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  1. How's the game going? Do you need a vehicle script? I found one that works very well.
  2. This is the battle setup for the Windows. #============================================================================== # ** Scene_Battle (part 1) #------------------------------------------------------------------------------ # This class performs battle screen processing. #============================================================================== class Scene_Battle #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Main Processing #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def main # Initialize each kind of tempo
  3. I really like the Osterfair screenies. 'Specially teh Kitteh in the pen. Keep up the good work. BTW...Do you want my Battle Menu Interface? I can send you it or I can upload it to my site.
  4. nice sprite. mind if i borrow her? i like custom sprites.
  5. How's progress going. I've been neglecting my game since I started playing on BYOND.
  6. I know a way, but it's not exactly great. Conditional branch (Insert hero name) is equipped with Weapon ______: Change item (Weapon______ ),+ 1. else: Change item (Weapon______ ),-1 End Branch: Problem: all characters can use said item in battle. Indo...any input here? I remember this kinda from DW:IV Renissance.
  7. I've been on BYOND alot playing Miles & co.'s game and the other DQ games. I'm thinking about playing Terranigma again, since I never finished it.
  8. I have a present for you. since you helped me out alot. I have a Battle Menu almost 90% finished. I will give you the code once it is done. The three main problems I have are the Hero window is one large one, and the post-battle window needs the level up message and xp and gold awarded, and the worst problem...The help window selection of the monsters. I want to get rid of the arrow above the monster. If you are interested...let me know.
  9. I can't join in. I get the title ans music but no press "start".
  10. I believe Sepiroth Spawn from creation asylum has a tutorial for title screens.
  11. Have you tried working with the battle menu yet?
  12. Once again, many thanks. It works great. I can't believe I missed if...statement.
  13. How did you get the opaque windows? I added self.back_opacity = 255 to all window class objects but they keep the transparancy effect. It's making me angry!
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