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  1. Fun to see all the Luida pictures. I am pretty sure that it isn't reservation only, just reservation highly suggested. I understand that they have a timed cycle on the weekend that might require reservations but you can walk in on a weekday without too much fuss most of the time. If it is full it is full though Liamland is not wrong, the Royal Room did have a Karaoke system in it. The mikes and the like were not openly placed so it might not have been immediately obvious, but the TV in the room does indeed hook into the Karaoke system and there was a tablet there that you could use for song selection. As a default the TV played the normal DQ game commercials. I think I found out about the Karaoke system when we wanted to turn the TV volume down. The Royal Room was accessible by going downstairs from the main entrance and then turning right. It is important to note that Luida's bar is a collaboration with Pasela Resort (This link currently still shows the old bar and the stairs on the left of the picture are how you get to the Royal Room). One of the things that they specialize in is Karaoke rooms. One time when my team could not reserve the Royal Room we got a special DQ Karaoke room in the building next to Luida's where you could still order off the Luida menu etc. The metal slime from that Karaoke room seems to have been moved to the Akihabara Luida's. On the topic of the arcade games. The first series of monster card arcade games were the "Monster Battle Road" series. The Wii game "Victory" was based on this series and used the DSi to scan your cards into the game. I don't know if it still works, I kind of doubt it. I think I might have bought my DSi just for that feature. Scanner was a sequel game series after Monster Battle Road, and I don't think the MBR cards worked in Scanner. The Scan system was different after all. Based on things I read off of Twitter it sounds like Scanner was not as popular as the earlier Battle Road game series, and I think they have been gone for a bit. The latest arcade game from that same lineage would be the Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Cross Blade arcade game. Many of the cards resemble Battle Road cards (though you can't use those of course). I put pictures of the cards I own up in the Dai thread the other week if anyone wants to see them. I imagine that due to the nature of these games you won't find any of the old systems around Japanese arcades anymore. On DQ9 remakes, while the Metal King Slime maps were just from the way that maps were generated randomly and were somewhat of an unintended bug, they were extremely popular and considered a positive bug for the game, so I think they would want to keep something like it, but I don't know how they would want to do map trading in a Switch version of the game to begin with. I think that the timed chest and other hoimi table cheats would not carry over at all though. (Archive of Pasela Resort page for the version with Roppogi)
  2. This was quite an emotional episode, even knowing what was coming. I think I am warming up to Zaboera's voice (really sounded wrong to me last episode). Music was on point. Voice acting was also on target. I don't recall on having any real issues with the translation this time either. The episode followed the manga pretty closely with a few lines cut (I assume for time) but nothing major. I think this was also the first episode to have flashback scenes. I am very excited for the next episode. So I ordered a number of Dai goods. Today I will post the cards from the new arcade game I got (had someone in Japan play it for me). So these are just a mostly random set of cards. For those who haven't been following it, the arcade game is very similar to Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road. At the event they also handed out a pamphlet and a cardboard knife.
  3. Hmm? I certainly consider the Switch to be a console. It is the only one I use daily. Just feels like if they were planning on releasing it on the Switch they would have not held off in announcing what console it would be on.
  4. Yeah, Switch would make me the happiest, at least I have a PS4 if it comes to it. I was thinking about the same as you on it though.
  5. Episode 7: Maam's Turmoil I enjoyed this episode more than the previous one. They did a good job on focusing on Maam and it has one of my favorite quotes from the series in this episode. I did think that the censoring of blood from Crocodine's eye injury negatively affected the episode. It's hard to tell what happened, and confusing to suddenly see that he has a scar on his face. The censoring of blood also is rather ironic in that we still are seeing the violence, but the results of violence aren't shown. But I guess this is what the Japanese censors require for children's television now, so so be it. The extra scenes they added to the episode felt natural, and I think it was a good "breather" episode between action. It also looked like they were saving money from the budget with this episode though. A bit more limited animation, and the fight with Crocodine at the start looked rather odd in places. Hopfully the animation will improve when it is needed for the fight showdown with Crocodine in the next two episodes. That sounds a bit concerning for UK shipping. Without any more information about the bonus items I am still waiting to decide where I will order from. It is possible, but I think the Blu-Ray release will also be aimed at families. 13 episodes in a volume is a very children's anime oriented release format as well.
