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    Sweet Team Costume (Sweet Knight)



    Spicy Team Costume. (Capsicum Knight)



    10pts 10 Lotto tickets

    20pts 10 mini metals

    30pts Fortune Box

    40pts Casino Play Ticket

    50pts Pumpkin Lantern (umbrella type equipment)


    Team Win Prizes

    First team to defeat 2 million of target monster is considered the winner.


    Wins| Sweet Team | Spicy Team

    1 Win | 1 The Cat Coin | 1 The Bones Coin

    2 Wins| 3 Casino Play Tickets | 3 Courage Prism Exchange

    3 Wins| 1 Gold Slime Coin | 1 Metal King Coin

    4 Wins| 3 Sweet Demon Costume Tickets| 3 Spicy Demon Tickets

    5 Wins| Sweets Board Prism | Hell Board Prism


    Sweets Board


    Hell Board

  2. Instead of a quest for Halloween this year they are having a competitive giant hint challenge. You will pick a side between sweet and spicy and you will be given a costume that will cause monsters that are targets of the hunt to drop event items. You get individual rewards for turning in the drops but the team that defeats the most monsters will determine which prize everyone gets.

  3. To be precise it is saying it can't verify your identity for the credit card to be used. It possible that it is due to the address. Is there a way to have the billing address your real address and the shipping a Japanese address?

  4. It says

    The Square Enix account you have entered already has a registration code entered for it. Please go back to the title menu and choose 'register a preexisting account' (すでに遊んでいるアカウントを登録する) so that you can continue your adventure.

  5. Hey Cran, I got dumped so I will wait for you before starting the story and we can progress together until we catch up with Ayumira. I can translate as we go along.


    As long as I am writing here. Got two 5's in a row yesterday on my Serket broach so now that is done. Then I got a critical on my Baramos necklace that I made from fragments, finishing that up as well.


    2 puchi

    108 normal

    8 Strong

  6. This is a translation of the Fairy Library Quest.This translation should be able to help you through the puzzles of the quest without spoiling any of the fun of figuring out the puzzles yourself. The guide provides nothing other than the translation of the Japanese that occurs when you take various actions. I believe that there are no level or any other kind of restrictions needed to accept the quest. The quest can be accepted by going into the well in the west part of Megisutoris [メギストリス]. The translation begins after you have already examined the sparkly book in the libary.


    Quest 1


    Start of quest

    "....Thank you for leading me up till now. I am sure today will be a good day!"
    "To think the legendary temple of night would be hidden in a place like this!"
    "It might be a little hard for my first adventure but...."
    "I, the treasure hunter Rin will start my legendary adventure by taking your treasure."
    "When this journey ends I am sure I will know the reason for my birth...."
    "Wha...What is with you...really!
    "I, it's not my weight that caused that..."

    Rin: "(Hm...? Right away I have found an alter with suspicious statues. It looks like there is some trick to them. First I need to find some hint on how to get it. I should write them in the Tower of Night*Explore Notes that I prepared for today).

    Rin put the Temple of Night*Exploration Notes (Important Item) by her waist.

    Using Temple of Night*Exploration Notes
    -Rin's Diary
    It has been half a year since I started searching for the Temple of Night... When I asked around at the bar of Arahagiro an old man had an interesting thing to say. In the North West of Arahagiro, deep in the words there is a giant hidden temple that has been forgotten by time. Oh, I have finally found it! I must go to that temple. After all, I think that destiny is calling me. But that old man had to bother.... to also tell me that evil spirits are rumored to show up in that shrine! My teacher at the orphanage when I was young told me a lie that my parents had been taken by evil ghosts...and ever since then the only thing I can't stand is ghosts. But with the mysterious power of my knife I will gracefully destroy any ghost.....

    "Pick up the words, and gather them together to call for the night. If you do that the door of miracles will open"
    Rin: "(This is written in really old glyphs. I can barely manage to read it using a dictionary.... Ummm, pick up words... gather? What does it mean?)"

    Purple Statue 
    The priestess of Twilight, Rana [ラナ]
    Rin: "(Rana.... That name is interesting.)"

    Orange Statue
    The priestess of Day Break, Ru-ta [ルータ]
    Rin: "(Ru-ta.... That name is somehow unsettling.)"

    Tablet to the north
    Ancient letters are inscribed on the tablet.
    The night start with twilight and ends in day break.
    The two goddesses who foretell of beginnings and endings still look after the horizon.
    At the tallest point at the center of the temple, if you voice the name of the two goddesses in succession then the sun will disappear and the moon will be invited.
    Rin: "(Voice......? In any case, I will memo this into Temple of Night*Exploration Notes!)"
    Rin wrote the section "How to call the night" in the Temple of Night*Exploration Notes

    Tablet to the south (bottom of the stairs).
    Ancient letters are inscribed on the tablet.
    We respect the moon and love the night, and have lived in the shadows of history. We leave a guide to miracles here.
    Rin: "(They like the night, same as me.)"

