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  1. No, I meant during the main game to get your stats just high enough to learn all of your skills before you level maxed out. For example, without it the Beavern will only have ChargeUp and Icebolt and nothing else. Maxing out is for when you beat the game in its entirety, like after you beat all six of the post-game worlds. I guess I should of clarified better With me adding Mimics, I was torn at what to do, as they aren't "technically" random encounters, even though finding one in a dungeon is random. I decided in the end to just add it. If you feel that they shoudn't be counted then don't use them.
  2. This guide is for a specific type of Challenge for Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara’s Adventure for the GameBoy Color. In this challenge you can only use non-random encounter monsters and you can’t breed your team. For completion’s sake, you can capture and breed monsters, but only to fill your Library and unlock the post-game worlds. For advancing the story, fighting Bosses, and scaling dungeons you may only use the monsters listed in this guide. Of course, such a challenge would normally be impossible for the late and post-game, so use the following gameshark codes for a more interesting experience. This is not a walkthrough. I will not go into details on how to get farther in the game or to beat that boss you’re stuck on. In fact, I recommend that you play through the game the right way first before doing this. Gameshark Codes Item Modifier Slot 1 91xx1DC6 xx= 0D: ATK Seed 0E: DEF Seed 0F: AGL Seed 10: INT Seed 11: LifeAcorn 12: MysticNut This code is to make sure your monsters have high enough stats to learn all of their skills before their level maxes out. Also necessary to max out stats to handle the post-game Magic Key bosses. Note: Before you use this code, deposit any items you don’t want to lose, especially key items. Continually using the seeds will eat up all other items you have on you. Fight only one enemy at a time 0100DCCF Monster automatically joins your party 0100A1D8 These two codes will allow you to recruit various boss monsters throughout the game. They are some of the only monsters in this challenge that can have more than three moves, so they will prove to be powerful allies on your journey. Note: the auto-join code doesn’t work on arena-style battles or the bosses of the random Magic Key worlds. Make sure to only use the one enemy codes for bosses you want to recruit, as you’d get far less experience if every battle you fought was 3-on-1. Monsters join at a low level 0101D6D1 This code is useful for boss monsters that normally join you at a maxed-out level, making it impossible to learn all their skill unless they already came with them(Most maxed-out bosses don’t). They keep all the stats they had already, so they will end up being powerhouses. Monsters you don’t get via battle, and most bosses that can join your party without cheats are immune to this code Get Elf Key 01084FC7 Get Brawn Key 010A53C7 These two codes will get you the two Cobi’s Journey exclusive Keys. Including the Soul Key bosses, this gives you twelve more potential recruits. Now here’s the list of all of the monsters that you can use throughout your journey: Monsters: Monsters are listed in this format: Species: Monster Name. Parenthesis afterwards will list how many there are if there are multiple and if it has a default nickname. Max Level: This is the level that when reached the monster will grow no further Potential Skills: These are the three skill lines that each monster species is assigned. I say potential because you may not get these moves if your stats aren’t high enough what you max out the monster’s level. Special Skills: These are moves that a monster of that species normally can’t learn. They always come with the monster right from the start. Bosses typically have these. Combo Skills: Skills acquired by having a certain combinations of skills in your current moveset. Only three monsters in this guide have these. With all skills if there is parenthesis after it means the skill can evolve into a stronger skill, sometimes multiple times. Because a lot of these guys are bosses, they may start with a evolved skill off the bat, in which case the skill’s earlier level’s won’t be listed. GreatLog: Species: Slime(named Slash) Max Level: 40 Potential Skillset: Firebal(Firebane, Firebolt), MegaMagic, Radiant This is your starting monster, Slash the slime. If you want to make this