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Status Updates posted by marthsk

  1. A ghost litterally came back, apparently...

    1. PantheonSasuke
    2. robotnikthedrak


      Wouldst thou mindth much giving it up? :D

    3. Democrobot


      Luckily I have my Poltergust 3000 ready

  2. Argh!!! Cursed jingle, I hate you!!! I hope you get AIDS cancer!

    1. Neofrodo


      But it's so appropriate. :D

  3. DQTL Preview: Get BYOND, login as Guest, then go to http://www.dqtl-server.ml

  4. DQTL Update: Foxfirenelli is now part of the dev team. Live build of DQTL: http://www.dqtl-server.ml

  5. Dragon Quest: Timeless Lands preview: http://bit.ly/1nyP1s2 - Requires BYOND installed. Unzip contents somewhere, run DMB file. Read readme.txt. Have fun!

  6. It's been a while, hasn't it, Den?

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    2. Democrobot


      Get out.





























      Just kidding.











      Or am I?

    3. Stepchan


      Demo, that startled me. I thought the updates section spazzed on me when I opened this.

    4. ignasia


      Then welcome back, and you've come at a very intriguing point in time.

  7. New Timeless Lands video, go check the game's post in the fangames forum. Enjoy! :D

  8. New videos for Dragon Quest - Timeless Lands will now be posted on archive.org instead of youtube, as archive.org doesn't reduce the video quality of files. Plus, 60 fps, so you'll see EXACTLY how smooth the game should play. Recommending Google Chrome along with VLC's video web plugin.

    1. Woodus


      Looks good, can't wait to play it


  9. Those damn HUDs for the old-school Adventure Log selection screen were such a pain to get to work... but FINALLY, they work now.

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