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  1. That is the problem with writing from my phone. I will fix it when I get home. The 4 win prize appears to be rental tickets for the costumes so I don't think we get to keep them this year. It also sounds much better than I was worried about. I think it will be fun. Go Sweet Team!
  2. Sweet Team Costume (Sweet Knight) Spicy Team Costume. (Capsicum Knight) Rewards 10pts 10 Lotto tickets 20pts 10 mini metals 30pts Fortune Box 40pts Casino Play Ticket 50pts Pumpkin Lantern (umbrella type equipment) Team Win Prizes First team to defeat 2 million of target monster is considered the winner. Wins| Sweet Team | Spicy Team 1 Win | 1 The Cat Coin | 1 The Bones Coin 2 Wins| 3 Casino Play Tickets | 3 Courage Prism Exchange 3 Wins| 1 Gold Slime Coin | 1 Metal King Coin 4 Wins| 3 Sweet Demon Costume Tickets| 3 Spicy Demon Tickets 5 Wins| Sweets Board Prism | Hell Board Prism Sweets Board Hell Board
  3. Instead of a quest for Halloween this year they are having a competitive giant hint challenge. You will pick a side between sweet and spicy and you will be given a costume that will cause monsters that are targets of the hunt to drop event items. You get individual rewards for turning in the drops but the team that defeats the most monsters will determine which prize everyone gets.
  4. To be precise it is saying it can't verify your identity for the credit card to be used. It possible that it is due to the address. Is there a way to have the billing address your real address and the shipping a Japanese address?
  5. It says The Square Enix account you have entered already has a registration code entered for it. Please go back to the title menu and choose 'register a preexisting account' (すでに遊んでいるアカウントを登録する) so that you can continue your adventure.
  6. For Tenso you put in your real address that matches up with your credit card. The site is aimed at people outside of Japan so there is no problem with you being a foreigner.
  7. Hey Cran, I got dumped so I will wait for you before starting the story and we can progress together until we catch up with Ayumira. I can translate as we go along. As long as I am writing here. Got two 5's in a row yesterday on my Serket broach so now that is done. Then I got a critical on my Baramos necklace that I made from fragments, finishing that up as well. 2 puchi 108 normal 8 Strong
  8. て form http://japanese.about.com/od/grammarlessons/a/031101c.htm も http://thejapanesepage.com/grammar/chapter_two/also_mo Youkai Watch: Hello! Today once again I am delivering Youkai Watch news to you! Today is the day you can get a Youkai Gacha coin over the Internet! It is a chance to become friends with that rare monster! Let's make sure to download it!
  9. You need to assign you login to the game. See this thread. http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=31799&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1
  10. Happy Birthday! Hope you are enjoying the day with a Sugiyama CD! And Democrobat, you really need to take a Sexual Education class, that is not how these things work
  11. This is a translation of the Fairy Library Quest.This translation should be able to help you through the puzzles of the quest without spoiling any of the fun of figuring out the puzzles yourself. The guide provides nothing other than the translation of the Japanese that occurs when you take various actions. I believe that there are no level or any other kind of restrictions needed to accept the quest. The quest can be accepted by going into the well in the west part of Megisutoris [メギストリス]. The translation begins after you have already examined the sparkly book in the libary. Quest 1 Start of quest After puzzle is solved After cut-scene After cut scene After battle has ended. After battle After battle After battle After puzzle After battle
  12. 白波の衣 Robe of the white tipped waves. Translation prediction: Hakusai Robe
  13. Have you tried turning off your firewall? Does the config manager run?
  14. Have you tried right clicking on it and choosing "Run as administrator"?
  15. Keeping this short since I am on my cellphone. PS4 version looks nice but without cell shading it's not really my style. The same goes with Heroes but it looks strangely reminiscent of claymation. I prefer things looking a bit more vibrant as well. Maybe that was part of the issue but the monsters and their movements seemed to pale in comparison to DQX as well. I have a 'high definition' DQ game in DQX so I don't have the lust that others might have. I really like the look of the hero (though I like being able to choose female at least). It's a new style that looks nothing like any previous heros. 3DS felt like the definitive version to me. That the PS4 version was made with Western tastes in mind, while the 3DS version was aimed at long time Japanese fans.
  16. Future news might change my plans but I think I will play the 3DS version and consider after the NX version information comes out what I will do about a HD version. 3DS version seems like such a fan service version.
  17. Is this the first game ever announced for the NX?
  18. I am thinking I will hang out in the IRC chat for the announcement. http://www.woodus.com/den/site/irc_chat.php It will be easier to write on the fly there.
  19. Thanks Tiael that would be it. Hard to pay good pics via cellphone. The positioning of the number in the title instead of below is also referenced. The rumor mill has some interesting ideas floating around now. While there are still a lot of people in the PS4 camp there is an idea that the new game could be WiiU and 3DS with monster Amibo's. Though that could just be true only for the scanner game.
  20. http://static.naver.jp/matome_sp/img/matome9/bg_feedImg.png Leading to speculation that this could be a return to the Roto series.
  21. Tanabata Firework event. Ashes and Cranberry came and crashed.
  22. Seems to be bug fixes. http://www.dragonquest.jp/dq7/popup/2013_0424.php
  23. No, it is referring to the fact that Iwata headed up the localization of "Dragon Warrior" on the NES back when he was working at HAL. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ds/interview/ydqj/vol1/index.html
  24. Buy all the parts of the pink momon ship. Do the item exchange 8 times.
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