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  1. FE9 happens to be my favorite Fire Emblem.. so.. and DQIX is my least favorite DQ (Wind Waker's good though!). Anyways, welcome to the Den!
  2. Good review! While not being my favorite, I really like Dragon Warrior VII too.
  3. Welcome to the Den! My favorite is V as well.
  4. Welcome back to the Den, Duke Malisto!
  5. DQV is my favorite out of all because, mainly, I love its story! I also enjoy recruiting monsters and the timeline premise. I felt with the progression of childhood to adulthood in the game made it have an immersive feel for some reason. Every time I play DQV I just feel really immersed and happy. With the rest of the games you mentioned, it would go DQV, DQVII, DQVIII, then DQIII. Overall, it's: 1.DQV 2.DQIV 3.DQVII 4.DQVI 5.DQVIII 6.DQII 7.DQIII 8.DQIX 9.DQI At this moment.
  6. Welcome to the den, 'O poltroon one!
  7. I really hope this is real! I would also be glad if they didn't mess up the title this time, especially with this one, as already mentioned, fits the game well, and overall, "Warriors of Eden" just sounds really cool.
  8. I would enjoy the DQVII remake the most, mainly because I don't like MMOs that much and that I like the main series more than Monsters. Also, DQVII is one of my favorite DQ games, and I think that the remake will enhance the experience with updated graphics and sound.
  9. http://www.fruitquiz.co.uk/quiz/banana.gif I took that quiz too! I'm a banana!!
  10. I haven't heard of this game despite being an Atlus fan, but it really looks interesting! I looked it up after reading your post, and it does seem very old-school (especially the classic mode you mentioned) and fun!
  11. Welcome to the Den! I eat bananas too. That potassium, mm!
  12. Yes, I also think it will be announced, though after E3. I hope for the best!!
  13. For Dragon Quest IV, I've only completed the original, so I cannot comment. For Dragon Quest V, I prefer the original. I prefer the SNES soundtrack over the DS one, an example being (already stated) the world theme, and another the castle theme. I also really like the simple graphics, which I feel suits the game better for some reason. Also, I'm not a big fan of the puns and name-changes. They really bother me after playing the SNES one first. For Dragon Quest VI, I've only completed the remake, so I can't really comment much on this either.
  14. Hello! Welcome to the Den. The Den is a really nice community, so don't be afraid to talk to anyone!
  15. I'm a really big fan of Azumanga Daioh, Studio Ghibli movies, and Keroro Gunsou, and that's mainly it.
  16. Happy Birthday, hope it's great!
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