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  1. I want one of those slime tower cups. Cant seem to find any for sale anywhere.

    http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n180317413 Fornow I think you will only find them on Yahoo Auctions and you will need to pay a middle man for it (In the past I have used Celga).


    I'm going later this month for the same stuff, yay! I love that you saw the first performance -- I have tickets for the last one! 8D I'm thinking I may just go to the arena the first day it's there to buy merchandise, since it seems to be selling out fast. That said, maybe after Saitama they learned to have more stock on hand at later shows, who knows??

    Yeah, if you have the time in your schedule try going ahead of time. I could not believe that they could sell out day one, they have got to have more stock again by then. I bought the slime party t-shirt since it was soo cute even though it is too big, but at least it is a Japanese size large so it isn't quite nightgown size. I wanted the slime hero plush though and they were out of that, hopefully they are making more or only have a certain amount set aside for each show. Good luck shopping, and good luck in your seating.
  2. I got back from my trip to Japan last Friday (July 29). Other than Dragon Quest, this trip I went to Shikoku, Kyushuu (Checked out Haus Ten Bosch), Osaka (Universal Studios Japan), and Tokyo (Disneysea, original Yoshinoya). Obviously though, the thing people on this site are probably the most interested in though was the Dragon Quest Spectacular Tour and the Dragon Quest Museum.

    While both debuted on the same day, I went to the show first (July 22, opening night) and the museum on the 23rd.


    The Spectacle Show started out in Saitama, which is about a one hour train trip from Tokyo.


    I got there about an hour before the doors were supposed to open, planing to get dinner and then line up to enter. This was a bad plan. I was expecting that they would sell Dragon Quest merchandise within the Saitama Arena itself, and you would only be able to buy once you got in. This is not the case. They were already selling things by the time I arrived. By the time I made it to the front of the line for merchandise they were already sold out of many of the items, including the shirts in any size smaller than large.



    Outside they were also selling shaved ice in commemorative plastic Slime Tower cups (Slime Stacks). They only have two flavors, Mango and Strawberry. I did not eat one myself (but did pay to have the cup) but heard that unlike good shaved ice it was hard like a snow ball. The shaved ice was in a cup in the slime cup, so it was easily removed and the slime itself was perfectly clean.


    ^Where the Shaved Ice was sold


    ^Sign for Shaved Ice.




    ^Cosplayer entertaining people while we line up to get in.



    ^Statues near the entrance.


    After I picked up what I could from the store it was about time for the doors to be opening soon. The place was flooded with people. Many who you could tell had been to the museum earlier in the day.


    Upon entering there was a large row of flowers for the performers sent to them by various people and groups.


    There was some expensive non-Dragon Quest food that could be bought in the Arena but I did not want to miss anything, so I just went hungry. There was a long line for both the men's and women's restrooms, so I would suggest that if you go to go before you go.

    On every seat there was a wrist band with a large light attached to it. You are supposed to wear it during the show and then put it back when it is over. There was some security walking around telling people that you were not to record any part of the performance. I took a picture of the stage on my cellphone before the show started though to give you guys an idea of what the stage was like.


    The stage is surrounded at each side by the seating with branches that reach out to the seating. It is from these branches that characters and enemies often emerge. My seat was near where key characters would often emerge. That meant that I mostly always saw their backs. There was some seating on the ground, which had some interaction with the characters, but I have doubts on how well they could see the stage in general. There were large rectangular curtains hanging from the ceiling that formed a cross centering the stage. These could be raised or lowered and were used for projecting background and effects.

    At the start of the show there were two merchants at either end of the stage that told jokes. They also told the audience how to do the Torneko Shorts dance (Underpants Dance). You could by a washrag that looked like them that they wanted you to use for the dance, but they said if you had not purchased it that you could use a hat instead. We were told that in the performance Torneko would request of us to do the dance with him.

    Torneko made a brief appearance then, telling a few jokes with audience participation before the show started up.

    Putting the story in spoiler tags.



    It has been over a week now, so I might have some small errors in the order of some of the events and details.

    The show started up introducing the main characters from the various Dragon Quest games excluding 3. They then stood around as a fight started with Ortega and King Hydra. Watching is Ortega's wife and young son. After Ortega's defeat the young son (the hero) is surrounded by all of the other hero's and the narration voice then asks "What is your name?". He then emerges as an adult and the other hero's leave. The scene transitions to the hero meeting with the King who tells him that he is commanding him as he asked to go and defeat the evil Baramos. At the next scene we see a village that is suffering from a monster attack. Alena starts up fighting the monsters and is soon followed by Terry, Yangus, and then Panon who all are introduced through their fighting (or in Panon's case his very bad jokes).

