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  1. We demand you finish this! you already got us hooked and now you leave us to drown?
  2. I'm liking this post faster don't keep us in suspense!
  3. IV hands down hard fun chapter system The only problem was not being able to control your people thats it
  4. Panzer Tactics DS Dragon Warrior Monsters Joker and DWIII GBC
  5. It doesn't suck It's just different Controls are a tad weird but nothing that stops you from owning. But you play as the Ships seen in the different Series Such as Enterprise. Star Trek (With kirk). Anyways You follow missions which some can be hard but it's pretty cool
  6. Master Dragon? I mean he is powerful
  7. Beat DQV in about a weeks time lives up to DQ Title
  8. Any chance of getting the zenithian Sword as a Avatar? It would fit my name perfectly . Please and thank you
  9. I've already reserved a copy of StarCraft2 my advice would be try it out. It has a map editor that can make just about anything. So when you buy it it's more like buying 1000 games in one

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