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  1. I've always wanted to play the series, but each title itself is very expensive... An Xenosaga HD Collection would be really cool!!
  2. ^I love Arrested Development!! The new changes are pretty different... Some I think uncalled for.. But overall interesting!
  3. Yea... DQV is the best! Heh, Welcome to the den
  4. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Democrobot


      A bit late there for me, but Happy Thanksgiving to you

  5. That was a pretty cool interview! I always wondered about what exactly happened, thanks for sharing!
  6. I love these! They really made me smile! My favorite's the DQVII comic
  7. Wow, These are really good! Keep up the great work; and I'd like to see more in the future!
  8. Good luck! Hope you improve your grades!
  9. I'll be dressing up as The Flash because of my love of running.
  10. Welcome to the Den! DQV's my favorite too!
  11. Happy Birthday jamiras! Hope it's great!
  12. Name: Motdrafin Gender: Male (option 2) Class: Prince Color 2
  13. My name is a combination of MOTHER, Dragon Quest, and Final Fantasy. I chose those 3 series because combining them seemed like a cool username (though my favorite series is probably SMT). I liked it, and began using in other forums/accounts. It could be pronounced Moh-dra-fah, or Mot-dra-fin. I pronounce it (in my head) differently every time.
  14. I take German in school, and I can speak and understand (not read or write) Arabic fluently. Growing up (and still now), I speak English, Arabic, and few words of French in daily conversations with my family. For German, I only really know what my teacher in school has taught me, so I'm not fluent... I hope to be someday!
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