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  1. Besides the subtitle not being related in any way to DQ7 (but possibly having to do with X - unfortunately we don't know enough about X to be sure), it also makes sense that (if it's a DQ game) that it would be X considering that the placeholder is held under FF11, another Square Enix MMORPG.


    There playing the game here are plenty of us, and it has been out for over three years now. I think anything with mask in it would be a real stretch for the game. It is as applicable to DQ 9 as it is to 10 (not much).


    Haven't heard anyone mention it, but Eidos Shanghai and Square Enix China are credited in the ending credits for the 2.0 expansion (2.4 to be precise). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VijgIoeGVyw#t=19m30sThe link should take you to the relevant portion if you want to avoid spoilers (don't go past 20:30).

  2. You can also add a chest or dresser to your house to get an additional 50 (or was that also increased to 60?)

    At level 28 fame 10 (which you probably have) you can do Quest 216 to get an additional slot in your bank.

    You have already done one bag expansion quest I take it, but there are more for when you reach level 46 fame 15 (Q:174), level 66 fame 40 (Q:237), and level 70 fame 40 (Q:329). Once you have done all of those your bag will be able to hold 60 items. You can also increase your equipment bag with quests 95 and 239.


    You can also pay for more storage by upgrading from a 3 character account to a 5 character account. This will increase how much you pay each month though. You can pay for more then that if you have a Japanese credit card, but with only Wii or WiiU points you can't do any better than that.

  3. Cornmeal is something that snails really love. I highly suggest it. It also happens to be what you feed a snail to cleanse it before you use it as escargot. On that note, you snail is probably a Brown Shell snail, which are an invasive species to California, but beloved by the French for escargot. They were introduced in the 1800's by to the state by a French chief from whence they escaped and then dominated over the environment. It is now rare to see native snails. So if you wanted to cook it up for dinner in a few weeks, you could for some tasty bush meat.

  4. It is the reflection of the sword that the system uses to figure out it's position. There is no batteries for the sword. While the angle would be wrong you could theoretically use a roll of aluminum foil in it's place. Because of that though the game does not do well in rooms with a lot of natural sunlight. Try at night and see if that helps. Also turning off any lamp that might be shining on the screen.

  5. Japanese time Saturday night. With the new Big Golden Treasure added to pyramid room 7 as well as the new room 8 I wanted to at least do room 7. One of my friends was of the same opinion but everyone else was either already doing the pyramid, or calling it a night. So we decided that we would just get random people to join us for it. We were able to clear room 7 with them without too much hassle (4 fragments), so we decided that we would give room 8 a try as well. We got two different people to join us, but used the same formation as room 7: 2 priests, 2 mages. We made it to the pharaohs, but the "Wife's" Golden Shower technique along with us turning into pyramids eventually led to our defeat. But from the first attempt we learned what worked and what did not and were able to defeat them the second time (5 fragments). Sure took a long time (and a number of Sage's Elixirs and the like). Definitely was worth it though.


    This week, I also attempted and defeated the Three Demons for the first time.



    It was certainly an extremely hard fight. I was the priest but felt a little like a failure since our main technique was for me to focus on healing, while everyone else used leaves to revive fallen comrades. Worst was when they had to use them to resurrect me ^_^;

    We came close to wiping out, but my special was activated at that time and I was able to survive the time that it took to resurrect the rest of my companions. Once again, the reward was a fragment. My choker only has one plus 5 power anyway, so I am not in a hurry.

  6. In this game (as well as DQ9), it seems to be used in instances like "ツメの申し子." Looking into it, that particular title was translated as "Nail Technician" in DQ9. While I'm not particularly happy with that specific rendering, I think something along those lines is the way to go. Clearly the meaning here is someone who's looking really promising with their proficiency. Stuff like that usually takes me a while to figure out a good translation for.

    Well, the accolades is a whole other kettle of fish. While we could use the DQ9 translation, I am not sure this is one of the places where sticking to the official translation is the best idea. I don't really see the benefit in following DQ9 in calling Darhma temple "Alltrades Abby" either. But it is certainly not something that I think is worth getting hanged up on.

    I was actually referring to the offline story though, where the hero is カメさまの申し子. In this case, I suspect that Kame-sama is also a joke off of Kami-sama, and a good writer might be able to come up with a clever translation for that as well. Left to my own devices I would probably just go for the simple "Lord Turtle". Back to the 申し子 for the hero though, I struggled with the appropriate translation. Storywise, I do think "heaven sent" is the more appropriate meaning in this case, but it never sounded "right" to me. I don't think something like "The gift from Lord Turtle" really does an appropriate job of translating the phrase.



    Example picture

  7. While it was not translating the text really, when I was translating the official website (not the Hiroba one) I was never able to come up with a translation I liked for 申し子. I guess I could probably come up with a better translation now that the game is out and I know the story better. Will be interested to see Aeana's choosen translation.