guy useful, stuff this guy full of INT Seeds and MysticNuts so he can learn MegaMagic. Using MegaMagic in tight spots is the best bet for him to remain useful. Species: MadCat (Egg, Infinite) Max Level: 40 Potential Skillset: LegSweep(Big Trip), SquallHit, VacuSlash After unlocking the Medal Man, you can pick up a MadCat egg for 3 Tinymedals. There really isn’t much to say about this one. Nothing overly fancy, but it learns some Single-Target damaging moves Species: HornBeet (Egg, Infinite) Max Level: 50 Potential Skillset: BoltSlash, DeviCut, RockThrow After unlocking the Medal Man, you can pick up a HornBeet egg for 4 Tinymedals. While Devicut is fairly situational, and BoltSlash can be resisted, RockThrow is a nice non-elemental attack that hits all enemies at once. Species: SkyDragon (Egg, Infinite) Max Level: 40 Potential Skillset: FireAir(BlazeAir, Scorching, WhiteFire), Multicut, SuckAir After unlocking the Medal Man, you can pick up a SkyDragon egg for 4 Tinymedals. This guy is great! Stuff him full of seeds so he can get Multicut. While there are better Multicut users in this guide, his SuckAir has some utility. And WhiteFire to round up its skills is nice, too. Species: Octogon (Egg, Infinite) Max Level: 45 Potential Skillset: BiAttack(QuadHits), Hustle, MPass(MPassMore, MPassMost) After unlocking the Medal Man, you can pick up an Octogon egg for 5 Tinymedals. I present to you the earliest Healer in the game. While Hustle is far from potent, it beats constantly filling up your inventory with healing items. While you won’t see much of MPassMost, QuadHits is hardly a rare skill in this game. Species: Servant (Egg, Infinite) Max Level: 70 Potential Skillset: Blaze(Blazemore, Blazemost), Focus, Icebolt(Snowstorm, Blizzard) After unlocking the Medal Man, you can pick up a Servant egg for 5 Tinymedals. This guy has the second-highest level cap you’ll see in this challenge. With BlazeMost and Blizzard, it’ll do some nice Magical damage. Oasis World: Species: Beavern(2, second one named Biino) Max Level: 40 Potential Skillset: Icebolt(Snowstorm, Blizzard), ChargeUp, Geyser Combo Skills: IceSlash(ChargeUp + Snowstorm) This is the first Boss in the game, and also the first monster you can get that can have more than three skills. Overall a decent monster. Note that this is one of the few bosses not affected by the level code. After you beat Oasis World, you can recruit a second one by going back to the Beaverns’ dwelling and talking to one of the Beaverns near the entrance. He’ll join your party. If you didn’t recruit the boss, you can just get this guy. Species: CurseLamp Max Level: 45 Potential Skillset: Speed(SpeedUp), TwinHits, Upper(Increase) CurseLamp is the final boss of Oasis World. What makes it unique is that it can learn all three stat-up moves, making it a useful support piece. This guy will prove invaluable for certain bosses. Also immune to the level code. Pirate World: Species: HoodSquid (2, second one is named Squiz) Max Level: 45 Potential Skillset: BiAttack(QuadHits), CallHelp(YellHelp), LureDance If you have the Auto-join code, you’ll get two Hoodsquids in a row when you fight the boss. The first is from the battle itself and the second is the one that joins you after the battle. Quadhits is a useful skill, but as the game goes on you’ll run into a ridiculous number of monsters with this move. Species: Boneslave (4) Max Level: 40 Potential Skills: Bang(Boom, Explodet), BiAttack(QuadHits), BoltSlash There are four potential BoneSlave to recruit. the first three are seen in the main part of the ghost ship, the final one is with the Boss of this area. I recommend recruiting one of the three and fight the boss normally for the most possible experience. BoneSlave in many ways an improvement of HoodSquid, as it’s other two moves are reliable damage-dealing skills. Species: KingSquid Max Level: 55 Potential Skills: PsychUp, RainSlash, Vivify(Revive) Special Skills: PaniDance, Tidalwave This boss just sits around in the water waiting for a fight. I recommend not challenging it until much later in the game. Tidalwave is a powerful multi-target attack, as is RainSlash, and Revive is an extremely rare skill that will help you greatly. It’s immune to the level code. Ice World: Species: BombCrag Max Level: 50 Potential Skills: Farewell, RockThrow, Sacrifice Special Skills: ChargeUp BombCrag is the first boss of Ice World. When he joins you, you’ll see he has almost non-existing MP and Speed. Low MP is a common trait of the Ice World bosses, but this