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  1. Undead Undoer is a standard attack that does 50% more damage to zombie-type monsters. Demon Demeanor is the same, but works against demons.
  2. According to Japanese sites he is considered decent, on par with Nimzo if anything. Supposedly they should have the following for skills. S Rank • Kafrizz - MP efficient spell for quests, not very useful in arena because of how easily resisted it is. • ??? - Launches an attack on all enemies with a chance to confuse. Lots of potential for arena, probably the best thing about Baramos. SS Rank • Kaboom - Not really useful despite how cool looking it is. Wasteful in questing and most monsters in arena are resistant or immune to it. * Disruptive Pulse - Situational skill and you're forced to carry it. Will be nice for quests where monsters boost their stats. His stats as of now are actually really low and even in SS rank form he gets 1 - 2 moves. If you have excess gems it doesn't hurt for long term (since he gets really good reincarnations), but you're really not missing out on anything in my opinion if you can't get him.
  3. Next upcoming monster in Tombola is Blue Fang, I'm starting to have low expectations for whatever you can get with mini medals. They've been recycling stuff for 2 months now...
  4. Now with less Gem Slime and Burning Breath reliance! Because monsters here have fairly high defense it is preferable to use spells. Single target spells such as Frizzle, Zammle and Zapple tend to be the most efficient in terms of MP cost, but are much slower than full party ones. Because of this Spooky Aura is a MUST HAVE with this strategy, once you stack it up twice on the enemy it can potentially double the damage your spells deal. Hargon and Orobas are the only monsters as of now capable of having this skill and are a must have on any team. Mental Claw works out just as well, but costs far too much mana to be useful, also prone to missing and won't work on monsters with their defense boosted by Kabuff. Orobas as it stands is essential for Ovalutionary Road, because of Magic Regenerator. Prime Slime also has it, but not many people use it. It allows you to quickly restore your MP for cheap spells such as Midheal or Zapple, making them excellent candidates. Not only that it allows you to perform a tactic called 'turtling' which means you keep a weak monster alive and just continue to defend while your monster's MP regenerates to full. Now comes the fun part... what would a good party look like? Orobas (#821) - The best monster you can have for this mode. If you throw Midheal on him, he is the absolute king of this quest being able to infinitely heal party members with his MP regen as well as put out a consistent damage with Zammle, Zapple or Frizzle. He also comes with Spooky Aura so I suggest two, or finding a friend with one. I highly suggest putting it as your party leader to help out others and besides he boosts critical spell chance... what more could you ask for? Hargon (#505) / Malroth (#506) - Their stats are much higher than Orobas' they have access to Spooky Aura. I highly suggest dropping Boom in favor of Midheal on this monster if you have it available, just keep in mind they do not regenerate MP like Orobas does. Prime Slime (#556) - If you have it, use it as your leader. Please. It regenerates MP just like Orobas and has a variety of slashing attacks at its disposal. Attack Attacker works excellently against physical attackers like Swingre, Claws and Trauminator. Dark King Slime (#27) - While not as useful as the next two monsters he still has access to Zammle and Burning Breath. It's not suitable for a party leader, but still is a solid choice in the party, especially with Midheal. Armful (#376) - Burning Breath is a very good skill for this mode, albeit you're relying on random chance. It still has access to Kasap which is also random chance, but will allow your monsters to deal good physical damage. Emperor Wyvern (#618) - Emperor Wyvern is a great monster that has access to Burning Breath, it also has access to the high-damaging Hellfire Howl and the ability to counter breath attacks with Backdraft. It doesn't serve much purpose as a party leader, but does pull its weight in the party. Mumboh-Jumboe (#295) / Jugular Joker (#836) - While I don't like the idea of niche strategies, these guys can make the encounter with Trauminator a complete joke. Anything with Artful Dodger gets more evasion with speed boosts, especially against slower monsters making them completely whiff. Tap Dance works the same way, but you constantly need to use it until all Trauminators are defeated. Try to conserve their MP specifically for this purpose. They are not very useful otherwise because of high physical defense. Lightmare (#709) - The best healer in the game hands down. Great for emergencies because of Omniheal and Kazing. While it's not a very good leader to have for this quest it is great to have in your party and a very sought after monster for other quests. Keep in mind other monsters do work out okay, it's just you should have at least 1 or 2 of the monsters mentioned above. Keep in mind I will continue to update this list in the event they add more monsters. --- Now let's take a look at the monsters you'll be fighting in this quest and how to deal with each one of them. Claws (#95) - Oomph, Thin Air, Weakening Wallop Your generic filler monster that does moderate amounts of damage, but nothing too noteworthy. Most monsters here rely on skills to actually destroy your party so Oomph isn't as scary as it seems. Weakening Wallop is another reason why spells work out better than physical attacks, because you can completely ignore it! Black Dragon (#79) - Bounce, Freezing Blizzard Another generic filler monster that does moderate amounts of damage. Try not to have monsters weak to Crack because they will fall quickly. If you're running a party that utilizes spells and Bounce starts to stack up, just wait it out. Disruptive Pulse works just as well too! Armoured Scorpion (#123) - Acceleratle, Kabuff, Zing Highest priority target, it can buff the enemy in addition to reviving them. Get rid of it before anything else. Elysium Bird (#146) - Burning Breath, Multiheal Not many monsters resist paralysis making this monster a high priority. It's even more obnoxious that it heals everything else, but not for much. If you've been utilizing single target spells it won't heal as often. Thankfully it has fairly low HP and will go down quickly. Trauminator (#280) - Falcon Slash, Thunderbolt Slash The biggest physical threat you will find, luckily it is slow and Acceleratle, Kabuff or even Tap Dance can counter it quite well. Try to have a monster with Kazing or carry a leaf for the fight with multiple Trauminators because you don't want to lose to an unlucky crit. Barbatos (#329) - Boom, Inferno A filler monster that does moderate amounts of damage, but nothing too noteworthy. Most monsters are resistant to the damage, so try to keep an eye out for anything on your party weak to Bang or Frizz. Wight King (#362) - Chilly Breath, Swoosh A filler monster that's considerably weaker than Barbatos in damage and health. This is were the turtle strategy comes into play. You will want to guard with all monsters and have Orobas or Prime Slime regenerate their MP to full. Once you hit full MP finish it off and heal out of battle afterwards if necessary. Night Rider (#370) - Kafizzle, Sizzle, Venom Breath Absolutely obnoxious to have in the fight. Not only will poison hurt you in the long run it will prevent you from potentially turtling to get your MP back. Kafizzle can also shut your healers and party down completely. Try to get rid of it as soon as possible unless an Armoured Scorpion is present. Thankfully poison is cured after the battle so you won't need to carry something that cures it! --- Let me know what you guys think of my guide, I've been trying it out and my success rate is quite high. I almost always win with it and it turns something once thought to be unfair into more of an endurance battle. I'd love to know what monsters have been working out for you as well.
