to find a way to have those maps stored outside of the DMB (executable file, DreamMaker stores included map files in there). I think there is a BYOND library which allows to save z-Level maps outside of it, so if I get that to work, I'm all gravy for that!
  10. Hahahaha! No way! I'm not using my 10-year-old crappy code! XD
  11. Taming: there is a definitive possibility. It's not like I don't have the sprite material for that (ie: my DQM game attempt back in 2004 when I knew next to nothing from the DM language). Casino: See Fortelms video. Parchisi: Hell yeah! Slime races: I'd have to check how it works in DQ5-6, I haven't really played much of the mini-games in those, to be fair. Side quest: Yep! Mostly for gearing Also one mid-to-post-game feature I'd like to add in are grottos, or a dungeon generation system of the sort. Will mostly be used for gearing up when in mid-to-end game content, and as a form of challenging content post-game.
  12. All I can tell you about DS emulation in general is that it runs much smoother from a SSD drive. When I first tried DeSmuME, the graphics performance was quite choppy (before I got myself my SSD drive), and I asked someone (HCBailey, of all people. A true class act to his fanbase, for sure!) how he got the emu to run smooth, and his response was that he got it to work well when he had his emu and roms sitting on his SSD. Which, in turn, proved to be true for me as well when I got myself one. So if you have a SSD, get your emu and roms on it. If not, then you may encounter some choppiness. But then again, your mileage may wary, too.
  13. Well hosting won't be a prob for now, but hey, send me a PM and tell me who you were back then. I don't have any date as to when we'll host a playable product, but let me know. Also, for those wondering where I'm at right now in development, I'm tackling the partying system, both with PCs and NPCs. The rationale in doing that prior to the item/equipment system is that I plan to use a "universal" sort of bag system, like in DQ9. So having the multi-character features done before that will ease up the process tenfold, as I won't have to redo the system twice (once before partying is in, and once after). Of course, if the party's made up of players, they will have their own bag, and nobody will be able to pick from someone else's "universal bag". Only the player and the PCs that belong to him will have access to the player's universal bag. One advantage of this is that it will improve players' quality of life by not having to ensure this character holds this or that item. And truth be told, it will be less work for me code-wise, as opposed to having one bag, and have individual item inventories for each PC. As usual, I'll show you how it goes once I get something going. Y'all know me!
  14. Damn those travel doors!!! Never trust them! Anyone has any idea who I should blame for this mishap?
  15. I must say that I'm thoroughly impressed by the audio. That's the first thing I looked at, even before playing the game. That's some neat stuff right there!
  16. I wonder why he took "J" as opposed to "!" for a name (as done in the TAS). I may be mistaken, but "!" falls into the 12th bracket of stats attribution, which is the best bracket you can be into. EDIT: Just read his rationale about it, and it makes sense for that type of run.
  17. I haven't been all that active here lately, so here's a goodie: I haven't done anything major on the game except fixing the usual quirks that come when you put in new features. But rest assured I'm still on this.
  18. It's all water under the bridge. I'm just naturally stern when it comes to stuff like that. Hence why I want NO PART of the moderation tasks for the online version. Did that years ago, didn't turn out so well, let's just say.
  19. Thanks for the kind words! Of all people, I think Mason would rather google them than Nelson Muntz a thread, only to go "AR CODEZ PLZ PLZ PLZ" right after. So I'm not all too worried. Plus, if there's no money involved, Squeen won't lift a finger; they only do when there is. Some people could argue that they acted upon that Chrono Trigger remake some folks were working on, but they acted upon that because it could've meant a loss of revenue, especially if they had plans to tie up loose ends in the story arc. I doubt they will act on an 8-bit rendition of how one perceives their game to be. Worst they'll do is ask BYOND not to publish it on their hub, which I don't really care about. I just thought the kid was... rude.
  20. Umm, you didn't need to hijack my topic with your irrelevant retort just because you're desperately looking for AR codes. With that sort of attitude, I certainly won't be inclined to help!
  21. Each class will have its levelups, Ã la DQ9. For instance, if you're a level 43 Warrior, and decide to switch to Priest, you'll go back to level 1 for your priest. If, along the way, you switch back to your Warrior, you'll go back to your level 43 warrior. Class ranks will be attributed with how well you fare with your class. You'll get rank points from battles that are deemed meaningful. Therefore, you won't get rank points from, say, metal hunting, because we all know that's the easy way of powerleveling. But if you take on enemies that are within your level range, or that are stronger than you are, then you'll earn rank points. Your regular class skills will be earned via levels. Skills that you will keep regardless of classes are earned via class ranks. On a sidenote, I updated the offline preview. Fixed a few things that got broken along the way, namely how NPCs reacted when talked to (they would just freeze there after being talked to, rather than go back to whatever they were doing).
  22. Most likely will. Nothing is set in stone, but my idea is that it does. When? Depends on how we play the whole story out.
  23. Of course. It will pretty much work the same as in DQ9, meaning you'll have your own level and stats set for each class, plus certain abilities you'll keep with a class rank similar to DQ6's.
  24. Those damn HUDs for the old-school Adventure Log selection screen were such a pain to get to work... but FINALLY, they work now.

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