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  1. What is the issue that you are having with the Wifi dongle? Are you using mHotspot?
  2. I highly suggest you restart the game and change your name to something else. Your current name is the equivalent to ABCDEF and makes you look like a gold farmer. People could try and get you banned for that. Try げんらじあん, or ゲンラジアン, or just simply げん or けん  if those are too hard for you to input.
  3. For Softether you need to still either broadcast your VPN to the WiiU using something like mHotspot (That will only work if your PC is connected via ethernet and has a wifi card) or connecting an ethernet cable to your computer (You will need the USB ethernet connector for the Wii for that) and then bridging the connection.
  4. I have seen support call more monsters but it is not something you can rely on.
  5. Just to make it clear, playing on the Wii meant you would have qualified for the hat and ticket if you had not logged in for the demo (with the same account) during June and most of July. Also, I have seen people mistaken about it in the past, but hearts only drop if the person wearing the hat is under level 50. http://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/topics/detail/44c4c17332cace2124a1a836d9fc4b6f/
  6. Well, the OCR seems to be a bit shakey there. 生きとして生きる者すべては皆神の子。 I am also not a big fan of Google Translate to begin with. The readme links to a existing software that gives dictionary definitions of the words if you want to give that a try. http://jglossator.sourceforge.net/
  7. No it has to be an LL and be in this list http://www.nintendo.co.jp/campaign/3dsLL2014/hardware/index.html . The DQ ones are to old to have the download coupon in them. I don't think you get the Lemon Slime prism that way anyway.
  8. There is a part two I will translate that should help describe the process better. I don't think people tend to grind out better gear like that. Most people buy what they want from the bazaar and call it a day. People tend to aim for improving their accessories, saving up gold, and gathering up lottery tickets during down time. With one account, yeah you can only get 5 characters. For more you would need a second account. Really, I don't think it would be worth it.
  9. Argg I hate hearing my own voice. I also don't think this is my best public performance. First time with Twitch and I found it hard, especially with the lag, to keep up with the whole thing and try to enunciate properly. Well, even if that came to pass, at least we would have one more DQ game in the West then we have now. It is an odd argument to make when the only games coming out now are cellphone ports. We are already not getting any DQ games anymore. Under that logic we should have not gotten DQ Monsters Joker 2 because it failed and now we don't get DQ games. But on the exchang
  10. Yeah, you are off on a few things. I will see if I csn clear it up later.
  11. Well really there is a lot of news that this thread is not covering. You have the spot on it from the Nintendo Direct. http://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=qaRfh9fTXl0 You have the news on the in game extras that you get. http://www.siliconera.com/2014/07/16/dragon-quest-x-3ds-retail-version-includes-slime-segway-cartridge/ And then ghe recent announcement that you can get the game free if you have just bought a 3DS. http://www.siliconera.com/2014/07/17/dragon-quest-x-attack-titan-freebies-3ds-xl-purchase-japan/ I will probably buy this, but with the need for a VPN
  12. I typed my guide out on a cell phone too!
  13. I am translating a guide in another topic for alchemy. When Ashes gets back online she can add to it as she has more experience and comes to it with the perspective of not being fluent in Japanese.
  14. Part 1 This is a translation of the alchemy guide from http://ドラクエ10.jp/dq10_renkin1.html While below it keeps mentioning Vase alchemy (Which I could have and may have elsewhere referred to as pot alchemy or jar alchemy) it should also apply to lamp alchemy. First I will introduce how the alchemy roulette works. ■The number of spaces and their type in a vase. There are four types of spaces: "Great Success [ALCHEMIRACLE]" (Yellow), "Success" (Blue), "Failure" (Black), Purple Parupunte [Chance, Hocus Pocus] (Purple). There are a total of 100 spaces, so o
  15. It was in the RSS feed a few months back. People complained about all the French news. I know France's Japan Expo is larger, but it is still sad that Square Enix does not have a booth at Anime Expo here in America (Though, yeah, Japan Expo has like 4 times the number of attendees).
  16. I can do a tutorial using screenshots from someone's YouTube video, but indeed I do not do alchemy since I am not a fan of high risk high gain. While I only did alchemy up to level 10, I do not think thete is any difference between the two types other than the type of recipie.
  17. Wow, I somehow missed seeing your last few pieces of art here. Never liked those stupid monkeys. DQX makes me like them even less, though at least only Devil Lord's cast megante and the rest don't. Do you have a sample picture of the hero with silver hair? It does look familar but I don't recall where that started from. On the question of how msny fingers monkeys have in DQX, I found a nice picture of Bazuzu that answers the question nicely. http://stat.ameba.jp/user_images/20130608/19/splash54-satoru/e8/9d/j/o0800045112568633295.jpg Really wish you were playing DQX with us beca
  18. OK Concerning Overseas We will have completely different servers for this than Japan. Each country (Each Area) will have their own extra development and management. "We think it is best to provide service that matches each countries culture and preferences. Please do not worry.
  19. Well, if you bought the PC 2.0 disk, you would need to still borrow a WiiU 2.0 disk to install from. You would not need another registration code though. Though they do give you extra goodies for registering multiple versions.
  20. While you need a VPN to play you do not have to install anything to get a VPN running on your PC.
  21. There is nothing wrong with your VPN from what you are saying. That is just the general anti-fishing warning it always pops up. You can press the 1 key I think, or its equivalent to get past it to the game.
  22. Basic Rules: 1) Do rock paper scissors to determine who moves first. Then take turns throwing the dice and moving the slime indicated on the floor One Blue Slime: Move one blue slime One Orange Slime: Move one orange slime One Green Slime: Move one green slime Two blue slimes: Move a blue slime two times Purple Slime and a star: Move a slime of any color onto the star floor. Purple Slime and a circle: Move a slime of any color onto the circle floor. When moving a slime either move the slime from outside the tower onto the tower, or on top of a slime that has already been pla
  23. Well, I took a trip to Internet hell and found something of interest. DQ10Tools Golden Mission This site uses a script to track the progress of the event. Also, from the slime event, here are the profile pictures from the Hiroba that would be displayed for your character when you were a slime.
  24. Looking for source for this post, it seems that the data is incomplete, which suggests to me that Dai was a character that did not make it rather than a character they plan to add. But if they do add him in I will import a Vita and the game. But if he was close enough to making it on the roster that his code is in the game then it gives me hope that he might just make it into a Jump game in the future.
  25. That is for laybrinth runs with metal coins. 自殺 coins are used to commit suicide to reduce the time needed for the run. Coins could be the recent FF bosses, or V-Ron or the like.
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