  5. im 100% sure damage depends on stats because multifist do more damage when higher lv of monster (not like breath). Just question is do its depends on atk ? Or somehow both atk/wis From what I've tested, moves like Multifists, Feather Duster and Starfall are in their own damage category. Starfall itself seems to deal fixed damage, however Multifists and Feather Duster use the monster's attack.
  6. Just a heads up, they seem to have 'fixed' Forbearance crashing you in the arena as well. However, now the skill just doesn't work. Mercurial Thrust is in the same boat where it doesn't always go first. I think there might be a bug with prioritized moves that change turn order.
  7. I run an alternate strategy because I don't have monsters with Burning Breath. All the enemies there aren't resistant and some are even weak to Poison skills. The damage over time it deals is massive (because it's a percent of their HP) and you can just guard each turn afterwards while the poison chips them down. Just a helpful tip in case you don't have Armful.
  8. Congrats Terry. You are on fire. There should be only Zoma left as boss monster. It should come out shortly. Wouldn't Baramos come before Zoma?
  9. It seems there's a coding error and all leader benefits are 10 times greater. If you have something with an AGI boost you're always guaranteed to go first now.
  10. Barbatos is a weak monster. You see him a lot in Ovolutionary road. It is the monster with the two hours who keeps spawning magic. They need to release better monsters. Technically he ovolves into one of the best magic user at SS rank. Sadly it hasn't been added yet.
  11. It's better to just physically attack or wipe the enemy out with full party damage. You can run monsters in arena that do healing, but that is only in case of emergencies, stuff like Hyperanemon, Archbashop or Wight Priest, since they act as damage dealers first and foremost. Ultrus is a great monster for arena (almost always heals last allowing you to get the most out of it, good HP/defense and comes with Kazing), but once you get an overabundance of attackers and skill spammers he's not really needed anymore.
  12. Spell criticals. I think they're still called critical hits in the game, but I'm so used to DQ9 terminology.
  13. Artful Dodger - Increases evasion based on the difference of AGI between the attacking monster and the defender. If the monster with Artful Dodger has 120+ more AGI than the attacking monster they have a 25% chance to dodge. If the monster with Artful Dodger has 200+ more AGI than the attacking monster they have a 50% chance to dodge (currently only possible if under the effects of Accelerate). Metal Body - Doubles MP consumption. Critical Massacre - Increases critical chance on attacks by ~10%. Desperado - Increases critical chance on attacks by 20% when at 1/4 HP (yellow health bar). Stacks with Critical Massacre. Critical Thinker - Increases haywire chance on spells by ~10%. Despellado - Increases haywire chance on spells by 20% when at 1/4 HP (yellow health bar). Stacks with Critical Thinker. Steady Recovery - Monster heals for a % of its max HP after each action. Magic Regenerator - Monsters restores MP for a % of its max MP after each ation. Tactical Trooper - Monster has a chance to do a normal attack after any action (excluding defend). Double Trouble - Monster is guaranteed to do a normal attack after any action (excluding defend). Gold Getter - After completing a quest you receive 20% more gold. Sizz Adept - Sizz-damage based skills do 15% more damage and cost 50% less MP.
  14. Feather Duster seems to do a lot less damage than Multifists, but hits 8 times (as opposed to 4) from what I've experienced in the arena. It misses a lot, I'm assuming because of high DEF, so it's probably best to pair it up with Kasap.
  15. Yes. I think so as well. Next week or next two week, boss should be coming.Because...: - There's Ovo road even though it's just end a few days ago. - Dragonlord, Psaro and Nimzo seem to be 1month or a little more period. So Next one should be coming soon. - After gem topup event and Jan Monthly Card event, the gem should be on the server very much. But this week Super Tombola monster is not attractive, so there's not much gem spent these days. So Garena should want something to make player spend gem, otherwise the gem in server may be inflated LoL Anyway, it's just a guess. I wonder if ??? Family carnivals were ever a thing in the JP version. I don't think there's an 'expiration date' on keys, but your mailbox gets automatically cleaned out every 2 weeks. Pretty sure that includes unopened letters.
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