guy takes the cake at a measly 10. While leveling will fix MP somewhat, his Agility will not even reach 50 without external help with AGL Seeds. But what did you expect for a rock with a face on it? Only use Farewell or Sacrifice in tight situations. Species: AgDevil Max Level: 35 Potential Skills: Firebane(Firebolt), Sacrifice, SleepAir Special Skills: WarCry AgDevil is a decent Monster. SleepAir and WarCry are decent crowd control skills, and Firebolt is always nice to have. Like BombCrag, only use Sacrifice if you need to. SleepAir will prove useful, as Sleep is one of the best status effects to inflict in the game. Species: Puppetor Max Level: 35 Potential Skills: LureDance, OddDance(RobDance), Pheromone Special Skills: BiAttack(QuadHits), PaniDance Unless you somehow managed to beat KingSquid, this is the first monster you get can that can potentially have five skills. However, in the end You’ll probably only use BiAttack/QuadHits and maybe OddDance/RobDance. Species: GoatHorn Max Level: 40 Potential Skills: Boom(Explodet), Infermore(Infermost), Snowstorm(Blizzard) Special Skills: Firebal(Firebane, Firebolt) I present to you the magic master! With four multi-target spells at its disposal this monster will tear through random encounters easily. This monster is a must-have. Make sure to raise his MP with MysticNuts, though, or he’ll be spending more time on long treks just attacking. Species: ArcDemon Max Level: 45 Potential Skills: Bang(Boom, Explodet), BoltSlash, VacuSlash This is the recruitable monster on the 3-on-3 battle at the end of Ice World’s story. You can either fight all three and get nothing unless you beat the left ArcDemon last, or just fight it alone and guarantee it joining your party. But in the end you aren’t missing much. BoneSlave has a similar move set but has BiAttack/Quadhits instead of VacuSlash, which is infinitely better. Still a decent monster, though. Sky World: Species: MadCondor Max Level: 45 Potential Skills: Firebal(Firebane, Firebolt), HealUs(HealUsAll), Multicut Madcondor is an excellent monster. This guy will be your main healer for a while, and with Firebolt and Multicut it can actually have an offensive presence. You’ll need a decent number of seeds to make it learn Multicut before its level maxes out(as it’s immune to the level code, and starts out at level 30), but it’s definitely worth it. Species: Skeletor(3) Max Level: 55 Potential Skills: BiAttack(QuadHits), BirdBlow, Defense There are three Skeletors lying around the graveyard dungeon, and they will attack you if you talk to them. While you may get tired to seeing QuadHits everywhere, he manages to stand out be having Defense, so he can soften up enemy targets. Not much else to it. Species: Niterich Max Level: 65 Potential Skills: Beat(Defeat), BladeD, ThickFog Special Skills: DiagoCall(SamsiCall, BazooCall), DrakSlash, Meditate This guy is amazing. He’s the first monster you meet that can have six skills, and most of them have some utility. BazooCall can summon a fourth party member, Defeat can help clean up random encounters, and Meditate can make him heal himself by a large amount. His stats are also really high, making him a reliable long-term party member. Species: Metabble Max Level: 35 Potential Skills: Bang(Boom, Explodet), Firebal(Firebane, Firebolt), Sacrifice I will say this once :USE THE LOW LEVEL CODE. Otherwise your get a Level 26 monster that for some reason can’t level up(even though it’s level cap is supposed to be 35) and only knows the weak Bang and Firebal. If you do this you can have the opportunity to teach it all of its skills. Being a Metal monster, it’s immune to most attacks and starts off the bat with 999 Defense. It only has 20 HP, but you should know by now what to do about low stats. Species: EvilArmor(4) Max Level: 40 Potential Skills: AquaCut, BoltSlash, FireSlash There are four EvilArmor guards in Sky World’s final area. It’s not bad, even though all of its skills are single-target. One thing of note is that it has all of its skills right away so you can just leave him at the farm and level him that way. His WLD goes up, but it’s a small price to pay that can be easily fixed. Species: Mudou Max Level: 60 Potential Skills: IceStorm(WhiteAir), PoisonGas(PoisonAir), Scorching(WhiteFire) Special Skills: DeMagic, PoisonHit Mudou is a powerful boss, and so it’s also a power teammate. It can use both elemental breath attacks and can spread poison like crazy with DeMagic you can get rid of any annoying spells the opponent is using to