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  1. I added Pictures to many of the items I'm selling in the wants and wishes section

  2. I even added some DQ stuff

  3. I hope someone wants some of my stuff in the Wants and Wishes section soon. I need to make some money before September 4th.

  4. Hello There. Sorry I couldn't respond sooner, I've been busy with IRL buisness. I had no idea I was the first person to friend you on this site.

  5. Long time, Dunsparce. I remember you were my first friend on this site.

  6. Here's What I've gathered thus far: Loto Trilogy: DW3 -> DW1/Kenshin -> DW2 Zenithian Trilogy: DWM -> DWM2 -(other world)-> DQ6 -> DQ4 -> Torneko1 -> Torneko2 -> Torneko3 -> DQ5 VII: DQM:CH -(other world)-> DW7 VIII: Young Yangus -> DQ8 Other notes: -Kenshin Dragon Quest is an enhanced retelling of DW1, thus they occur concurrently in the time line. -Caravan Heart takes place in the world of DW2, but stars a young Keifer, a playable character from DW7, who was transported there. -It's hinted that the Terry/Milly from the Monsters seri
  7. Whoops. >.>; I suck at keeping track on time mentally, so I guess I screweed up.
  8. I'm currently breathing, I'll update if I ever stop.

  9. Can you believe I've been here since 11/13/06 and have never updated anything in my profile until now(03/13/11)? I added friends, allowed comments, and am thinking of a good signature.

  10. I know there's already a really old thread for this, but I don't want to necropost. However, in this one, you can also post your general DQ merchandise. Here's Mine: Games: Main Series: -Dragon Warrior (NES) -Dragon Quest I+II (SNES, import) -Dragon Warrior I+II (GB/GBC) -Dragon Quest III (SNES, import) -Dragon Warrior III (GBC) -Dragon Quest IV (DS) -Dragon Quest V (SNES, import) -Dragon Quest V (DS) -Dragon Quest VI (SNES, import) -Dragon Quest VI (DS) -Dragon Warrior VII (PS1) -Dragon Quest VIII (PS2) -Dragon Quest IX (DS) Monsters series: -Dragon Warrior Monsters (G
  11. Medarot: Perfect Edition for Wonderswan. A very fun Japan-only RPG for a Japan-only handheld system. btw I have the actual thing not a ROM and an Emulator.
  12. I'm a late bloomer. My First Game was DQ3 Remake for GBC. I found it in a parking lot in mint condition back in Middle School(I'm only 20, younger than a lot of you guys). I have all of these games now: Dragon Warrior (NES) Dragon Warrior III (GBC) Dragon Quest IV (DS) Dragon Quest V (DS) Dragon Quest VIII (PS2) Dragon Warrior Monster 2: Tara's Adventure (GB/GBC) Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (DS) Slime Morimori Dragon Quest (GBA, Japanese Import) Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (DS) Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors (Wii) I'm Planning to get Drag
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