  6. Mantan Web Interview with Tanezaki Atsumi Tanezaki: Playing Dai in "The Adventure of Dai", she was Rescued by a "Comrade" October 1, 2020 [Picture: Atsumi Tanezaki who plays the main character Dai from the anime and manga "Dragon Quest the Adventure of Dai"] Atsumi Tanezaki plays the part of the main character of Dai in the new television animation "Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai", which is based and uses the setting and world of the popular "Dragon Quest" game series. The story was a popular series serialized in "Weekly Shounen Jump" (Shueisha) from 1989 until 96' and it has been about 28 years since it was last made into a television animation series. The series continues to be loved by its fans, and it is also a special series for Tanezaki who loved the series as a child. Tanezaki told us about her feeling: that to play the popular main character, and it also being a story that she was emotionally attached to, she felt a great pressure, and was troubled. I was obsessed as a child, but there is also a charm that you find when you have become an adult. "Dragon Quest the Adventure of Dai" written by Riku Sanjo, drawn by Kouji Inada, and supervised by Yuuji Horii was serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump from 1989 to 96', it depicts the story of the young boy Dai, and the Mage Popp on their journey to defeat the Dark Lord. The collected comics have a cumulative total over about 4,700,000 copies printed. The new anime will be broadcast on TV Tokyo affiliated stations starting October 3rd every Saturday at 9:30 in the morning. For Tanezaki "The Adventure of Dai" is an important work that she has watched since she was a child. "When I was little my whole family would watch the anime. After the anime broadcast had ended, I read the original work from my elder sister's book shelf. When I had watched the anime I had thought the moves were cool! But reading the manga I was able to comprehend the story. There is a scene at Romos Castle when Popp hears the cheering and say's 'Thanks for the support!', but as a child, watching the anime, I misheard 'Support (Goseien) as '5000 Yen' (Gosenen). I had thought....Oh they were given money (Laugh). Reading the original work I understood it was 'Support'. Thinking it about it now, I was watching for the romantic relationship between Popp and Maam, I guess?" For the audition for the new anime, she reread the original work and says "I became engrossed in it like I was as a child". "As an adult, rereading it, I realized the human drama is done reliability, and the romance is drawn realistically. Though it is mostly unrequited love (laugh). You also get the impression that the Dark Army is like a company, and being in middle management is hard..." The character that Tanezaki likes in particular is Popp. At the start he is a coward, but he has a large growth and fights for his comrades and comes to support Dai. "I still love him, that hasn't changed from when I was a child. The story of 'The Adventure of Dai' is also a coming of age story for Popp as well. I like the gap of how he is after his growth. I am weak to gaps in characters. Did I think the same way as a child?" Toyonaga Toshiyuki, "Popp" rescued her. At the time that voice actors were announced this year in May, there was an impressive part where Tanezaki cried. She says the pressure of it being a work she loves since she was a child, and a popular work was intense. "When it was settled that I would preform I was like, I'm so happy! What do I do!? It was those two waves one after another. My family was also watching so they were also delighted. Like me, there are so many people who like Dai....The pressure started to surge. It is usual in life to be able to act in a work that you have loved since you were little. Since I love it, I know there are a ton of people who love Dai. I was thinking how privileged it is that I get to perform Dai, if a work I loved was to become a new anime and I did not get to perform in it....this is what I think. If that were to happen, I would not want to disappoint myself. So when the recording started I felt a tremendous pressure I tried to make sure that no one could sense the pressure I felt as we continued to record, but bit by bit I started to feel uneasy." "At the start the feelings of 'I am going to face the production!', 'I will do my best!' were strong but little by little it became 'At this rate are things OK?', 'Am I too unsteady?' these sorts of troubles were born in me. You could say that my heart changed places within me..." During this tough time the person who extended a helping hand was the voice actor for Popp, Toyonaga Toshiyuki. "Toyonaga sensed all of my struggles for me. 