    The door is sealed shut. On the surface words are carved.
    When the night has come, the door will open.

    After puzzle is solved

    Upon reciting the words, night fell upon Rin.

    Rin: "This must be the entrance to the Temple of Night. What a strange door....."

    "What are you doing there?"

    Rin: "Ahh!!"

    "You shouldn't touch that door. If you value your life."

    Rin "....Wha, what is with you! I thought you were a ghost yelling at me all of a sudden like that!"

    "Evil spirits are said to be housed here, so nobody dares get close. This is not a place for a young girl like you."

    Rin: "It is rude of you to talk to a lady like she is some little girl!"
    Rin: "I am the treasure hunter Rin. I accept danger for the chance to obtain treasure.

    Rin: "That's right....If it means that I can obtain the treasure laid to rest here!"


    Rin: "Kyaaa!!"

    "....This kid is a handful"

    Rin: "Oww.. where is this...?"

    "Inside the monument. It seems we fell from quite a height. ...Do you have any injuries?"

    Rin: "Th, this was a cinch!"

    "Glad you are well."
    "It is probably impossible to climb up from here so we should search for a different exit."

    Rin: "...You aren't mad even though I got you involved in this. You also seem to know a lot about the Temple of Night. Who are you....?"

    "I came to investigate this temple but, I was worried when I saw you."
    "....My name is Raul. Nice to meet you little miss fearless?"

    Rin: "Stop treating my like a kid! My name is Rin, not little miss."
    Rin: "Well if that is the case it can't be helped. I will help you find the exit. Lets get going!"

    Rin: "Ah...! Could this be someone who was unable to get out of the temple....?"

    Raul: "........."

    Rin: "What's wrong....?"

    Raul: "Nothing. Let's go."

    Rin: "(I would love to explore this temple more but... I need to find the exit first. I wonder what we need to do to get out of here....?)"

    After cut-scene

    Examine the corpse
    There is no response. It appears to be a dead body."
    Rin: "(I wonder if we will end up like this if we don't get out..."

    Rin's spell list
    Behoimi [ベホイミ] Heals one comrade for about 80 HP
    Rariho- [ラリホー] Puts an enemy to sleep
    Rin's skill list
    Amethist Break [アメジストブレイク] Attacks one monster with purple
    Emerald Burst [エメラルドバースト] Attacks one monster with green
    Saphire Hunt [サファイアハント] Attacks one monster with blue
    Dark Night Edge [ダークナイトエッジ] Increased power against sleeping enemies. A dark based attack.
    Take Trap [いただきトラップ] Steals an enemies magic circle or bomb.
    Moon Crash [ムーンクラッシュ] Attacks one enemy and stuns them

    Examine the door
    Rin: "This mural looks really old.... What is being drawn here I wonder?"
    Raul: ".....We spread apart the 12 moons."
    Raul: "When two people have made an oath, go upon different path, have assembled the four moon, at that time the path of miracles will open.
    Rin: "Wha...!? You can read ancient writings without a dictionary?!"
    Raul: "Yeah. Just miscellaneous knowledge. More importantly, this phrase seems to be the key to some sort of mystery."
    Rin: "Which mean... It must be a hint to the treasure hidden away in their temple (heart)"
    Rin: "The two who separate and assemble the four moons...huh."
    Rin: "See, the doors on either side of the room? Maybe if we split up and go through them, the door will open?
    Raul: "I see.... But it says to two who have made an oath, what oath should we make?"
    Rin: "Th, that doesn't require a deep meaning! An oath like we will meet up again after we solve the puzzle is good enough."
    Rin: "....Come on, lets make the oath."
    Raul: "Understood. I make an oath here that I will definitely meet you again.... don't do anything absurd."
    Rin: "Hmph, don't treat me like a child!"
    Rin: "It won't open?"
    Raul: "If there is a meaning to different paths, maybe we should try pushing on the two doors at the same time?"
    Rin: "Sounds good, lets do it (heart)
    Rin: "Together now"

    The tightly closed door opened easily when the two pressed at the same time!
    The two progressed separately into the doors that had opened before them...

    Rin: "(The ancient writing that Raul read....It said at the time that the 4 moons are gathered together, but what does that mean?)"
    Rin wrote the section "The path of miracles" in the Temple of Night*Exploration Notes from Raul's translation of the mural.

    After cut scene

    Touch the door behind you
    The door is closed shut.
    Rin: "(I can't go back... Fine! Let's just keep progressing!)"

    Panel on the floor
    There is a tablet on the floor with old writing carved into it.
    The four moons are protected by crafty guardians. They are bathed in their soul colors. They will hinder the challengers who lack wisdom.
    If you want to obtain the moon, do not forget wisdom and exploration even in battle.
    Rin: "(Guardians...? Soul colors....? I have a bad feeling about this.)"

