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  1. Really? At least when I first started playing Kenshin I found the controls pretty accuracte. Better than Swords at least. Since it works by reflection try playing in a dark room at night. After recalibraiting, I think you will find it to work better.
  2. Sorry Dwaine, I haven't been to Book Off since the last time we talked. I'll see if I can hit it this Sunday and check to see if they have it.
  3. gets home too late and goes to work to early to post anything

    1. Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      Cesar Hernandez-Meraz

      Get home earlier, Mimas... It has been to long...

  4. It is good to hear back from you! I was worried that you had left this site. We need more SKers posting here.

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. I've been playing Rune Factory Frontier (Thank you Freeloader!). The game came with a CD and radish seeds. I've gotten most of the marriageable girls to show up (I really wish there was a version of Rune Factory where you could play as a girl.) Compared to the first Rune Factory you can really start cooking much earlier in the game. The cooking is quite fun since you have to press "A" while a little moving line is in the green or blue section of a bar. If it stops in the green section you make a higher level item, while the blue makes a lower level. Fishing works similarly. It doesn't seem as
  7. It was officially translated and aired in Mexico. To Spanish, that is. Boy, in Mexico they sure get a lot of good anime that never makes it up north.
  8. For another comedy/fantasy anime you can give Dragon Half a try. Violinist of Hamelin would've also been a good choice if it was available on DVD here, or if the anime hadn't felt the need to suck out any comedy or happiness that existed in the manga. Guruguru is great for DQ fans since the author also worked on the Dragon Quest 4 koma manga. Sadly, its another anime/manga that you can't get officially translated.
  9. Agreed. Mine remains closed and stashed away in a safe place, until the time comes. I hope to open it along with everyone else. Just adding a "me too". Until King Slime tells me to open it, it shall stay sealed. Though the more time passes, the less likely I think that day will ever come.
  10. Ah, oh well. My preference is the Japanese names, but I'm sure I'm in the minority. If I knew you were in Japan I would have suggested you check your local Book Off or the like for the books. It's only 105 yen/book for the old print versions. Wow, the older version does not end the page where I left off. I just left off there because it seemed like a good cliffhanger. What strange luck that the first page ends there in your edition. I don't have the books on me at the moment but it looks like a pretty good translation. The English at least reads very smoothly. Keep up
  11. It was nice seeing you at AX as well!

  12. Mimas

    Going to NYC

    Huh? Why does he need to ask in Japanese? The reason he would be asking where the Dragon Quest books and CD's are is because he doesn't know Japanese. The people at Kinokuniya in NY speak English just fine.
  13. Mimas

    Going to NYC

    If you want any Japanese Dragon Quest books or CDs then you might want to check out Kinokuniya and Book Off. Kinokuniya will have the new things, while Book Off has old used things. While everything is in Japanese, if you ask a store clerk for help I'm sure they will help you find things.
  14. Merry Christmas too you too. Thanks!

  15. I haven't gotten mine, nor any of the stuff I've ordered yet. Is something wrong?!
  16. Don't even worry about it. I had never logged off so I had no clue that it had or had not happened. Only big difference is the chat.
  17. Poor King Slime. You guys should feel awful for hurting him like that. Don't worry King Slime, when I get mine it goes straight into my top desk drawer until you tell me to open it. Things that go into that drawer rarely come out.
  18. I would like my log in name to match my display name of Mimas. Thanks in advance.
  19. That's odd. Maybe King Slime did it just for you? I would never have thought you would get it in Japan!
  20. I'm not opening it, but I'm tempted to hold it up to the light to check if there is more than a card in there.
  21. Yeah, thats because it closed at Eastern Standard time 4 pm. Chat lasted another hour and a half.
  22. They are not for sale until Thursday.
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