'Lately, you have been a bit different from the start?', 'Are you OK' he asked. At a time like this (With the effects of the novel coronavirus spreading leading to recordings with limited people) there was really no chance to talk deeply about the production with everyone. So Toyonaga said, 'But, let's talk!' We talked about what was on my mind, my feelings for the work, and my acting. To the director I asked all the questions about the detailed differences between the original work and this anime and the like. This allowed me to approach the work directly. I probably was putting my body under too much pressure. In a good way I am accustomed to the studio now. Though I think I will feel the pressure until the broadcast is done." Popp is Dai's important comrade. Tanzaki was rescued by her "Comrade" Toyonaga. "That is right. We are comrades. I did my best to not let out the discomfort I felt, so I was surprised. But talking it out I understood... Toyonaga said to me, 'When Dai is worried, Popp is the one to do something! It is a real, 'Adventure of Dai' I am so happy that I get to go on an adventure with such amazing comrades." "Avan Strashi!" I can't believe it! When acting as Dai, the important thing is creating the character's of his "Comrades". "This isn't just true for this show, but you can't create the character yourself. The surrounding people help create the character. The manga 'The Adventure of Dai' is completed, and you need to plan out how to act. You need to blend your acting with the rest of the cast to try and make a better production....that was what I was working at the start but, even though I thought I was doing the same thing as normal there was a fervor, and I could not do it as normal it seems. That is it.... After all, you have to cherish the people around you" The major technique Dai uses is the famous "Avan Strash". You scream "Avan Strash!" as you swing your sword, and at the time of serialization, you would see children imitate it with things like umbrellas. Tanezaki said, "When recording, there is no time to think I am about to say 'Avan Strash!' When watching the finished video I see myself saying it! It's unbelievable! It's true! Thank you! That is how I am then (Laugh)" The highlight of the anime is "It's obviously not the same as the previous anime, I want you to enjoy 'The Adventure of Dai' as a new work. The staff and cast polished the masterpiece over and over, so look forward to it!" Tanezaki said. The way she faces the role is earnest itself, and that might be why she was troubled. I want to anticipate the enthusiastic performance full of "comrades" sharing their affection.
  7. Wow! I really wasn't expecting an English release. We still don't know what platform it will even be on. Though I would not be surprised if it is coming to the PS5. I hope this means that the anime is getting enough viewers for them.
  8. This episode had a lot cut from the original manga. In general, it still worked but the episode felt a little lower budget at the same time. The animation wasn't as good, in particular when Maam saves Popp it looks like she can fly, not like a jump. The fight with Crocodine still looked good, my sister was not a fan of the "up skirt" shots he kept getting, but I am sure we will be seeing more of those. Maam's voice actress sounded good, Crocodine I might need a bit more time to get used to. I am wondering if the voice of the "Akuma no Medama" is its own voice this time, or indicative of another character's voice. The translation quality really fell for this episode as well, before I even had started watching the comments on Crunchyroll were pointing out "Lord" was "Load". The translation accuracy was also much looser, to the point that it felt like it might be a different translator than previous episodes. The localization choice of translating in Japanese what literally translates as "The Hundred Beast Army" as the FurFang Legion was rather off putting. Legion of course is a fine choice, but looking up FurFang to see if any other Dragon Quest games had used it, it seemed to be a word more for Furries. While the "hundred" in "Hundred Beast" isn't supposed to literally mean 100 different animals, but rather just another way of indicating "many" just translating it as "Beast Legion", or "Wild Beast Legion" would have been a better choice in my opinion. This certainly was not the episode to spend their whole budget on, even though it introduces new characters and concepts, so I probably would not change things, but I was not as satisfied with this episode as others. Looking forward to Maam's backstory next episode. Oh, the duty threshold in the USA is quite high, so I don't have to worry about crossing it in general. I can see where that would put Amazon as the best choice. I don't understand a lot of the import regulations Amazon and the like put out. The other day I could not order the Dai themed Chocolate Wafers off of Rakuten thru Buyee, but it did not say why. Kamikaze is rather questionable, especially for a Japanese game translation, but if they are wiling to use it in the games, I don't see any reason to not use it in the anime as is. I agree that if they are already translating attacks they should have done so for Megante so that people would not get the wrong impression and think the attack is unique to Dai.