    Examine the door at the end of the room
    The door is shut tight
    Rin: "(I wonder how this door opens?)"

    Examine the pedestal with the moon
    It is surrounded by a suspicious aural. There is a statue with the form of a moon. Touch the statue?

    After battle has ended.

    Touch the moon again
    There is a mysterious statue in the shape of the moon. Take it?

    Rin obtained the First Moon Statue (Important item)

    Somewhere far away the sound of a door opening could be heard!
    Rin: "(The sound just now.... It came from where Raul is.)"

    Using the First Moon Statue
    Carved... on the first moon statue. The Temple... of Night...made by...People of the Night....from ancient times... lived here.

    Examine the mirror
    Rin looked into the ancient mirror. She felt that she could barely see the form of Raul on the other side.
    Touch the mirror?

    Raul's spell list
    Behoimi [ベホイミ] Heals one comrade for about 80 HP
    Zaoriku [ザオリク] Resurrects a companion

    Raul's Skills
    Crimson Fire Cut [紅炎断ち] A red slash that attacks one enemy
    Rising Sun [ライジングサン] Saves up three times worth of power
    Heaven's Light Destruction Cut[天光破斬] Cuts a single enemy with full power and large damage

    Tablet in the center of the room
    Raul read the words written on the tablet.

    The two who have made an oath are of one body and soul. When one has obtained the statue of the moon the other will gain a path to progress
    Raul: "(Statue of the moon, huh... This is what they meant by the moons spread apart.)"

    Examine the ball in the room
    There is a stone sphere blocking your path

    Examine the pedestal with the moon
    It is surrounded by a suspicious aural. There is a statue with the form of a moon. Touch the statue?

    After battle

    Touch the moon again
    There is a mysterious statue in the shape of the moon. Take it?

    Raul obtained the Second Moon Statue (Important item)

    Far off there was the sound of a door opening
    Raul: "(The sphere rock in the middle of the room started to shine. I should see if I can do something about that interfering rock.

    Using the Second Moon Statue
    We write... on the Second Moon Statue
    While the...People...of Night... are few...they stick together...strongly....With their unique ceremonies... and rituals...They have a...rich...culture.

    Examine the ball in the room
    Words have formed on the spherical stone!
    When both twilight and daybreak visit at the same time then the path of the giant stone will open. Make the direction that the sun rises gold and the direction the sun sets madder red.
    Raul: "(The direction that the sun rises and the direction it sets.... I guess I should open my map and check the directions.)"

    Examine the sign with pictures.
    There are mysterious designs on the wall.
    Raul: "(This design appears to be some sort of hint.)"

    Examine the mirror
    Raul looked into the ancient mirror. He felt that he could barely see the form of Rin on the other side.
    Touch the mirror?

    Examine the depression in the middle of the room
    Rin: "(A depression...? I wonder what it is...)"

    Examine the pedestal with the moon
    It is surrounded by a suspicious aural. There is a statue with the form of a moon. Touch the statue?

    After battle

    Touch the moon again
    There is a mysterious statue in the shape of the moon. Take it?

    Rin obtained the Third Moon Statue (Important item)
    Rin: "(That sound came from Raul's direction again.)"

    Using the Third Moon Statue
    We write... on the Third Moon Statue
    The People of the Night...The Kingdom was ruled... by the...King
    The family of...the King..protect...the treasure passed down...through the Kingdom

    Rin: "...So you are OK."
    Raul: "I made an oath that I would see you again after all."
    Raul: "...You look fine as well. You must be pretty proficient."
    Rin: "Hm Hmmm, you finally get the picture!"
    Raul: "It said...The path of miracles will open when the four moons are assembled."
    Rin: "......."
    Raul: "Maybe something will happen after we obtain this fourth statue."
    Rin: "That's right, lets go at full throttle (heart)

    After battle

    Touch the moon again
    There is a mysterious statue in the shape of the moon. Take it?
    Rin obtained the Third Moon Statue (Important item)
    From deep within the temple there was the echo of sound of something moving!
    Rin: "That sound came from the north of this room. After I finish exploring this room I should check it out.)"

    Using the Third Moon Statue
    We write... on the Forth Moon Statue
    The secret...that the People of the Night take pride in...is called the remains of..Jya.....Ra...It is stored...deep....Temple.....of Night.

    Tablet in the middle of the room
    The tablet on the wall is written in newer looking words then the others nearby.
    Raul: ...Oh. This looks like words from a slightly more recent age. I will read it so listen carefully."
    One a single man ruled over the kingdom. There were five things of great importance that happened in his life. The night sky on those days had a moon that reflected the day.
    Of the five nights, there was a new moon once. A crescent moon two times, and a full moon rose two times. Upon the tablets here are inscribed the life of that man of great sin.
    Rin: "(Don't need a dictionary with Raul around. I will memo this shady sounding words.)"
    Rin wrote the information down in the section "The moons relation with a certain man" in the Temple of Night*Exploration Notes.

