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  1. I would get the 3DS version because I don't own a PS4, I like the aspect of the 3D/2D graphics with both screens, and I prefer playing my games on a handheld. ...I really hope the 3DS version is localized!
  2. I read this on Siliconera a while ago, I think. Still, I find it fascinating for someone to be that infatuated with a game (Well, there are already people who do the same thing but on GameFAQS, but still!).
  3. I really like these!! I find it kind of cool to see what the monsters could have looked like. In fact, I don't think Yuji Horii's original sketches are that bad! They're pretty distinctive.
  4. Happy Birthday! Hope that it is great!!
  5. I have it on the Wii. I haven't finished it, but I really like it! It's pretty good- and I really enjoy it's soundtrack!
  6. Well... They don't localize everything for the Vita... (I really want Tales of Innocence R )
  7. Here's just a few of mine... Dragon Quest IX isn't very good, in my opinion. I feel Dragon Quest II is underrated. I prefer and use the Japanese names of all the characters over the localized ones. (Clift instead Cristo or Kiryl, Flora instead of Nera, etc.)
  8. Have a happy birthday, Cain!
  9. The Dragon Quest series holds some of my favorite games. They all have their own charm, with fun gameplay, nice characters, story, and art style. The Dragon Quest series has helped introduced me to other JRPG series too, and started my appreciation towards this genre- which quickly became my favorite one! The series has also gotten me through long car rides and boring days, which rapidly became fun right when I heard the title screen's fanfare. Thank you Dragon Quest!
  10. Sadly, even though the title has an alliteration and a pun, I think it will not be another Dragon Quest title.
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