  8. Well the reason why I call them kill quests is just because it fits into the chat in-game.  Subjugation is closer to the actual meaning of è¨Žä¼. Quelling might also work.  


    Quelling is not a bad translation, but yeah, it might not work as well in chat.


    How about hunt quests? They have something similar in FF14 (defeat X monsters on Y map) and it's called the same thing.


    Looking that up, yeah, the Japanese term for those also seems to be 討伐 so, yeah, while it would not be an official DQ translation, it would be an official Square Enix translation.

  9. We need to come up with a better translation for these types of tests.

    They are commonly called 討伐 which would be suppresion.

    I don't really think that makes for a smooth translation. While it might be literal, it loses some of the conotation of the Japanese. I don't like "kill quest" especially since Horii has mentioned before in interviews that he is glad that he uses the term "defeat" rather than "kill" for monsters.

    Elimination Quest is closer to the meaning in Japanese, but it doesn't sound right to me either.

    If we look at something similar in real life we could call them Culling Quests.

    What does everyone think? Is there a similar type of quest in other MMORPGs whose term we should steal?

  10. @Mimas: Wow, that differs a lot from my idea. I trust in your experience and will go your route! Thank you very much! :)


    EDIT: If my lists are correct, there is no 40% Trip Guard. All I could go for is 30%, 60% or 90%. What do you think? Should I combine 30% and 90% to be on the safe side?

    Yeah, sorry, I also made a copy paste error. The boots you want for things like Atlas that trip you. I am not as attached to my idea of curse protection on the top, you could easily do spell protection or something. But if you go to the piramid curse is a nice one to have. Instant Death is not bad for Bazuzu though as well. Really, for the top you can go many ways. For the head, HP is better than MP. MP you can get better results for less money by buying magic water.

  11. My suggestion:



    Slot 1: 最大HP+7 (Maximum HP+7)

    Slot 2: 最大HP+7 (Maximum HP+7)

    Slot 3: 最大HP+7 (Maximum HP+7)


    Upper body:

    Slot 1: 呪いガード+60% (Curse)

    Slot 2: 呪いガード+40% (Curse)

    Slot 3: 守備力+6 (Defense +6)



    Slot 1: 転びガード+60% (Trip Guard)

    Slot 2: 転びガード+60%

    Slot 3: 身かわし率+1.4%


    マヒガード+60% (60% protection against... Mahigado? What's that?)

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  12. Now, you can ignore me because this is partially coming from the position of a stupid purist, but I am a little concerned about using all the English names for things since it makes the vocabulary harder for Japanese players playing with the English players. When a Japanese player asks for Baishion to get cast on them, (OK, that is a bad choice since it does not even have an official English translation), an English player would not know which spell was asked for. For spells, if you are translating the descriptions I would be tempted to say to leave them in Japanese but translate the description providing the English name. Or have the Japanese name in the description.


    I would also like to apologize here for naming 討伐 gate quests. I could not think of a good name on the spot and just called them that since you get them from the guy near the gate. It sadly stuck. Even worse is I never came up with a better name.

  13. If you could add a save feature that would be really nice for keeping logs.


    As far as people talking about cutting and pasting, I would assume that this program only reads from memory so while people can cut and paste from chat, they still can't paste into chat.


    I looked into Atlas and it seems it costs around $80 so I don't think many people would be in a rush to use it. I was thinking something using EDICT would be good if it existed, but that won't attempt to parse sentences into English. But while looking into that I came accross a piece of software that claims to be able to use Atlas or Google Translate to translate games. I don't know if it would work for DQX as it intercepts the System calls to display grab the text to be translated. It also can read from a specified point in memory. The software was called ChiiTrans. As you can see from the sample translations though you wil notice that the quality of even the translations from Atlas are quite bad. For the chat program (or if you also know the memory location of normal text that as well) I think that feeding the text into the program JGloss might be the better alternative. While it just provides dicionary lookup for the words and little gramatical help, I think it will still make more sense then the automatic translations while also showing the Japanese with glossing so that people can learn words to commuincate with Japanese players.

  14. If the computer recognizes both connections then I don't recall anything else in particular that needed to be done. With no VPN connected can you bridge the Wifi to the WiiU's Ethernet?


    I just recalled another way you can connect to the game. If you have a Smart Phone you can connect to the vpn (I can look up the guide on the Softether site if you can't find it yourself) and then create a mobile hotspot for your WiiU to connect to

  15. I highly suggest you restart the game and change your name to something else. Your current name is the equivalent to ABCDEF and makes you look like a gold farmer. People could try and get you banned for that.


    げんらじあん, or ゲンラジアン, or just simply げん or けん  if those are too hard for you to input.

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