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  1. It is a summary of part of the DQX 2.0 storyline. Are you looking for spoilers?
  2. For a novel it might make sense to cut-out side stories, but for a game these stories are part of the world building. Having everything be caused by one big baddy seems more convenient and cliché. I haven't gotten around to doing all of the level 50 quests (like Super Star), but while most of them were not all that memorable, there were a few interesting stories. The way that the warrior storyline progressed was unique. More recently while it was indeed cliché I found the Monster Master storyline to be cute. Though the restriction on the quest that you had to have your monster with yo
  3. A better translation should proably use "force" instead of "strongly encourage". The idea neing that they don't want people to be forced to play with someone they don't know just for another chance at a broach. It would just increase things like the piramid virgin sales where people are getting payed to go with random strangers for their first time since it guarantees a broach.
  4. Someone uploaded the Dragon Quest X TV episode that dealt with the 2.1 updates to youtube. I imagine that Square Enix will delete it in the near future (or maybe not since they skip over the trailer?) I think that the story in DQ is often made up of three aspects. The hero's relationship with comrades, the stories at each village (World Creation), and the overall story. Saying that the story is not good because the lack of relationship with your party sounds similar to the complaint I sometimes hear that the protagonist is silent. While it is true that Drag
  5. Huh?! I think DQX has one of the better stories. Certainly the 2.0 story was very well received by the people in my team. I certainly don't think it is any more cliche than any other DQ game. If you want to argue that it is drawn out because it is an MMORPG then I will give you that. But I think it is an interesting and engaging story.
  6. Thanks everyone! No, I live in Pacific Time. Last year I just celebrated my birthday Japan Time for my JP friends on DQX.I had the party a day late this time in game though. I will arrange for a Eng party tomorrow in game.
  7. Welcome! While I don't use the flashed router for IPVanish I think it SHOULD only be a matter of changing the settings on your server to dial an IPVanish IP instead of an Overplay one.
  8. Yes Yes, the point is a contest, so they don't want you to vote for every single girl. You can't get all statues It is asking "Are you sure?"
  9. I think I saw a topic like this before at the Den. Back before 9 came out if I recall. X definitely comes after IX. It might even be the same world, but the mention of other dimensions does come up as well, so it is unclear. The Estark like monster is not Estark himself.
  10. Yeah, you can do a much better job of offensive then I can as a Sage with your level 62 Mage. The only thing I had going for me was my high chance at spells going Haywire.
  11. Yeah, if there is going to be ranting, count me out of participating this time.
  12. Are you OK with Baramos staring at your ass? We killed him because of that.
  13. Been a while since I posted, so here is a selection of some of the photos I took over the last 6 months or so. 2.0 Story pictures
  14. I found the controls for Kenshin to be much better than Swords. But it does require calibration, and I found that it was very sensitive to the set up of the room, and the size of the TV. Too much lighting, large screen TV, these things can cause issues.
  15. I switched to IPVanish. I have been using them for a few months now and ot has been much more reliable than Overplay ever was anyway.
  16. Mimas

    Quest help

    Defeat 7 Mera Ghost for a New Years Lotto Ticket. Defeat 2 Baby Nute for a New Years Lotto Ticket. Defeat 3 Tonbrero for a New Years Lotto Ticket. (Orufea West) Defeat 16 Shield Kozou for a New Years Lotto Ticket. Bring a level 40 Super Star for a Lotto Ticket. Bring someone with the title Puchi Celeb Lotto Ticket.
  17. It isn't a new ballet but a revival of the old one. I also don't see myself being in Japan around that time period (Though the snow festival in Hokkaido is probably going on around that time), but I would love to see it. I have a DVD of the ballet, but there is nothing like seeing a show on the stage. I was able to see on of the Sailormoon musicals in Japan once. The experience is definitely worth it if you already have the plane ticket.
  18. Yeah, but it is the first time that real money can affect you in game (unless you count buying plush that give you that plush in game, or the 5 character course allowing you to have extra storage). Reading reactions on 2ch I was able to see Goodwins law works in Japan as well, and got to read the Japanese translation for the "First they came for the..." poem for the first time. Is it a slippery sloop that will lead to money for experience? Maybe so, maybe not.
  19. You don't have to do the quest at the craft shop to be able to purchase items. That is an unrelated quest so that you can make Tears and Sweat Jewels. Since 1.4 you can have other people do alchemy on something that you have bonded to you. You need to have the alchemy tool (pot or lamp) and all the ingredients. You can get pots or lamps that are cheaper and can be used less times that are aimed at people who want to do this (because the crafting item will be bonded to you after you do this, even though it is not your craft). Of course, since alchemy is based heavily on random chance it is
  20. The DQX smartphone app is getting an update that will add in 'gems' that you can purchase with real money (though they also give you a set amount each day). These gems can be redeamed for things like watering you or your frinds gardens to increase rare flowers, or put items up at the baazar, or turn genki dama into lottory tickets. http://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/topics/detail/8fe0093bb30d6f8c31474bd0764e6ac0/
  21. Kei: I am already in a team but if you are up for playing together I can PM my info. Chris: The star is like a Facebook 'like' it has no function other than communicating (OK, it is also used to play tag but don't worry about it yet. Quest 133 you need to take a picture of a Mommon in a tree eating fruit. I am often on server 33, so a lot of us here are using it now, but since you can change servers as soon as you form a party it really is nothing to be concerned about.
  22. You do have it. It is just a rental costume so you don't see it in your equipment. With the equipment menu open press X and you will put it on. As a rental costume it only changes your appearance and not the equipment you have on.
  23. The basic cycle for crafting is as follows: Crafting Tool Smithing -Similar mini game to Weapon Smithing and Armor Smithing. -Create the crafting tools used for all of the other crafts (hammers, pots, jars, etc) -Small set of ingredients compared to other crafts, but less chance for large profits. -The number of stars from the resulting tool (3 max) determines the chance that the tool user will have of a "critical" in their crafting. *Note that crafting tools break after a set number of uses. Weapon Smithing -Similar mini game to Crafting Item Smithing and Armor Smithing. -Creat
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