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  1. Translations pending while I set up my new computer.

  2. "Ittadaki Street for Smartphone" is already out on Android phones in Japan (under one carrier, others haven't gotten it yet). But it is the original style version that doesn't have DQ or any other licensed characters in it.
  3. Bringing this thread back from the dead. I haven't been keeping up on watching anime since the year started but I'm looking forward to continuing to watch Chihayafuru and the new season of Natsume Yujincho. Both are on Crunchy Roll. I would recommend Chihayafuru to people who liked Hikaru no Go. It might be aimed at adult woman instead of tweenage boys, but it doesn't loose to Hikaru when it comes to passion towards a traditional Japanese game. Edit: Forgot half my point! Anyone see Redline yet? The story and pictures of it don't look/sound good to me, but everyone seems to love it. So I
  4. Saro, I've been meaning to ask, were you buying the Blu Rays or the DVD's of Unicorn? Also, what are your thoughts on Bandai pulling out of the American market. I'm glad that they are still going to put out the second part of the first series. I bought the first set for my cousin and he wouldn't have been happy if he could never get the second.
  5. I'm not sure, I think I don't like this song, but in any case it was stuck in my head today. Its the third ending song for Beet the Vandel Buster. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H4PUvFaWaM
  6. That's probably the best way to preserve the game Chichi's scans are nice and readable so I should be able to translate them. But you will need 50 cards before you have enough for even one deck.
  7. Since you asked so nicely, of course! Just let me finish up the current DQX website translation and I'll get started on it.
  8. Thanks! I tried looking for a list of the cards but no luck so far. Too many Battle Road hits. If you want a card translated you will need a higher quality scan though. I can't make out the small text on the cards.
  9. Playing Fortune Street Today FC 1421-0351-3745

  10. Playing Fortune Street Today FC 1421-0351-3745

  11. The OVA's for Tylor take place after the series, but they aren't as good as the TV series. I often hear people suggesting the Gundam compilation movies over watching the first series, but I felt watching them that important character development was left out and I suspected that the people recommending them just didn't like the first series as much and wanted people to rush through it so that they could get to the "good stuff" faster. On 8th MS Team, I recall hearing something about the director or someone dying in the middle of the show and that being an explanation for why the start
  12. I think I mentioned to you before that I liked 8th MS Team, but the movie compilations of the first series felt lacking to me. Now that they put it out on DVD with subtitles I need to give it another chance since I expect that it will flow better as a series. But my favorite Sci Fi anime is probably Irresponsible Captain Tylor. Its obviously much more comedic than the average Gundam series, but it is also and interesting universe that it creates, with reasonable politics and tons of likable characters.
  13. So all of us from the DQMJ2 tournament already earned one?
  14. Well, the cat doesn't seem very good at the game. (I just hope he didn't scratch the DS screen). It reminds me of a dog I had that we put a collar on that would beep whenever she barked (to try and stop her). She then started barking as a way to try and locate where the beep was coming from, and then dig where she thought the sounds was.
  15. I came across mine by accident in my drawer the other day, and wasn't sure if it was it or not. But no, I plan on keeping it sealed. If I never open it I never open it. On the other hand, I think a fan art contest in the babies honor would not be bad.
  16. Thats wonderful news! Congratulations to you both! In the end you probably got more out of Slimeknights than anyone else!
  17. My sig pic is getting out of date (DQ IV V VI), are there any support DQMJ2 sig pics, or something else to fill the spot?

    1. Mimas


      There is a bit too much vertical blank space in the picture for my tastes. I think I'll wait for your DQMJ2 one for now.

    2. Flute_Warrior


      Yeah, its a custom fit to complement my sigs' design. Here is a clean version without any extra space: http://bit.ly/mVtngp

    3. Mimas


      Thanks! I put that right in. Looks good!

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  18. Well, I think you should sit up straight for photos, and you need a different photographer, but there is nothing wrong with your appearance otherwise. Zoma certainly strikes a level of fear in me that at least none of the other Roto series bosses do. I still haven't been able to beat him in Kenshin Dragon Quest (but the accuracy has gone down for me since thee tv was moved to the opposite side of the room.)
  19. To me it looks like he just got beaten up. Two black eyes @_@ On topic: Since it has been established by DQVIII that some of the DQ's take place in alternate universes multiple high ranking demon lords (and different gods) can exist in each game without having to worry about lines of succession and ranking between games.
  20. Sorry, she is official. Read the Wikipedia article on Victory. You might also want to see the pictures from a game event. PS. As I said above, her name is Queen Pisaro.
  21. Yeah, Queen Pisaro is from the DQM Battle Road events. She was the enemy of the hero Kaito. Maybe I will post something about it this weekend.
  22. I knew I should have double checked! And now you know my dark secret. I can't tell Dark Dream and Durran apart. Now as long as no one finds out that I only recetly figured out how to tell Estark from Death Pisaro I might be able to escape with some dignity. The picture did look familar, bjut it really is given a chance to shine on its own in the sidebar.
  23. Well, your friend is indeed wonderful with the water colors, but I'm sure you also did at least the line art for the way too cute looking Dark Dream. Good job in getting your boyfriend to watch Dai. I'm still working on my sister.
  24. Well, since I've seen the VI art before, I really have to comment on the blog instead and say I LOVE THE ANGEL SLIME. You've captured it perfectly, beautifully, and most of all, in all of its cuteness.
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