  9. The new music for the series was used well in this episode, and I thought the animation and the voice acting was on target to make this the emotional episode that it needed to be. The localization was interesting, choosing to keep "Megante" instead of the localized term "Kamikaze". I personally wish they would leave the spells and such as they are in Japanese more since this is a subtitled version anyway, but for fans who normally play in English, is this format of translation working out better for you? I think the pacing of the series makes much more sense in a world where anime series tend to only last 12 episodes, instead of having time to breath like they did when every show as aimed at a wider audience and shown during the daytime. Hopefully it is finding its way into the watching schedule of the prime audience of children, rather than being fully supported by the adult audience. It is hard to tell from the internet, especially with all the hype for Kimetsu no Yaiba blotting out everything else.
  10. Starting in the December issue of VJump magazine (with a preview in the November issue) is a new Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai spinoff manga series titled "Yuusha Avan to Gokuen no Mao". It is a prequel based off of the adventure of the hero Avan with his original battle against the "Dark Lord" Hadlar. The December magazine has Dai and Avan on the cover. It also includes a card for the new Dragon Quest arcade game (which is very similar to the old Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Arcade game) The first chapter is pretty much a redrawing of the original "Yuusha Avan" bonus manga that ran back during Dai's serialization that was included in the compilation volumes. Below you can see a comparison for the first two pages. Frame for frame it replicates the original story. There is also a few more pages at the end that introduce Hadlar's henchmen for this series. Currently V Jump is especially attractive to Dragon Quest fans because outside of this serialization and the the coverage of the Dai anime, it also covers the current DQ games and includes digital codes for various games (This volume has one for DQX). Currently, counting this manga, there are three Dragon Quest manga serialized in VJump. Dragon Quest Souten no Soura, which takes place in the world of DQX, and the comedic action slime manga "Slime Dawn" (Though Slime Dawn seems like it could be ending soon).
  11. There is another Daisuki TV scheduled for this Saturday 10am, right after the latest episode (episode 5) of Dai. (This would be 6pm Pacific Daylight Time Friday). In the meantime, later today, one of the animators working on episode 5, Yuya Takahashi, is streaming his drawing of a Dragon Quest Dai picture.
  12. Among this year's recipients of the Japanese "Person of Cultural Merit" award is Sugiyama, the composer of almost all of the Dragon Quest games. Last year, Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, received the award as the first person in the video game industry to be awarded last year. Of course Sugiyama isn't known just for his Dragon Quest compositions, having worked on creating songs for anime and pop music in the past as well. There does not seem to be any coverage of this year's awards in English yet. Here is the article on NHK. In the article Sugiyama is quoted as saying that he intends to continue the work he has done in games and other fields.
  13. It really is hard to make much of a judgement on the episodes, I am still just so happy that we have the possibility of seeing the story finished in animated form this time. This was another episode that was rather close to the source material. I personally wasn't a fan of the scene change so that Dai used Hyado to make an ice cube to cool Avan's nose, while the original had Popp handing him a bandage. But really, with the TV broadcast restrictions, it made sense to remove the existence of the blood, and I guess the focus on Dai's magic use will make a nice contrasting book end later. This episode continued the trend of being a bit more loose in the translation than I would like. In particular, the line that had Popp saying "I choose the wrong person to study under" (or something like that) is おれとんでもない人の所に弟子入りしちまったな Which is more closely something like "I became a student under an outrageous person". Like the old series Blu-Ray release earlier this year it looks like they will have store specific extras as well, so I won't choose where to purchase until I know more about what each one looks like. There is a cheaper version that skips the store preorder bonus from Rakuten, which you can purchase through Buyee if you can't get them to ship where you live. I think Buyee allows for purchases from Amazon Japan as well, but it seems it requires a plug in for your browser.
