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  1. The "Chocolate" Slime Stack looks strangely delicious!
  2. Yes!! Of course, the best Dragon Quest is coming out on top!! DQV +1 DQVII -2 DQV: 68 DQVII: 64
  3. Yesterday, I got a new and sealed copy of Shadow of the Colossus, for only $5! I'm really excited to start playing!

    1. solo


      Good luck in the game

    2. RyuKisargi


      Keep it sealed, get it for free off of PSN+!

  4. DQV +1 DQVIII -2 DQV: 70 DQVI: 4 DQVII: 76 DQVIII: 9
  5. DQV +1 DQVIII -2 DQV: 71 DQVI: 4 DQVII: 79 DQVIII: 12
  6. Yea, he was Ryu from the Breath of Fire series, specifically, the fourth entry. Here's a pic.. Anyways, welcome to the Den, Rezca!
  7. DQV +1 DQVIII -2 DQV: 71 DQVI: 6 DQVII: 78 DQVIII: 22
  8. DQV +1 DQVIII -2 DQV: 70 DQVI: 9 DQVII: 84 DQVIII: 24
  9. DQV +1 DQVIII -2 DQV: 69 DQVI: 11 DQVII: 88 DQVIII: 26
  10. DQV +1 DQVIII -2 DQV: 68 DQVI: 13 DQVII: 93 DQVIII: 29
  11. I pre-ordered the collector's edition of the game, and I excited to play it! In the demo, my party set-up is this.. Tiz: Valkyrie w/ White Mage abilities Agnes: Swordmaster w/ Black Mage abilities Ringabel: White Mage w/ Knight abilities Edea: Ninja w/ Performer abilities
  12. DQV +1 DQVIII -2 DQV: 67 DQVI: 14 DQVII: 93 DQVIII: 32
  13. Battle themes in video games are very memorable tunes usually, and are supposed to make you feel 'excited' to battle. For me, my favorite is probably from Lunar: Eternal Blue, for the Sega CD, "Brave Warriors," right now. It's very catchy, and I never get tired listening to it! Here it is: I also enjoy others, such as Final Fantasy IV's "Battle with the Four Fiends." Here is that: And Cave Story's "Oppression." Here is that as well: So, what's your favorite battle theme, from any genre of games?
  14. I just tried the Bravely Default demo, and I have to say, I like it! Especially its job system, which is just like FFV!

    1. JobClass


      NEED a 3DS. I've had my eye on this game ever since it released in JP

    2. Quart20858


      Just a bit annoying that you're limited to 30 uses...

    3. Neofrodo


      Yeah I suppose.


      Tho It hasn't annoyed me too much so far.

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  15. DQV +1 DQVIII -2 DQV: 68 DQVI: 16 DQVII: 101 DQVIII: 36
  16. DQV +1 DQVIII -2 DQV: 71 DQVI: 18 DQVII: 104 DQVIII: 34
  17. DQV +1 DQVIII -2 DQV: 73 DQVI: 20 DQVII: 113 DQVIII: 38
  18. I'm very happy about this! I, myself, would not mind it being on the 3DS, as I play it a lot myself. Also, I thought of what Horii said: "Smartphones are smartphones, and they're not game consoles.. I don't think they'll be replacing game consoles, but rather, I believe it's a matter of offering something to those who only have smartphones." I feel these words are very true!!
  19. DQV +1 DQVIII -2 DQV: 72 DQVI: 23 DQVII: 118 DQVIII: 39
  20. DQV +1 DQVIII -2 DQV: 74 DQVI: 22 DQVII: 112 DQVIII: 45
  21. Hey, I'm a Tales of fan!.. Though I've only played Phantasia and Abyss (which I both really like a lot!). Sadly, I do not own a PS3.. Though if I get a PS3 anytime soon, I'm definitely picking this up!
  22. DQV +1 DQVIII -2 DQV: 77 DQVI: 28 DQVII: 121 DQVIII: 46
  23. Welcome, MasamuneMarth! I'm guessing you like Fire Emblem.. What's your favorite Fire Emblem and Dragon Quest? Mine's Path of Radiance and V, respectively. Hope you enjoy the Den~
  24. DQV +1 DQVIII -2 DQV: 80 DQVI: 31 DQVII: 124 DQVIII: 50
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