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  1. Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of updates lately. As I said before, the pace of updates will be slower than it was at first, mostly because we're sharing time between our personal and professional lives. In my case, I have accepted a new job (which is quite a blessing for me), and will be training to learn what I need to for the next few months. Not saying there won't be updates, but I'm definitely saying we'll take our time. I know Valeor has been busy as well, mostly saving the day time and time again at his job (which is typical for him ). Here's a quick status update: - Storylin
  2. Interesting find... in brand new Youtube (somewhat) 60fps-ness! (make sure you select 480p60 for quality)
  3. I implemented code from a lib (or maybe a snippet I caught on the forums, not sure anymore) that facilitates gliding, played with the values, and blended that with a lib that lets you map keys to do whatever you want (this is how I got WASD to work, along with Q/E). And in the mappings, I trigger movement via changing locs rather than Move(). It's a bit more complex than that, but that's the best way I could simplify it. Can't remember the libs name, I simply copied them into my code so I could tweak some of the core procs to fit with what I wanted to do. But you could find those easil
  4. I don't know, I'm not involved in that project. I don't think that will change a thing, really. That's his personal project, so Fox would be the best person to ask.
  5. DQTL Update: Foxfirenelli is now part of the dev team. Live build of DQTL: http://www.dqtl-server.ml

  6. Hey everyone! I'm glad to announce that Foxfirenelli is now officially part of the development team for Dragon Quest: Timeless Lands. He will take care of artwork design and will also contribute to story-line development. We have the game's main story planned out now, and we are in the process of implementing the key locations. Functionality-wise, items are to be implemented, along with the search function and treasure chest functionality. Spells will follow afterwards. Please note that while the updates are not as frequent, it doesn't mean we're working less on this project.
  7. The one I'm most accustomed to: Prepare thyself well, Dragon Warrior, for thy most challenging quest ever awaits. - Art thou ready, young one? - Yes, King Lorik!
  8. As shown on the online build, the dungeon/cave music has been changed to a superb (in my opinion) NES-like rendition of the DQ9-styled DQ3 dungeon theme. Shout-out to my partner in crime, Valeor, for this great piece of 8-bit goodness.
  9. First of, thanks for the kind comments. We certainly hope to bring a high-quality final product, so we're glad to see we're on the right path. Other players will be visible at all times, as people will do their quest alongside other players (on the online version). And from what I observed, they moved as smoothly as you do. There is only one glitch with the party movement system that I can't get around, due to timing shenanigans with the BYOND client: if your leader bumps into something and immediately moves after, the second character will be synched off and the line will "try to catch up
  10. DQTL Preview: Get BYOND, login as Guest, then go to http://www.dqtl-server.ml

  11. Preliminary preview: Pre-requisite: Latest version of the BYOND suite - http://www.byond.com/download/build/506/506.1247_byond.exe Connection URL: http://www.dqtl-server.ml After installing BYOND, simply create a userID from the BYOND site, and use it to log into BYOND. You could try using the Guest login, but your mileage may vary using that in future releases. Then click on the connection URL. It will automatically connect your DreamSeeker client to the game. Keep in mind that this is a very, very early demo. It is still missing a lot of core features. I am just putting that o
  12. Dragon Warrior 4 Game Genie debug codes (from GameFaqs, http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/563409-dragon-warrior-iv/46747046 ) : "What is it? A while back, a Game Genie code to unlock Debug Mode for this game was discovered. Check out the topic titled "Balloon bug and outright cheating" for more information on this. Basically, the game will check the address at $C000 to check its ( constant ) value in order to make some decisions on what happens. For example, if $C000 has its 4th bit cleared, the game will let you select which chapter to start on when you create a new game! Since this
  13. New videos for Dragon Quest - Timeless Lands will now be posted on archive.org instead of youtube, as archive.org doesn't reduce the video quality of files. Plus, 60 fps, so you'll see EXACTLY how smooth the game should play. Recommending Google Chrome along with VLC's video web plugin.

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  14. From now on, I will be posting videos on archive.org, as it keeps the exact same video quality/framerate when you upload videos there. Recommending Google Chrome along with VLC's video web plugin. See for yourself: https://archive.org/embed/dqtl_testvid
  15. We should be fine in terms of media. Now I just need to develop the base further. Also, I think I didn't post that before:
  16. Hello all, Development of the game will resume within the next 30 days, most likely sooner than later. Long story short, major health issues came up and kept me away. But that has all been taken care of. I'll just need to get accustomed to my code again, and we'll get this damn game running!
  17. It's been a while, hasn't it, Den?

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  18. Yo everyone! Just thought I'd quickly let you know what's going on. I'm taking a small break these days as there are matters I need to attend. I'd rather not discuss those, but rest assured that I'll keep on working on this. I haven't recoded the damn thing from scratch for nothing! Yay, I actually made it short! But seriously, it's just until I take care of what I need to. Nothing bad, just a bunch of stuff that both came up and piled up, really. I'll keep you all in the loop.
  19. More mapping has been done, courtesy of my good friend Fozzbozz. I've been busy on my end, and hopefully I'll get the items/equipment thing done soon.
  20. If only the DQ9 save hacking tool had a reverse search function for grottos... I would've loved to try to reproduce that. It's probably like those rare maps that have metal monsters only floors.
  21. Thanks. One of our friends made one for us as well, as well as some other tunes, such as the one I'll post in a sec. We'll see which one we'll use. BGM of the moment:
  22. THIS! All the Goof-Off/Jester Class was really good for was getting an easy Sage at Level 20, and even then there's a better way to go about it that yields are more powerful Sage. Though it involves a good number of hours of grinding. (And the remakes add a second Book of Satori to make two sages.) Well you could also farm Blue Beaks for the rest of your life, but who wants to do that?
  23. Tell me about it. And that tends to happen increasingly the larger your audience becomes, turning a portion of your fandom into this. The Goof-Off is replaced by the Minstrel in later installments, and to be honest, he is more useful than the Goof-Off. With that said, we could always implement something similar to the random moves they were doing as an option, but I wouldn't make it something that you can't control, as the Minstrel is my startup jack of all stats, so to speak.
  24. Here's a THING: Had been a tad bit more busy with that estranged concept that is life outside of the internets. And I've tried to polish a few things already in motion in the game's code. Also, Fozz finished up the sprites of the classes we'll use in the game, as well as their female counterparts. And the Minstrel's sprite has been reworked completely. For the next few days, I'll be working on the inventory/equipment HUDs and interaction. Here's a rundown of my plan, and the order I'll take: - Items/Equipment framework (HUDs, interaction, usage, equip) - Status HUDs updates
  25. Haven't tried it myself, but... whoa, that's one way to guilt-trip the player. It's like: "Not only did you break her heart, but because of YOU, her whole life became HELL! ...You may want to go ahead and erase that adventure log, then MAYBE you'll become a better human being after making up to her for it in your new game!" I'm BARELY hamming it up.
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