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  1. I haven't met anyone in my school (or my friends, who mostly consist of people two grades ahead of me) who has played Dragon Quest before, or even heard of it. The only JRPG (many) people play a lot is Pokemon. (Mostly the GBA games, everyone plays them on their iPod using gba4ios).
  2. Something I've been noticing about JRPGs these days is that all the good ones come out mostly on handhelds. There are still some awesome console ones that continue to release (as already stated, Atlus games, and various single titles from different companies), but, I lean more towards my 3DS and PSP for JRPGs.
  3. Another nice review, Yangus! I'm a really big fan of Soul Hackers, too. I haven't beaten it yet, but I'm almost there. I really like the soundtrack as well, except for some dungeon themes. I feel the graphics are a little bit dated though (well now, but I think back then it was good), but that doesn't really hinder the game at all. I also agree that Nemissa and Leader are pretty cool, especially Nemissa. Her voice-acting is spot-on and her dialogue and personality has a little bit of a sassy attitude that I find funny. I can't wait to play more of the game. I really enjoy your Yangus's Tho
  4. I lost all my save data on my PS3 due to a power outage.. >:(

    1. ignasia


      O_o, wow, how did that happen? Did your harddrive die? Also, eal, I believe you have to send your save data to the PSN save point cloud server. I think it's like MS' system where it's not automated.


      Anyway, dude, are there ps3 memory cards? If not you can also get a usb flash drive, and just store your extra saves there, like a weekly backup jic.


      Hope Sony autobacks up your saves, or you backed the up on the cloud earlier.

    2. Motdrafin


      Sorry, I forgot to specify. I was playing Tales of Xillia, and I was saving. It loaded 50%, then the power went out. when I turned it back on it said some data files may be corrupted, and when I loaded the game, my file was gone. I didn't do any cloud saving or save on a usb, so I'll just have to redo everything.

    3. Kawaii_koneko


      that's ok wait for xillia 2 next month then play the first then the 2nd in a long strech

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  5. The SMT titles and Bravely Default are my favorite games to play on my 3DS. Of the titles already out for the Wii U, I liked Pikmin 3 (with the Mario Kart 8 offer, you should take advantage of that by downloading MK8 giving you a free game.. Downloading gives you a free $5 on each $60 game, so you could get $10 for the eShop). I also can't wait for most of the Wii U's upcoming titles such as Super Smash Bros. and Xenoblade Chronicles X.
  6. This looks really cool! A board game that is not "boar"-ing. I actually think I played something similar to this (not DQ themed), but it was in a game online.
  7. Happy Birthday Shun 'Kanamee!
  8. Welcome to the Den, ODAY! I'm a pretty big fan of the Zenithian trilogy too, with V being my favorite (IV is close though). The updated remake adds a post game, updated graphics and sound, and a new character in the post game. The only flaw is that the new translation is a hit or miss with the new character names and accents. For example, Cristo becomes Kiryl, and Brey becomes Borya. People in Santeem (now called Zamoksva) speak with a Russian accent. Overall, it's pretty good. Also, you were right, this does need to be moved to the Introduction/Farewells forum.
  9. I liked it! I thought it was interesting, especially the cosplaying hobo.
  10. Here's my suggestions (*very amazing) SNES: *Final Fantasy II (IV), III (VI), and EarthBound (Japanese option- Tales of Phantasia, *SMT I and II) (sorry for the japanese suggestions, they're just very good) NES: Any of the Final Fantasies (Japanese option- *MOTHER, *Sweet Home, *Gimmick!) Genesis: Phantasy Star II and IV PSP: Ys Oath in Felghana DS: FFIV PS1: Chrono Cross X360: Tales of Vesperia GC: Tales of Symphonia, *Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Wii: Xenoblade Chronicles PS2: *Persona 3: FES, Shin Megami Tensei DDS I+II, and *Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne GBA: FFV+VI Advan
  11. I do agree Roy is better, even in Super Smash Bros.
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