  14. From the November 2020 Newtype magazine (page 32). Note: In Japan besides the Gregorian Calendar, they count years by the Emperor's rule. Like the American use of "Millennial" the Japanese use the term to describe a time period or generation. Since last year Japan started "Reiwa" (Previously was Heisei). Note 2: The below interview and character descriptions are a bit on the "spoiler" side of things. Those who want to avoid spoilers may want to skip reading this. Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken Every Saturday AM 9:30-10:00 TV Tokyo WEB https://dq-dai.com Twitter @DQ_DAI_anime Interview By GIGAN-YAMAZAKI Series Director Kazuya Karasawa & Producer Keisuke Naitou A Boys Determination and Growth A New Adventure for Children in the Age of Reiwa -To start with, what was the path to "Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai" becoming an anime? Naitou: A big part of it is that amongst middle management at various companies there has been an increase in people who were in the age group that read "The Adventure of Dai" during its serialization and were engrossed by the anime. So the enthusiasm from various directions for the "The Adventure of Dai" had increased, -Then what is the target age group for this project? Naitou: Of course we are making it so that the age group that was engrossed with it back in the day to be satisfied and enjoy the show, but our biggest mission is for the enthusiasm and excitement that the "Dai Generation" felt to reach today's children. Our mission is to overcome generations and make it something that they are absorbed in! -What is the "Essential point" in creating this new anime? Please tell us what part of it you would say "This will be changed from the previous anime!" Karasawa:The big prerequisite is that we show our respect to the old "The Adventure of Dai" in our creation. On top of that though it is a "Completely New Work" so the scenario, casting, music and the like are all new. Of course we have the original story creators help in checking things. On top of that we are using the latest in 3DCG techniques to give ambiance and realism to the images of the world of "The Adventure of Dai". I think all of these are essential points to the new "The Adventure of Dai" that we are giving to the children of the Resei Generation. Of course it is also a work that fans of the previous work can enjoy. -Please tell use what did you consider when doing the staffing and casting. Karasawa: "Love of Dai" was one of the points we considered. We are a gathering of people who liked the original manga or the old anime of "The Adventure of Dai". We are unified, staff, actors, and other related departments to make "A work to deliver to the current children." The passion we have for the project is intense. Being in the position of Series Director it is hard to gather it all together (laugh). For the casting we used auditions and while of course "Love of Dai is important, it is a work that requires acting skills, so we made the decision impartially based on multiple related judgments. Naitou: On the casting, while we asked about their love, of course the most important thing is if they match up with the character. We had the director and the manga creators check it over. Since it is an already finished work we know what are the major scenes for each character in the series, and we can work backwards so that it is easier to have a shared image. For example for Dai it would be "pureness", for Popp it would be being super cool while also being able to perform his comedic gap. For Hadlar we need someone who has a wide breadth, they can act from the delinquent feel at the start of the story but also act as a true warrior. -Producer Naitou, could you tell us what part of Karasawa you think is good for working on "Adventure of Dai"? Naitou: Having worked up to now with Director Karasawa you can always feel his love of Dai. His attitude of taking the challenge this time of making it into a 3DCG Hybrid. and his sincerity as he holds fast to his own vision while he also listens to the opinions of those around him. Along with his work stance for building a better production. These things all make you feel strongly that you can trust him as a person to direct. -What are your considerations in the character designs this time. Brass being not orange really stands out. Karasawa: The original manga was serialized for about 7 years. During the process of serialization the art changed. But the truth is that the story of "The Adventure of Dai" is that it is a tale that covers about 3 months. So to put it together as a "story that takes place in about three months" we took the art style, elements, and the flow from the end and put them into the start of the story. While respecting Kouji Inada's art, we refined it for the current generation and adjusted the designs so that the many animators working on the project would be able to draw it. On top of that, we matched Brass's color with how he was shown in the Perfect Book. I think the original anime probably based the color of Brass off of an early comic's poster. -By the way...for this production how far do you intend to animate? Naitou: We want to animate it to the end! We are trying to tackle it with that thought!! -The first episode has just aired but please tell us the highlights! Karasawa: They are all highlights! The exciting adventure action scenes, the suspenseful and intense fights, the heart pounding human relationships....What will happen in the future with Dai and his companions. I will be happy if you watch and enjoy the episode. Naitou: We are drawing it to have as much of the appeal of the original work as possible. We are being careful to show the emotions of the large variety of characters while also having their signature episodes have lively battle action, the chaotic progression of the plot. I think you can look forward to all of this. Character Introductions Dai Raised by a Kimendoushi on the island of Dermline as the only human among monsters that were released from the influence of the dark lord. He can't do magic, but he looks up to heroes. Popp He is a boy who has trained under Avan for almost a year as a mage. When faced with an opponent he can't defeat or strict work he gives up and runs. Maam She lives in the village of Nayle in the Kingdom of Romos as a Priest Warrior, she also is really a student of Avan's. Instead of gunpowder in her bullets she shoots out magic spells and fights with her weapon the "Magic Bullet Gun" Leona Princess of the Kingdom of Papnica. Her personality is such that she does not hide her feelings and says what she thinks. It is also not unusual for her to act as a typical tomboy, but she also has the elegance and dignity of royalty. Avan A mysterious person who's job is to raise heroes. His silly form of speech stands out but he is a first class swordsman and mage. He teaches his students sincerely. His full name is Avan De Zinuar III. This is passionate! Keep your eye on the weakling Popp! Popp is drawn as an opposite to Dai. His cowardly and pathetic attitude stand out. But he already has learned the super strong spell Merazoma, so his abilities neither win nor lose measured against Dai. His spiritual growth process is the greatest highlight of this work Encyclopedia DQ It has been about 30 years since the manga was serialized. Below we introduce the giant world setting so that you can enjoy this new work! The identity of the hero In "Dragon Quest" there is the hero and the dark lord. While the hero who once defeated the Dark Lord Hadlar is often shown in the start of the original serialization looking like the protagonist of "Dragon Quest III Into the Legend..." in reality, who is he? The Dark Lord and the commander of the Dark Army Dark Lord Hadlar was revived by the Great Demon Lord Vearn, and made into the new Dark Army's commanding officer, the Dark Army Commander. That is how he stands before Dai and the others. The naming of the Dark Army commander was an original position from the manga that later made it's way into the game series.
