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  1. Nope, they do not want you to share accounts, and you cannot log in at the same time with the same account (I would suggest against it as well, since it might look like your account was hacked) They offered the character transfer before as a way of getting families that were sharing an account (which is against the terms of service) to have their own accounts when the WiiU version came out. But there are also actually a lot of people who have two (or possibly more) accounts so that they can use both at the same time. This allows them to pick up more sparkles off the ground, have an extra s
  2. I've been interested in the Special Pack myself, but since it sold out as soon as they put it online I haven't been able to get a hold of it myself yet. Can you take some pictures of the book? (Not asking for a scan here, just something to give me an idea of what we are talking about as far as detail and size). Do you think the ebay price of $300 is good? The markup price of something like Celga makes me hesitate to try Yahoo Auctions, especially since the price is rather high there as well (with more competition).
  3. While I've never actually played it in English, I've always gotten the impression that the translation for DQVII was the most true to the original Japanese. There are no accents in the original. Some monsters do have pun names, but they are probably the minority. Of course, one of the things about localization is that you are attempting to make it match the locality that the translation is aimed at. But when it comes down to it, the way I speak English and understand a sentence can differ greatly than people from another English speaking region and a different background. That difference in
  4. Try the Skill Simulator http://cpro.jp/dq10/skillsimulator/ Yes, MP is a huge problem for Claws, so you want to beef up in MP anyway you can. Second weapon should at least be shield, because you might need the critical block in a few dungeon boss fights. That would be a reason to invest into fan as a third weapon, so that you can keep on attacking.
  5. Los Angeles California Lets see, I got about 50 in the last day of Anime Expo (never configured the thing before that) About 30 from half a day at Disney's California Adventure. About 15 from a trip Down Town to Little Tokyo when it was inhabited by cosplayers for who knows what reason. 1 from an RN at a hospital.
  6. As long as they keep the subtitles for when people say something EXCITING than I am good. That is a rather useful feature for Japanese learning.
  7. The trial has similar restrictions to early phases of the PC beta it seems. But unlike the beta your character will carry over to the real game and you will be on the real servers. We really need to figure out a better way to share ids so that we can all meet up. But I don't want some sort of repository SQEX can go to if they ever decide to start banning foreigners.
  8. *Looks at the name of the thread creator* "Someone" created it, huh?
  9. Can't seem to PM you, feel free to PM me. I will not be on this weekend, but I tend to be on in the evening every day.
  10. I am pretty sure that the Wii version never came out. I recall that the music hosted here was ripped from the installation disc for the game.
  11. Um, it would not be pirating the game since to play it you have to have purchased the game and pay the subscription fee. I am not suggesting hosting the game or anything like that. Just a patch for those who import so that they can understand what they are playing. Square Enix will gain money, not lose money from this sort of project. I don't think anyone who plays it with a patch will choose not to buy it if it comes out here. They do not ban people for talking in English in the game. Doesn't happen. And while foreign IPs are banned they haven't banned accounts for using a foreign IP. You a
  12. On the off topic note, has anyone made any progress in finding the script for DQX from the beta so that an English patch could be made? I don't think I would have a moral issue working on such a translation.
  13. A few days ago? Fireworks were sent out then. You need to shoot them out at night outdoors.
  14. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you could not defeat Atlas. I was only thinking about the other people on the Den who are on my friends list when I said that. You've been away long enough now that you qualify for the comeback campaign. If you log in right now (starting with your log in) you will get 10 free days. (The offer ends on the 19th).
  15. Two! Two friends! See in the cat picture the guy has brown hair, and then in the other pictures the hair is black? That is some panty shot you have of Krw703. I also see you neglected to mention your cat whiskers! I can help you with the Superstar quest. It is a ton easier if you have someone on the side of the battle cheering you on. I don't expect you will find anyone else here that has a chance against Atlas.
  16. A late happy birthday to you!
  17. This is why you are the ultimate Dragon Quest Fan. Best comment ever!
    1. PantheonSasuke


      He doesn't look very comfortable in that chair, yo.

    2. Saigan


      I just want him to stay dead >_>


    3. Flute_Warrior


      Is that really a Metal Heal Slime? Woot for new metals. Though they probably don't give as much EXP, like metal slimeknights.

  18. According to Mimas, they got special servers you can log into that apparently puts everyone in their own "Pocket Server" with pre-created characters of all levels you can hire, in the event you wanna play absolutely alone with absolutely no other player influence.That is not quite what I meant. The servers are labled as being for solo players but the features of the server are the same as the other servers. Pre-Created charactets exit on all servers (though finding them among player created characters would be near impossible now). The bazar is the same through all servers as well so you are n
  19. You need to go to the レーナムwhich is at the upper left part of the map. From there there should be a structure on the map with a church. Talk around in there and there should be an event. You got to the beach after that event. Hopefully I am not forgetting anything there.
  20. Nope, that did not help. I think something must be out of whack on my computer. Don't know what it is though. Installed RAM is 16GB I bought the top of the line that Dell offered last year, so yeah, in all theory it should run.
  21. The gu As you can see from the screenshot from the guide linked to in the top picture. You need to press the blue button, not the yellow button.
  22. The game has a camera in it that you can use to take pictures (it excludes all the heads-up display information.) But one of the restrictions of the PC Beta is that they aren't letting you use that function.
  23. Remember where the Golem was that you had to fight to change quests? On your way there are swords. Fight those till you get the drop.
  24. For every hour that you are not playing the game you get another hour saved up (Max 440 hours). When you go to the concierge you have the choice to redeem this time for Genki Dama. One Genki Dama costs 22 hours and gives you half an hour of double the experience and gold while you use it. You also now have the option of asking for a small Genki Dama which gives you 10 minutes and costs 11 hours, or a Super Genki Dama that lasts 30 minutes, but covers the other people in your party as well and costs as much as 88 hours. Using one puts you in "Genki Time" and when not in battle it displays how
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