    After they defeat the monsters we find out that they all are together because they were summoned to this world after a voice asked them their name and they replied. Alena is also looking for Clift who she is worried about. We also find out then they also have managed to get most of the orbs already, and they talk about their journey up to now which brings on a sort of "dance" scene with the queen of Isis and the queen of Japang coming out and some pole dancers or silk climbers the side of the room.

    If I recall correctly, when the performance is done we find out that the town is suffering from the King who is acting strange. The characters then go around asking questions from the audience until they figure out/ are told that the king is being impersonated by a monster and that they need the mirror of Rar to expose him. After some more battles they find the mirror though it is hanging from the ceiling. The hero does some wire walking and almost reaches it but can't quite (this part was a little hard to follow what was happening). The mirror though then falls to earth and they catch it and go back to the castle. They then prove that it is really the real thing with them doing audience participation where someone in the audience ends up having a monster in their heart. Now knowing that it works they are able to expose the king when he tries to capture them, but they are able to use the mirror to turn him into the Boss Troll, and some of his soldiers also turn in monsters. With all of them working together though they are able to defeat him.

    We then find ourselves in a town (maybe the same one?) where Alena finds Crift. He expected to find her there since it is where the monster arena is. The two of them then enter a competition fighting against Berserkers. You then get the classic joke of Crift casting defeat until it works. I think this is also where we had to do the dance, but it might have been another one of these fights. After that Minea and Manya who are also there (and who Alena recognizes) do a dance and a fight (could be wrong about the fight part). Then Bianca and Flora come out and they are going to fight each other instead of monsters. After the fight starts off though Panon gains their anger and they both turn against him and then get together to go to a nice cafe to relax. Alena then has Torneko take Clift back home with him.

    When it starts up again the king tells the hero where the lass orb is, which is a ghost ship, and he has to go all by himself. There is then a spooky fight scene with some more wire based acrobatics along with the ghosts on silks on the side of the stage. The hero is victorious of course. With all of the orbs now the hero and party meet up with the Dragon Queen and the two priestesses for Ramaia. Ramia is then summoned and the hero is lifted up by the puppet Ramia and carried to the side of the stage for intermission. (I swear the thing looked like a giant chicken, but the lady behind me kept on saying Sugoi! (Amazing) so I might have been the only person thinking that.

    After intermission we get to the fight with Baramos, which ends with his defeat, and then the whole place collapses as Baramos tells him that this is not the end. They find themselves in a world where monsters are attacking villagers but the villagers lack hope. The heroes encourage them telling them that they will save the world and defeat Zoma who is the real Demon Lord. Encouraged, the villages then tell them about how to make the rainbow drops so that they can reach Zoma's castle. They then all split up and find the various artifacts needed to make the drops. They then go to the castle where we see Ortega fighting King Hydra. He is able to defeat him, but is so wounded that he cannot see and does not recognize the hero. He tells the hero that if he ever comes across his son to tell him he is sorry he failed. They then go to the Zoma's castle though I don't remember the exact point, maybe at the rainbow drops they got the ball of light from the Dragon Queen. The fight against Zoma goes bad, and they are losing even after using the ball of light (when the ball is used all of the arm bands shine white). The hero falls into disappear at all of his companions being incapacitated. It is then that all the hero's from the previous games pop up again and ask what his name is (there is more arm band lights during this whole thing). Across the curtains various names pop up and remembering his name the hero is now filled with courage again. With the power of the other heroes he is able to defeat Zoma. Everyone then comes out for a bow and the show ended. There was then a small part where some children from a local school came out and played DQ music as a band.



    This video from the official promotion gives a pretty good look into what the show was like.


    Edit: Added in the rest of the pictures. As there does not seem to be any interest in this write up I won't bother with one for the Museum.

  3. If I am understanding you correctly, you have never played before, right?


    I doubt that you will be able to get your save file off of their computer, and there won't really be anything you will need to move over. You will start with the prologue/tutorial part of the game offline, but once you finish that you will start the online part of the game. If I recall you can't go back to that offline portion again anyway, so no save needed. There is also an offline part of the game that starts at the same point and that is what you would want to carry over back home, but it would be a waste to play it at the cafe anyway, so you might as well not worry about it and just play online, and play offline at home in the future.