  15. As Dai is broadcast I expect there will be a number of interviews and articles. I will attempt to translate them for the English speaking community. Generally I will aim to keep character and place names as shown in the official translation (I might have to go back an fix some of them after the show airs to know these though). Spells and monster names I am not bothering to look up the English equivalent at this time. Newtype November 2020 Mantan Web Tanezaki Interview
  16. This episode was pretty close to the source material just with a few of the jokes cut out for time and some other small changes. I know some Japanese viewers had trouble getting used to Avan's new voice, but I thought the new actor does a very good job and sounds quite natural. I wonder if they forgot how suspicious he is supposed to sound since they got used to thinking of him as the kind teacher. The translation continued to give us some questionable choices for spell names. "Glimmer" has got to be a new low I think. I am also a little concerned they used "master" for Popp's usage of "Sensei" since he later makes a distinguished between that and the word "Shisho" which I think is the term that works as "Master" better. We will see what they do when they get there I guess. Next weeks episode should be very exciting.
  17. Nothing has been officially announced yet. Yeah, there is a rumor that was on 5ch and Weibo that it will have 7 cours. They say their goal is to make it to the end. To me, the new designs look extremely different from the manga and the original anime. The look very modern to me. But everyone on the internet is going on about it having a 90s look that I just don't see. I will admit I am not fully comfortable with the new design, but I think they made the right choice in updating it so that it does not turn off modern viewers. I figure I will get used to it eventually. The cell phone game though has her looking perfect. Yeah, she now has tights for the martial arts outfit, but that should not be shocking considering what the Dangerous Bikini has looked like since DQIX on.
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  18. This was once again a very well done episode. It was interesting to see the changes they made from the manga this time. I thought the additional scene of Leona recovering and doing a call back to her earlier lines worked very well and gave us a bit more time seeing her as a proponent of justice. Seeing Avan and Popp was also well done, showing a bit of Avan's personality and his focus on obtaining the ultimate goal over short term wins. It might make him a little less suspicious next episode though since he has already been introduced. They have been doing a good job of keeping a fast tempo and moving the plot along which is probably a good thing for the Youtube generation. Next episode might slow the pace down and give the characters a chance to breath from the looks of the preview. That sounds like fun. I don't know what is involved in having one though. I do love Sugiyama's soundtrack, but there are some nice songs in this on as well that I have gotten used to from the Daisuki TV broadcasts. I also thought that with the original anime there were some times that the music they chose for certain scenes seemed off or the timing did not match what was happening in the animation as well. When it matched it was wonderful, but I could see how it would be easier to use music made specifically for the series.
  19. The change of scene from the castle courtyard to a ship might have also saved money since the backgrounds are done in CG and they can probably reuse the assets of the ship later in the show, while I don't recall any intact castle courtyards past this part of the story.
  20. I would rather not hear myself on the internet! I might try and give it a listen after it goes up on Youtube, but I don't know how long I will manage before I have to turn myself off.
  21. There was no Daisuki TV for September. Instead they are having one for the day before the anime starts broadcasting, Oct. 2 8pm Japan time (4am Pacific Daylight Time).