buff itself or teammates. Limbo: Species: DeadNoble Max Level: 50 Potential Skills: AquaCut, HealUs(HealUsAll), TatsuCall(DiagoCall, SamsiCall, BazooCall) Similar to ArcDemon back in Ice World, you can choose to fight the whole opposing team or just the DeadNoble. AquaCut is useless, but HealUsAll and BazooCall are great moves to have. it’s a more utility-based alternative to MadCondor, who is more offense skill-wise. Species: Darck Max Level: 60 Potential Skills: Bang(Boom, Explodet), ChargeUp, Firebolt Special Skills: DeMagic, GigaSlash, PanicAll The final boss of the main story is a perfect candidate for your party in the postgame. It’s access to GigaSlash is a boon, and is the only wielder of the move in this challenge. Firebolt and Explodet are very commonly distributed, but his stats allow him to utilize the spells better than anything else you’ve run into thus far. Post-game: Note: All three of the tower worlds(Baffle, Brawn, and Soul) have 3-on-3 battles. Remember that with 3-on-3 battles you can only recruit the monster on the far-left, as the code won’t work otherwise. It’s easy to be tempted by some of the other monsters you see here, but there’s no way to get them. Also, using the low-level code for the post-game as a whole is recommended or else you’ll be unable to get certain(sometimes crucial) Skills on the monsters. You can do these worlds in any order, with exception of Soul, which you have to complete both Baffle and Brawn to unlock GreatLog: Species: Darck (Egg, infinite) Max Level: 60 Potential Skillset: Bang(Boom, Explodet), ChargeUp, Firebal(Firebane, Firebolt) After beating the main storyline, you can pick up a Madcat egg for 10 Tinymedals from the Medal Man. While he certainly is mighty, You could just recruit the Final Boss just before that and he has more skills and higher stats to boot. Really only useful for breeding you random encounter monsters to fill up your Library. Species: WhaleMage (Egg) Max Level: 45 Potential Skillset: Antidote, Geyser, WaterShot(Tidalwave) Special Moves: AquaWall, Transform You get this WhaleMage as an egg from the merchant in the same room as the Egg Evaluator once you beat the game. As nice as Tidalwave is, Transform is what makes this Monster worth trying out. Only one other monster in this guide gets it, and that’s basically all it can do. WhaleMage, however, has other tricks to choose from. Species: HaloSlime (Egg) Max level: 35 Potential Skillset: LifeSong, SealPray, Sleep(SleepAll) Special Moves: Geyser, Surge You get this HaloSlime as an egg from the young couple in the top right room of the screen to the left of the tournament entrance once you beat the game. HaloSlime learns a bunch of interesting support skills. SealPray is really useful, and LifeSong and Surge can keep your party going. The only downside to this is that it can’t learn an actual healing spell, diminishing its usefulness. However, there’s only one monster in this guide that can both revive and heal, so this is a common thing. Species: Warabou(Named Petit) Max Level: 80 Potential Skillset: DeMagic, MPass(MPassMore, MPassMost), Pheromone To get Warabou, you must have at least 250 monsters in your library. Talk to Warabou and he’ll give you his son Petitbou. This guy has the highest level cap in the game, but his skills are situational. By the time you get him, he won’t be too useful. Baffle Tower: Species: Crestpent Max Level: 35 Potential Skills: BeDragon, PoisonHit, StopSpell Special Skills: MegaMagic Looks like one of the early-game monsters is all grown-up… Complete with killer stats and MegaMagic. While it’s skills are all situational, it gives you a MegaMagic alternative to Slash the Slime, if you even bothered raising his stats enough before his level maxed out. Species: Gulpple Max Level: 40 Potential Skills: NapAttack, HighJump, SleepAir Gulpple has one thing going for it: Sleep. This guy will be very useful because putting the opponent to sleep is one of the best boss strategies, and before this the only other sleep inflictor was the AgDevil boss from Ice World. Species: FunkyBird Max Level: 50 Potential Skills: Hustle, LifeDance, PaniDance This monster would be pretty unremarkable if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s the only monster in this challenge that can both revive and heal teammates. It’s not very good at doing either thing, but it has a niche. But there’s a catch. A big catch: LifeDance kills the user. The high stats of the tower monsters is the only real comfort. Species: MadPlant Max