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  1. Sorry to take so long to add to this, but my thought is that we use the Den IRC chat. http://www.woodus.com/den/site/irc_chat.php Channel: #SKchat Servers: Dalnet, Efnet, Esper, Rizon There are all sorts of IRC apps for phones out there as well, so you can choose one that works on your phone and had features that will give you an alarm if someone writes something or the like.
  2. The Toshiba site shows a different model as being recommended for the game. http://www.toshiba.co.jp/p-media/usb/tnuw_spec_j.htm Links to supported USB are here http://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/public/playguide/guide_1_2
  3. Well it is sold out there anyway so you are going to have to get it from somewhere else no matter what. This looks like it on Yahoo Auctions http://page16.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/u79627328 No mention though to confirm that it has the possible legs. You will also have to use a deputy service for this as well. I have used Celga in the past with no issue.http://celga.com/
  4. You will want アルマス (arumasu)
  5. They are working to add Windows 10 as one of the required operating systems you can play the game on. They will post something about it in the future when more is known.
  6. I bought my expensive paladin equipment (though when I get more of a hang of it I will buy a new top and big shield) so if you do not mind a lack of experience I can now do paladin for Gracos and Baramos. I am willing to give metal bosses a run but I think I would want normal metal coins tossed in despite the extra time since I still have training to finish.
  7. Dark and Light are the only ones to get 2 stones it seems. My team made a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxGXvqwKme8
  8. I think it only counts for how long it was since you logged in, so if that amount was 60 days you could still pass.
  9. Yep, if you have not played for 60 days then you can also join in the campaign and get the Metal labyrinth Pair Tickets.For coming back you also get the coffin, some normal metal labyrinth tickets and 10 free days as well automatically.
  10. Did you have a different controller before? The above is the log in screen. Lower left button is for registering a character to the software so you don't login as guest.
  11. I have almost all the monsters now, if you want a video of the book I can make it for you. You might want to wait a little longer for 3.0 to come out though since more monsters will come out then.
  12. http://store.jp.square-enix.com/item/SEDL_1027.html I doubt you can download it early though.
  13. Your account is registered to the game, but the application still needs you to register to it as well for you to play offline. As I said, you need to click on the button on the lower left to register your account to the program. You do this each time you install the game on a new computer. It has no relationship to Square Enix. Then the blue offline button will be available. Offline is also saved on the computer itself, so if you change computers you will end up starting from the beginning in offline as well.
  14. Adorable. Have you been having people steal your pictures or something? I don't recall you having a link written in your pictures before,
  15. To play offline you need to register your account to the game. Click on the button on the lower left to register your account.
  16. Jump leak! Dancer skills will be Song, Dance, Stick, Knife, Fan. The quest to become one will be given at Shishimon (Lion's Gate).
  17. I was looking at the suggestion box on y the Hiroba and someone suggested opening the servers to areas outside of Japan. http://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/forum/prethread/297564/?type=0Yellow are the number of people for the suggestion. Green is neutral. Blue is opposed. Not surprisingly there does not seem to be much support for the idea.
  18. Oh, I thought that you were managing the translation and the style. That's too bad. I think that the favoring of the Dragon Warrior spell names is just a testament to the power that Nintendo Power had in creating the Dragon Quest fanbase in America. It is amazing how many people got into the series from the subscription prize. I have mentioned to Dwaine in the past that it mirrors the large effect that Shonen Jump had and continues to have over the Japanese fanbase. I wonder if Nintendo Power had the mainstream appeal and market of Shonen Jump then Dragon Quest could have taken off to be as large as it is here as it is there. Though on this translation itself, when we asked last time I remember the general consensus just being that people would be happy to have a translation and did not care one way or the other on the style. (If I were in control it would all be romanized Japanese spells , then we could fight over if it should be Rula, Lula, Lura, Ruler. My preference on the first.)
  19. I am disappointed in you Saro. You should know that dungeons and dragons is a clone of Lord of the Rings and that Lord of the Rings is then the clone of Beowulf. Furthermore, while there is some debate on it, at least Tolkien seemed to feel that Beowulf was a clone of pagan mythology and not Christianity. Now as far as the ancient alien forefathers thing goes, their stories were obviously clones from Star Wars.
  20. The first one contains a store promotion extra. It could be something like a photo or a poster. It is and extra that is unrelated to the first press extras that come with both versions.
  21. For me the 15% survival is better than the 9HP you could aim for. I would think that the extra 15% (Total then being 25% of the time) surviving a hit that would have killed you is more likely to occur than having been able to survive if you had 9 more HP. http://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/game/item/45251f5bbb05b60ca6ee21fe5ebf5768513ce2bc/
  22. The person who does the finishing blow has to be cursed. It can be anyone in your party not just you though.
  23. Streetpass allows you to do a double pass with someone (pass them in real life and then pass them in the game). You then get a double streetpass point, which the Concierge will redeem into little prizes (like say a goldstone) similar to how mini medals would give you rewards in other DQ games (unlike the mini metal store style the mini medals are this game). With the super tool update now though, you can also exchange postcards using pictures you have taken in game.
  24. There playing the game here are plenty of us, and it has been out for over three years now. I think anything with mask in it would be a real stretch for the game. It is as applicable to DQ 9 as it is to 10 (not much). Haven't heard anyone mention it, but Eidos Shanghai and Square Enix China are credited in the ending credits for the 2.0 expansion (2.4 to be precise). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VijgIoeGVyw#t=19m30sThe link should take you to the relevant portion if you want to avoid spoilers (don't go past 20:30).
  25. You can also add a chest or dresser to your house to get an additional 50 (or was that also increased to 60?) At level 28 fame 10 (which you probably have) you can do Quest 216 to get an additional slot in your bank. You have already done one bag expansion quest I take it, but there are more for when you reach level 46 fame 15 (Q:174), level 66 fame 40 (Q:237), and level 70 fame 40 (Q:329). Once you have done all of those your bag will be able to hold 60 items. You can also increase your equipment bag with quests 95 and 239. You can also pay for more storage by upgrading from a 3 character account to a 5 character account. This will increase how much you pay each month though. You can pay for more then that if you have a Japanese credit card, but with only Wii or WiiU points you can't do any better than that.
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