  22. This month's Daisuki TV has been announced. It will start at 9pm Japan time (That is 5am Pacific Daylight time) Friday. This month they will have Riku Sanjo, the original author (of the author artist pair) as guest. He will be discussing the upcoming Avan Spin Off manga that will be running in VJump. There will also be a question and answer portion. If you have a question for him and a Twitter account you can ask him by sending a Tweet with the hashtag #ダイ好きTV I can translate for anyone who has a question, but I can't post anything since I don't have a Twitter account.
  23. Here is the first of the interviews. Interview Riku Sanjo What was it like hearing that there was to be an anime adaption the first time? I was surprised. Kind of like, "What, you can make an anime of it?" This was because, at the time the popular works in Jump would normally get an anime adaption, but I thought that "Dai" could not be an anime since there was the original "Dragon Quest" productions that it was based on. Then, once it was decided, I was shocked at the unusual speed that everything progressed. But at the time besides writing the script for "Dai" I was also writing articles for Jump, and I was writing the articles about articles about other anime so my impression was just that "My work has kind of increased". I was spending the whole day at the Jump Editorial department so it did not feel that difficult. My entire workload was too much. I was young (laugh). How were the meetings between you and the anime staff for things like script writing and series composition? We often had meetings with me the producer, the director, and the script writer discussing the larger direction of the story. Particularly I would do things like offer suggestions for things like new characters for content that was not in the manga such animated movies. It is at this time that I met Nobutaka Nishizawa, who years later I would meet up with again when I did script writing work for Toei Animation. When I was young, the animated movie that I found the most provocative was "Mazinger Z tai Ankoku Daishōgun". So I was very excited to meet and talk with it's director. The contents of the movie "Shinsei Rokudai Shoguo" highly reflect those emotions. At the time that the anime was aired toys were also being sold, and things were exciting across various media. I liked character toys from the start so I was touched to see the characters for a series I was involved with lined up on store shelves. In discussions with the toy producers, Takara (Now known as Takara Tomy) I was asked, "Sanjo Sensei, is there any type of goods that you would like?" So I said I would like something like the Star Wars figure line that was sold overseas. Since Dai is a party battle manga I wanted to keep the taste that "everyone is the main character" and wanted a toy series that had a lot of side characters released. After hearing this they made the "Adventure Hero Selection" toy series, which is the one I am most fond of. It is the only one that has Hadler and his 6 Commanders in color. I excitedly explained to the person in charge "There is even a toy of Carbonite Frozen Han Solo" which I think even now was the hint to the Frozen Leona campaign (laugh). In the anime (Both TV series and Movies) please tell us an episode that you most closely empathized with. The memory that is most vivid is the first movie. Since we were attempting trial of "anime debut through a movie" I collaborated with the staff as we puzzled over everything starting from the plot creation. If we started from "Derupa! Iruiru!" like in the manga then we could not show Dai's heroics. If we did "Dai Explodes!!!" then the final boss was a bit weak. So to deal with these sorts of issues we had the evil idol if Hadlar as an original feature to the anime, mixing elements from the one shot stories and the serialization. With the addition of Toshiko Fujita's lively voice to the finished work, I remember feeling extremely touched watching Dai moving around. This is the only animated work of "Dai" that has not been released to any home video product before, so along with my personal emotions it makes me especially happy. Please give a message to the fans who have purchased the Blu-ray Box. Everyone, thank you for the purchase. I thank you from my heart for not forgetting Dai over all these years, and for taking this Blu-ray Box into your hands. It's been so many years since the original broadcast, and we jumped over a laser-disc and DVD release (laugh), to go straight to a Blu-ray release. It is kind of like "Dai" to do that, and I think it is thanks to all of your continual support. Please keep your emotions over from these 30 years running, and continue to support the developments of "Dai". I am counting on you.
  24. Mine just arrived today. It is a thing of beauty. The box feels nice, thick and strong. The booklet also isn't just some flimsy extra. It is well bound and glossy. I will probably translate the interviews in it some time soon. The restoration is gorgeous, and it is fun to see the small flaws in the animation that were not obvious in the subpar video release (Not to mention that the video tapes I owned were all from Japanese video rental stores selling their old stock) and smaller TVs.
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