    The net cafe I have been to is at



    It has a special DQ area. You will have to sign up to use the cafe, but the kiosk does English as well.

  4. The Dragon Quest Super Light Cafe is located in Shibuya

    As you can see from the picture it is in the basement floor of a building with Crispy Kreame (SP?).


    At the entrance you are greeted by a slime tower.



    Half the restaurant is an unrelated cafe.

    Here is the front desk.



    Much more roomy than Luida's.











    And I got this for free with the order.


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  5. Damn, you've thwarted my keen CSI hand identification skills!

    Is it a watch, indicating the person is right handed, or is it a bracelet? Now you will never know!


    Nice.  Looking forward to checking some of these places out.


    Any recommendations on how I can get a smartphone to work in Japan without paying outrageous roaming charges?  I was thinking about somehow getting a Japanese sim card, with a reasonable data plan.  I'll only be in town for 5 full days.

    There could easily be compatibly issues, so I suggest just renting a phone. There are a lot of places online you can rent one from and pick it up at the airport or get it sent to your hotel. I have rented them from the airport itself a few times, but I can't suggest renting an IPhone. Even with insurance it cost me over $300 when it fell out of my pocket and smashed. That is the problem when a phone is designed as a fashion statement instead of for normal use.
  6. Next up is the Square Enix Store Artnia. This is in Shinjyuku and was quite a long walk from the JR train station. When I went I used Google Maps to get there.

    The outside has this strange egg look.


    Here is what it looked like inside. There are about 4 of these small cafe tables. Much of the toys in DQ though they had some other stuff as well.


    But there is only one page of DQ food on the menu of the cafe.



    Slime pancake


    Each slime on the stack had a face.



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  7. The rest of the area Luida's is in is a Karaoke place, but they also have one room which is a Dragon Quest X play room with 4 monitors and computers so that you can play the game together with your friends.






    So Luida's has a point system where you are given a card that fills up with stamps based on how much money you have spent. A full card gives you a mini medal that you can use to redeem stuff.




    And some more food pictures.

    Cheese platter.


    Restless Armor before and after. (Note that it called for backup)



    Sweet Potato


    Chimera Wings


    More Mini Medal Mini Pizzas


    Fried Chicken


    Heal Slime Drink


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  8. Part 2

    Royal Room.

    If you have a larger party you can reserve the "Royal Room" at Luida's. When you check in for it they lead you outside the resturant and down some stairs past some sort of unrelated bar (which looks to be close during the day, though you can go there for the bathroom.

    Luida in the daylight.



    Here is what the Royal Room Looks like.



    There is a screen running advertisements the whole time, but it can also be used for Karaoke.







    More food and drinks.

    The 10MP refresh item from DQX


    Sweet potato and Pork


    Mud Hand Curry




    Queen Slimes


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  9. Over the last few years I have made a few trips to the carious Dragon Quest themed restaurants and I have been meaning to put up some of the pictures and information from them here for people to be able to make their own plans to visit or inspire them to visit. (Pictures have been edited to remove people for their privacy)




    First up, Luida's Bar

    Edit October 2020: Luida is now in Akihabara not Roppongi so don't follow this guide to get there. 

    To get there, take the Tokyo Metro Subway's Hibiya Line (日比谷線) and get off at Roppongi (六本木) (Icon H04) and follow the signs to use exit 3. After emerging at street level turn right and then turn right at the next major street and head down the hill.


    Street Sign




    You should see Tokyo Tower in the distance.




    Continue on for a few blocks and Luida's should be on your right.








    The place is rather cramped, and there is no chairs for the tables (though they did offer to get me something to sit on once when I seemed uncomfortable. I did not have a reservation but did not have any trouble getting a table.






    While lacking in the verbal flavor and some of the detail, they do have menu's with English translations posted on them.












    To make an order you fill out a form, putting how many of what you want to order. At the bottom they also have some Dragon Quest toys and games available for purchase as well as souvenir cookies and chocolates.




    Here is the food.


    I believe this was bean paste buns, which have been replaced with sweet potato buns.
















    This is where they kept the pork buns



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  10. Spoiling the quest you need to take a picture of the throne room of the palace in Kamiharumui. You were supposed to figure out the location via your understanding of historic Japanese.

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