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  1. No, I meant during the main game to get your stats just high enough to learn all of your skills before you level maxed out. For example, without it the Beavern will only have ChargeUp and Icebolt and nothing else. Maxing out is for when you beat the game in its entirety, like after you beat all six of the post-game worlds. I guess I should of clarified better With me adding Mimics, I was torn at what to do, as they aren't "technically" random encounters, even though finding one in a dungeon is random. I decided in the end to just add it. If you feel that they shoudn't be counted then don'
  2. This guide is for a specific type of Challenge for Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara’s Adventure for the GameBoy Color. In this challenge you can only use non-random encounter monsters and you can’t breed your team. For completion’s sake, you can capture and breed monsters, but only to fill your Library and unlock the post-game worlds. For advancing the story, fighting Bosses, and scaling dungeons you may only use the monsters listed in this guide. Of course, such a challenge would normally be impossible for the late and post-game, so use the following gameshark codes for a more interesti
  3. I was refering to the eggs NPCs give you after the end of the game. In Tara, both the WhaleMage and HaloSlime came with two moves they normally can't learn without breeding(Transform/AquaWall and Surge/Geyser, Respectively). I want to know what moves the eggs you get in Cobi(Whipbird and Lionex) have upon hatching, as unlike normal eggs the WhaleMage and HaloSlime started with moves already without going up a single level
  4. What moves do they start with when they first hatch? I'm making a special guide for a special challange game, and I need this info because I own Tara but not Cobi
  5. I added Pictures to many of the items I'm selling in the wants and wishes section

  6. I even added some DQ stuff

  7. I hope someone wants some of my stuff in the Wants and Wishes section soon. I need to make some money before September 4th.

  8. Hello There. Sorry I couldn't respond sooner, I've been busy with IRL buisness. I had no idea I was the first person to friend you on this site.

  9. Long time, Dunsparce. I remember you were my first friend on this site.

  10. Here's What I've gathered thus far: Loto Trilogy: DW3 -> DW1/Kenshin -> DW2 Zenithian Trilogy: DWM -> DWM2 -(other world)-> DQ6 -> DQ4 -> Torneko1 -> Torneko2 -> Torneko3 -> DQ5 VII: DQM:CH -(other world)-> DW7 VIII: Young Yangus -> DQ8 Other notes: -Kenshin Dragon Quest is an enhanced retelling of DW1, thus they occur concurrently in the time line. -Caravan Heart takes place in the world of DW2, but stars a young Keifer, a playable character from DW7, who was transported there. -It's hinted that the Terry/Milly from the Monsters seri
  11. Whoops. >.>; I suck at keeping track on time mentally, so I guess I screweed up.
  12. I'm currently breathing, I'll update if I ever stop.

  13. Can you believe I've been here since 11/13/06 and have never updated anything in my profile until now(03/13/11)? I added friends, allowed comments, and am thinking of a good signature.

  14. I know there's already a really old thread for this, but I don't want to necropost. However, in this one, you can also post your general DQ merchandise. Here's Mine: Games: Main Series: -Dragon Warrior (NES) -Dragon Quest I+II (SNES, import) -Dragon Warrior I+II (GB/GBC) -Dragon Quest III (SNES, import) -Dragon Warrior III (GBC) -Dragon Quest IV (DS) -Dragon Quest V (SNES, import) -Dragon Quest V (DS) -Dragon Quest VI (SNES, import) -Dragon Quest VI (DS) -Dragon Warrior VII (PS1) -Dragon Quest VIII (PS2) -Dragon Quest IX (DS) Monsters series: -Dragon Warrior Monsters (G
  15. Medarot: Perfect Edition for Wonderswan. A very fun Japan-only RPG for a Japan-only handheld system. btw I have the actual thing not a ROM and an Emulator.
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