Level: 40 Potential Skills: Defense, NumbOff, SlowAll MadPlant is the best debuffer in this guide. Being able to lower both the defense and speed of all opposing characters is nice. Outside of that he really has no other purpose to serve in one’s party. Species: DeviPine Max Level: 40 Potential Skills: Beat(Defeat), PoisonGas(PoisonAir), SleepAir Special Skills: OddDance(RobDance) Combo Skills: PalsyAir(PoisonAir + SleepAir) DeviPine is the big boss of the tower. A great status Inflictor that can Clear away random encounters with Defeat or steal MP using RobDance. It’s far from the best monster, but it can find if uses if you like something different. Brawn Tower: Species: WindBeast Max Level: 50 Potential Skills: Infermost, Snowstorm(Blizzard), VacuSlash With the many Monsters that have Firebolt and Explodet, it’s nice to see a change of pace with WindBeast. While Blizzard has still been seen here and there, the wind-elemental spells don’t appear as frequently. It’s a unique choice for a magic caster. Species: WhaleMage Max Level: 45 Potential Skills: Antidote, Geyser, Tidalwave If this guide was for Cobi’s Journey, I would say it’s a decent choice. But in Tara’s Adventure you get a WhaleMage Egg that comes with AquaWall and more importantly Transform. The only comfort for this guy is that he has much better starting stats. Species: IceMan Max Level: 45 Potential Skills: Blizzard, IceStorm(WhiteAir), StrongD IceMan, as its name implies, learns both Blizzard and WhiteAir, the latter of which has been handed out quite sparingly in this guide. There’s really not much to say about this guy. StrongD is a decent defensive skill, but it goes better with more support skills. Species: Balzak Max Level: 35 Potential Skills: Bang(Boom, Explodet), Multicut, Thordain Balzak is one of only two monsters in this guide that learns the Bolt line of spells. In this case, he starts out with Thordain, the highest level of the spell-line. With Explodet and Multicut to round it off, this guy is a powerhouse that can slice through waves of enemies. Species: Jamirus Max Level: 60 Potential Skills: BiAttack(QuadHits), Blazemost, Tailwind(StormWind) Jamirus is the big boss of this tower. His high level cap will ensure you can get his stats up and access to Quadhits and Blazemost allows him to deal some serious damage. StormWind will bounce back any breath attacks targeted at your party, so he can even play a support role, even if it’s a small one. Soul Tower: Species: KingSlime Max Level: 45 Potential Skills: Barrier, MPass( MPassMore, MPassMost), Vivify(Revive) KingSlime’s moveset is full of support moves. Barrier to reduce breath attack damage, MPassMost to transfer MP to a party Member, and most importantly Revive to, well, revive. It’s high stats means he can take a beating, too Species: FangSlime Max Level: 35 Potential Skills: ChargeUp, WarCry, YellHelp A decent Slime with so-so abilities. YellHelp always has a chance to fail and the other two don’t add that much to the party as everything else that has ChargeUp or WarCry have some good skills to go with it. It’s nothing special, but maybe someone can find a use for it. Species: SlimeBorg Max Level: 50 Potential Skills: BladeD, Lightning, RainSlash Special Skills: Increase, HealMore(HealAll), HealUsAll As if to make up for the FangSlime, the game gives us the best healer of this challenge. It is the only monster with the single-target healing spell, and is has a party-healing skill and the ability to increase defenses to go along with it. Lightning and RainSlash as multi-target attacking skills and BladeD allows it to counterattack for a turn. I could go on forever how amazing this guy is. Species: Slime Max Level: 40 Potential Skills: Firebal(Firebane, Firebolt), MegaMagic, Radiant If you didn’t take the time to raise Slash’s stats high enough to learn MegaMagic before his level maxed out, you should be happy to know that this Slime starts with MegaMagic, and only MegaMagic, plus decent stats to boot. Species: Gorago Max Level: 65 Potential Skills: Bang(Boom, Explodet), EerieLight, Massacre Special Skills: DeMagic, Meditate, WarCry, WhiteFire A monster that rounds off the journey through the three towers’ Yes, this guy has seven skills. SEVEN. While a few are pretty useless, Explodet and WhiteFire deal massive damage, DeMagic strips the opponent of buffs, and Meditate allow him to heal himself. His stats are also crazy good, and being the ultimate monster of the Beast Family means his stats skyrocket even more when he levels