    Tablet on the ground
    The man took the crown and became ruler of the country. It was a small country but he became the hope of the proud people. That night in the sky was...
    The continuation has faded and cannot be read!
    Rin: "(I was unable to read one part.. but I will memo this!)"
    Rin wrote the information down in the section "The Life of a man" in the Temple of Night*Exploration Notes.

    Tablet on the ground
    The man cried after being born surrounded by the blessings of many. That night in the sky there was a crescent moon rising.
    Rin: "(Cried after being born...I will memo this!)"
    Rin wrote the information down in the section "The Life of a man" in the Temple of Night*Exploration Notes.

    Tablet on the ground
    The man held a young child in his arms. It was his daughter whom he loved, the apple of his eye. The same moon that rose on the day of the man's birth rose in the sky.
    Rin: "(His dear daughter... huh. I will memo this)"
    Rin wrote the information down in the section "The Life of a man" in the Temple of Night*Exploration Notes.

    Tablet on the ground
    The man hunt a beast for the first time for his Coming of Age Ceremony. The boiling blood ran down his whole body. That night a full moon rose.
    Rin: "(Coming of Age Ceremony... huh. I will memo this as well)"
    Rin wrote the information down in the section "The Life of a man" in the Temple of Night*Exploration Notes.

    Tablet on the ground
    The man had his daughter and his people on either side of a scale, and he chose one. In one night the kingdom was destroyed. That night the sky was closed in by darkness.
    Rin: "(Destroyed....? I will memo this!)"
    Rin wrote the information down in the section "The Life of a man" in the Temple of Night*Exploration Notes.

    After puzzle

    With the moons pictured aligned the mural began to move!
    Rin: "Look, look! The mural moved and a path has formed (heart)
    Raul: It looks like your reading was right. Let's not let our guard down as we continue onwards.
    Rin: ".....A vase?"

    Rin: "Upyaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ghossssst!!"
    Raul: "You are scared of ghosts?"
    Rin: "N,n,n no way...."

    "Must not...must not...."
    "I will let no one past me!!"
    Rin: "Stay away from me!!!"

    After battle

    "Must not...must not..."
    "Ahh...Must history repeat itself...."
    Rin: "Phew....Don't surprise me like that."
    Raul: "That knife is...?"
    Rin: "This is the knife that guides me (heart)"
    Rin: "You might not believe me, but.... Like a mirage on occasion the blade of this knife shows the Temple of Night reflected."
    Rin: "since the knife has been with me the whole time since I was born.... I have always thought it was some sort of guide."
    Rin: "....You are interested in this knife?"
    Raul: "No...It is a good knife."
    Rin: "S, Something just started flashing..."
    "I am the magic hat Mahosshi!"
    Raul: ".....!?"
    Rin: "Th, the hat talks!"
    Mahosshi: "You are two are my new masters!"
    Mahosshi: "I am the guide to the treasure! I will take you to the monument of Jyaira!"
    Rin: "This is amazing! It seems this kid will take us to the treasure of the Temple of Night (heart)"
    Raul: "That is something useful.... But as a guide can you first tell us how to get out of here?"
    Mahosshi: "Sure! Leave it to me!"
    Raul: "..................................."
    Rin: "To think it is the guide to the treasure...."
    Rin: "It is soo exciting!"
    Raul: "You are an interesting person....Rin."
    Raul: "I am beginning to think I want to see the treasure sleeping in this monument with my own eyse as well."
    Rin: "Wait there! Your not allowed to go on ahead alone!"

    That was a meeting of fate that should never have happened.....


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  7. Keeping this short since I am on my cellphone.

    PS4 version looks nice but without cell shading it's not really my style. The same goes with Heroes but it looks strangely reminiscent of claymation. I prefer things looking a bit more vibrant as well. Maybe that was part of the issue but the monsters and their movements seemed to pale in comparison to DQX as well. I have a 'high definition' DQ game in DQX so I don't have the lust that others might have.


    I really like the look of the hero (though I like being able to choose female at least). It's a new style that looks nothing like any previous heros.


    3DS felt like the definitive version to me. That the PS4 version was made with Western tastes in mind, while the 3DS version was aimed at long time Japanese fans.

  8. Thanks Tiael that would be it. Hard to pay good pics via cellphone. The positioning of the number in the title instead of below is also referenced.


    The rumor mill has some interesting ideas floating around now. While there are still a lot of people in the PS4 camp there is an idea that the new game could be WiiU and 3DS with monster Amibo's. Though that could just be true only for the scanner game.

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