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  1. I dreamed I was playing Dragon Quest X about 3 times now I think (Beta version I believe). I'm always in a crowd or something and can't see the monitor very well. Its like the dreams where I find a cool Dai no Daibouken toy or something that I go to buy and it ends up that I put it down for a moment to look for something else, and now I can't find it, or when I get to the check out it ends up I'm in Japan, and I haven't exchanged my dollar for yen yet, and I need to somehow get back to America because I have work the next day, but I'm lost, and I have a class to go to, but I don't know where i
  2. I haven't taken mine out of the box yet! (Have had it since late February I think.) He looks so pretty in the box.
  3. Dragon Quest (Mostly X) themed Bento Box Lunches
  4. I miss the days of 100 yen = $1 (or actually 150 yen = $1 was the rate when I first visited Japan in 1999). Based on its release date I would guess that new Terry Monsters will be in it, but we won't get the full set of DQ X monsters. I'm hoping it will show up at the local Japanese bookstores so I don't have to order it online (though I guess I could special order it at a store as well).
  5. Thanks! Yeah, it is certainly scary looking, but I guess it isn't memorable. Even seeing the sprite didn't jog any memory for me. I need to get the new Dragon Quest Monster Encyclopedia. 1600 monsters in it with pictures of each and every one of them. Comes out May 31.
  6. Are those Nail Beast's new, or were they in a previous game?
  7. Yeah, Castle of Cagaliostro is my favorite Lupin. I'll agree that Fujiko doesn't get much of a part in it though. But that is more the reason to be excited about the new tv series where she is in the lead (at least that is what the title and advertising suggests, but I'm still waiting for the legal stream to see it)
  8. That is why I need to get back to translating. People seem to have a hard time navigating through the official site because of the Japanese, but it is chock full of information. By the way, you can see them in battle if you click on their image. The ice Shell Slime (Turara Slime), proably lives in the icy area where the Ogre's live. Though I don't recall any beta testers talking about them.The Baku monster does seem interesting. I'm betting he hangs out by the Elves. That is where I think all of the "oriental" style monsters will be heading. Another reason why I need to get back to tran
  9. You can see the list of announced new monsters on the official page. The thing that looks like a slime rope thing is called a "Puppet Rope". Certainly not, yo. If anything I made myself feel like a fool for posting something in a place where it didn't really go. No big deal. I mean, the Terry's Wonderland forum seems to just have one gigantic thread that everyone posts into, so people really don't card that much here. Well, worst case we have the Queen Slime. It is a slime screen cleaner, which, actually, I think is the exact same one that Slime Knights (and also Comic C
  10. I would assume that the Funimation site will have a link to the video when it is up Officially. It will be subtitled. Doesn't seem to be up yet, so it probably will be at least a week later than the Japanese broadcast or something of that sort. Even if the new Lupin doesn't work for me humor and characterization wise, at least the classy Jazz soundtrack sounds good.
  11. If you mean this guy... ... then it is indeed from Caravan Heart. Loving how they're bringing so many of the monsters from that game back into the fold. Thanks! Yep, him. Half the reason I don't want to ever get rid of my DS Lite is so that I can eventually get Caravan Hearts to play on it (that and I need the Beet the Vandel Buster GBA game that interacts with the DS game. Oh, and I still need to get Slime Morimori).
  12. Interesting. Says that you can choose which skills your monster will/will not use in AI. Street pass also has a "See Results Only" option where you skip watching how the battle progressed. Since I've never played Caravan Hearts before this was my first time seeing a Dark King. And in the trailer video, what is the pumpkin head monster from? Looks kind of like the one that didn't make it into IV (or am I confused?).
  13. Yeah, I'm excited that it will be getting a legal stream. I'm not sure what I will think of the show since it is supposed to be closer to the manga in spirit (and I like Miyazaki style Lupin) but it certainly going to be an interesting show.
  14. Adding some more news. There will be Demo Events for the game with a stage event, chances to play the game, win the real game (delivered to your house when it goes on sale), and survey participants get a slime cellphone cleaner.
  15. Thanks! Though I hope you didn't feel like I was beating up on you about it. Since you mentioned not knowing where it belonged I was trying to be helpful. I've kind of wanted a thread like this for a bit because there are pieces of news that come out that since I plan on covering when I get to translating sit unrealized in the non-Japanese speaking world. For DQIX I felt that there were a ton more news sites posting translations of the Japanese news sites, or linking to scans from Japanese magazines. The slime attack is called "Slime Shower". It looks pretty fun, but I'm disappointed that
  16. Spring season is starting! Anyone have anything that they are excited about?
  17. Bumping this back up. Looking for DQX Beta video's I found how to make slime onigiri for boxed lunches. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJLloC7ueWU
  18. Oh! Your Avan picture sounds wonderful! Besides acting stupid about Flora's feelings, I think he wears those curls in his hair to look silly. With that long hair, yeah, you can add 200 to his "Style" status.
  19. Wow, didn't realize that the others weren't colored with pencil. How do you imitate the colored pencil? I also didn't realize how much Hyunckel you've been doing lately. More Avan please! He's sadly under represented in fanart.
  20. At Disneyland

    1. kalethe quest mister

      kalethe quest mister

      cool have a grate time


    2. PantheonSasuke


      Try not to step on the childrens, yo.

    3. D.Name Theif

      D.Name Theif

      Too bad you werent at the SixStars Park...

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  21. Windows reset my computer the other day, taking my latest DQX page translation with it.

    1. Neofrodo


      Sorry. Did I upset you? : (

    2. alanredstar


      but its true, you cant trust machines

    3. Mimas


      Nope, not upset because of you. My parents have told me the same thing multiple times. I never learn.

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  22. Ah, I forgot to mention. I couldn't seem to find the alternative versions of the picture. Though I do think that Deborah is the best bride so I'm not too upset, but I would like to see them. Your latest picture really had a "card" feeling to it, so I wouldn't have been suprised if you were sending it out to family and freinds as a Chinese New Year card. But I guess you plan on making one with the Dragon Lord now? *hopeful*
  23. Great Dragon! Did you draw it for the Chinese New Year? This is the first time I saw your first picture as well. (June was a bad month for me last year). Gorgeous picture!
  24. That does sound like good news. I have a pet peeve with people using "Crest" as the translation of Monshou (ç´‹ç« ). I mean, right on the cover of the perfect version it says "Emblem". I personally like the word better in general anyways. But I'm ranting here, since it is a valid translation even if it isn't official.
  25. Translations pending while I set up my new computer.

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