up. Lonely World: Species: Shadow(2) Max Level: 50 Potential Skills: IceStorm(WhiteAir), K.O.Dance, ThickFog There are two of these guys hiding in barrels in the boss room of this world. They can prevent stat changes with ThickFog, and attack with WhiteAir. K.O.Dance is a variation of Defeat, so it can instantly kill a group of monsters if you’re lucky. They aren’t the most powerful monsters, but they have uses. Species: Roboster Max Level: 40 Potential Skills: Quadhits, RainSlash, SquallHit Special Skills: BladeD, Defense Roboster is a great Physically-inclined monster. QuadHits and RainSlash together is an excellent combo, and he can even lower the opponent’s defense to rack up even more damage. This is the best of the Robosters, and the only one to learn BladeD. Species: Roboster Max Level: 40 Potential Skills: Quadhits, RainSlash, SquallHit Special Skills: Defense If you fight Roboster a second time, you’ll notice he’s a lot easier. here’s the thing: each time you fight him his stats plummet. This one is not too bad, but there’s no reason to use it outside of breeding purposes. Species: Roboster Max Level: 40 Potential Skills: Quadhits, RainSlash, SquallHit Special Skills: Defense An even worse Roboster. If you play this world you’ll see that this is a plot thing as to why it’s getting progressively weaker. Just avoid this one. Species: Roboster(Infinite) Max Level: 40 Potential Skills: BiAttack(Quadhits), RainSlash, SquallHit Special Skills: Defense I present to you one of the most useless monsters in the game. As long as you don’t try to finish up the plot by talking to the old man anytime after the first battle, you can fight this one forever. Elf World: Species: ArrowDog Max Level: 40 Potential Skills: Blaze(Blazemore, Blazemost), CallHelp(YellHelp), MouthShut Special Skills: ChargeUp, Increase, SickLick Combo Skills: FireSlash(Blazemore + ChargeUp) You have a choice to fight this guy alone or two together. Like most Boss battles that have more than one monster, save the one of the left for last. This is one of the only three monsters that can learn seven skills. It’s a bizarre combination of skills that usually do completely different things. It’s a decent monster that’s worth trying out. Species: AgDevil Max Level: 35 Potential Skills: Firebolt, Sacrifice, SleepAir Special Skills: Imitate, RobDance It seems odd that they’d reuse the same monster as a boos that they did in a previous world. It’s starting stats are much higher than Ice World’s AgDevil, and Imitate and RobDance make it able to do things the other cannot(It lacks WarCry, though). The only problem is finding a team spot for him. Traveler World: Species: Pixy Max Level: 40 Potential Skills: Antidote, SealPray, TwinHits Special Skills: Barrier, Boom(Explodet), PaniDance Like ArrowDog in Elf World, you can fight it alone or with another Pixy. Pixy is the only monster besides the CurseLamp from Oasis World to get TwinHits, which doubles the Attack of a single Ally. SealPray is another rare skill and with Barrier it can be a nice support character. Explodet allows it to dish out damage if needed. Species: CopyCat Max Level: 40 Potential Skills: Imitate, OddDance(RobDance), Transform As the name implies, CopyCat is made to mimic other monsters. It’s only one of two monster to get Transform, and it can use RobDance to get back some MP. It’s a fairly gimmicky monster, but it’s fun to use. Species: MetalKing Max Level: 55 Potential Skills: Bolt(Zap, Thordain), HellBlast, Ironize Special Skills: EerieLight, EvilSlash, Geyser, Infermost MetalKing is a top-tier monster that belongs to Milayou, also an important character in the original Dragon Warrior Monsters and along with the same game’s main character Terry are two party members in Dragon Quest VI(as adults). This is a multi-monster battle, and you should know the options by now. With a wide array of powerful skills, including HellBlast, one of the most power skills in the game, this guy is amazing. Also it is a metal monster, meaning he is immune to most attacks. You’d be insane not to use this guy. Special Mention: There is one monster that you can find all over the place. Along your journey, whether it be during the main story, in the post-game, or even the Magic Key worlds, you’ll run into an oddly-colored treasure chest. Try and open and find this guy. Species: Mimic(Infinite) Max Level: 40 Potential Skills: Beat(Defeat), Blazemost, EagleEye The usefulness of Mimic depends on where and when you find it. The earliest I myself have found one is in the final dungeon of Pirate World, but unless you grinded like crazy you’ll lose fairly quickly. If you do manage to get one, you’ll see it starts right off with Blazemost, and Beat will eventually evolve into Defeat. EagleEye is really only useful on the field, but it’s something. Overall the earlier you get one the more useful it will be on your travels. So what do you think? Tell be if you see any errors
  3. I was refering to the eggs NPCs give you after the end of the game. In Tara, both the WhaleMage and HaloSlime came with two moves they normally can't learn without breeding(Transform/AquaWall and Surge/Geyser, Respectively). I want to know what moves the eggs you get in Cobi(Whipbird and Lionex) have upon hatching, as unlike normal eggs the WhaleMage and HaloSlime started with moves already without going up a single level
  4. What moves do they start with when they first hatch? I'm making a special guide for a special challange game, and I need this info because I own Tara but not Cobi
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  10. Here's What I've gathered thus far: Loto Trilogy: DW3 -> DW1/Kenshin -> DW2 Zenithian Trilogy: DWM -> DWM2 -(other world)-> DQ6 -> DQ4 -> Torneko1 -> Torneko2 -> Torneko3 -> DQ5 VII: DQM:CH -(other world)-> DW7 VIII: Young Yangus -> DQ8 Other notes: -Kenshin Dragon Quest is an enhanced retelling of DW1, thus they occur concurrently in the time line. -Caravan Heart takes place in the world of DW2, but stars a young Keifer, a playable character from DW7, who was transported there. -It's hinted that the Terry/Milly from the Monsters series may be a different, alternate dimension Terry/Milly than the ones from VI, but they are still the same individuals regardless. -DQ8 takes place some unspecified amount of time after the events of DW3, as Ramia/Lamia appears and states thaty she was born in another world. You witness(and actually set in motion) said birth in DW3. -So far the only Numbered game not officially confirmed to be set in a timeline with another game is IX. It's more or less been revealed via Caravan Heart and DQ8 that the games don't all take place on a single plane of existence, but many of the game's stories share worlds with other games.
  11. Whoops. >.>; I suck at keeping track on time mentally, so I guess I screweed up.
  12. I'm currently breathing, I'll update if I ever stop.

  13. Can you believe I've been here since 11/13/06 and have never updated anything in my profile until now(03/13/11)? I added friends, allowed comments, and am thinking of a good signature.

  14. I know there's already a really old thread for this, but I don't want to necropost. However, in this one, you can also post your general DQ merchandise. Here's Mine: Games: Main Series: -Dragon Warrior (NES) -Dragon Quest I+II (SNES, import) -Dragon Warrior I+II (GB/GBC) -Dragon Quest III (SNES, import) -Dragon Warrior III (GBC) -Dragon Quest IV (DS) -Dragon Quest V (SNES, import) -Dragon Quest V (DS) -Dragon Quest VI (SNES, import) -Dragon Quest VI (DS) -Dragon Warrior VII (PS1) -Dragon Quest VIII (PS2) -Dragon Quest IX (DS) Monsters series: -Dragon Warrior Monsters (GB/GBC) -Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure (GB/GBC) -Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart (GBA, import) -Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (DS) Slime Morimori series: -Slime Morimori Dragon Quest (GBA, import) -Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (DS) Sword Series: -Dragon Quest Swords (Wii) Figurines: Gastopon Slimes: -Series 1 (Complete) #1 Slime w/ gold armor #2 Slime w/ bronze armor #3 Slime Knight #4 Metal Slime w/ Silver Shield #5 Mottle Slime w/ Top Hat #6 King Slime w/ fez hat -Series 2 (Complete) #1 Dark Slime w/ Metal King Helm #2 Dark Slime w/ rusted helmet #3 Angel Slime w/ solid wings and halo #4 Angel Slime w/ transparent wings and halo #5 Healslime w/ Shellmet #6 Metal Slime Knight #7 King Cureslime w/ tan boomerang #8 King Cureslime w/ Bronze Boomerang Dragon Quest Monsters - Devil Expansion figurines: -Baalzak (Metalic Purple) -Baalzak (Metalic Blue) -Baalzak (Red) -Marquis de Leon (Metalic Blue) -Marquis de Leon (Black) Bottle Cap figurines: -Shell Slime Misc: -PS2 Slime Controller -Dragon Quest IX event poster -Dragon Quest VI Preorder Plushie
  15. Medarot: Perfect Edition for Wonderswan. A very fun Japan-only RPG for a Japan-only handheld system. btw I have the actual thing not a ROM and an Emulator.
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