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  1. From the Beta I haven't heard anyone say that it isn't fun. I have every reason to believe that it will be a fun game. Will it be a perfect game? No. But it will be a fun game.
  2. Great sword and shield. But where did you get the snow?
  3. Proshall, Is that the bread turtle from Yakitate Japan? The whole thing went so fast I really need another look at the DQX trailer. Saw a Metal King shield though.
  4. Well, you reach a certain age and they look at you a little funny if you go to Chuck E. Cheese without a small child. Instead of using Google Translate, may I suggest that you use a dictionary site like this to try and understand the Japanese? When I lived in Japan it was in a dorm, so we probably only payed the NHK tax through our boarding cost. Yeah, the Southern California Book Offs are sometimes selling the used Japanese 3DS (I think it was $130) and I'm tempted to buy it since the bundle is rather expensive (with the current exchange rate) and for some reason the slime design i
  5. The USB part is just a list of USB devices that can be used with the game when it goes on sale, but there is a separate list of USB devices that have been confirmed to work in the Beta version.
  6. Avoiding the NHK tax? Oh well. There will be a DQX Wii bundle, and depending on your monitor you might be able to use it instead of a TV if you want to play latter. I haven't gotten around to shelling out the money of Terry yet since I will also need a 3DS. I could get the bundle, but boy does the region lock along with the short battery life turn me off. How much time have you put into Terry so far? Play any Slime Mori Mori 3?
  7. Last time I checked out that blog it didn't have much, but it does seem to be coming along well. Not much has been mentioned about teams, but it does seem that you can make them, and as that latest post showed, you can have a team emblem for your shield. Better quality pictures of the same screenshots (and some other screenshots and info) can be found on 4Game.net
  8. Welcome back! (Yeah, Dwaine always posting that girl makes me want to leave too sometimes ). If you are following the DQX news, it would be a big help if you could join in at that subsection as well. Since I live in California, all of the news gets posted in English at other sites by the time I wake up.
  9. I've been holding on to this link for over a week, so I figured I better just get around to posting it. This is an article talking about the way characters move and their actions. "Characteristics of the different tribes I found from playing".
  10. Having you write them down in one list is convenient. Saved me time this morning. They also say that they are lifting some of the restrictions on Beta testers, allowing them to post their thoughts on the game (without spoilers or stats and the like), and allowing them to put pictures taken with the camera up. But they require that you link to your profile page, and have it open to others to participate. Edit: And yes, they are allowing existing Beta testers to invite their friends to join the beta. They still have to be chosen, but then they are allowed to borrow their friends disc to in
  11. Yeah, a proper translation of ひん死で 呪文会心 is "Critical Spells when near death". "Critical spells" having been translated as "Spells that went haywire" in DQIX.
  12. Those Google Translate skill names are hilarious. Sadly the Official English translations aren't even trying to reflect the Japanese names either. Edit: 星うらない is "Fortune Telling by the Stars" or "Astrology". æ˜Ÿå ã„. Google is acting like it is 星売らない.
  13. It has probably been over a decade since they got rid of the mic at Anime Expo. Its certainly is for the best since microphone's seemed to make people freeze up, or be the source of a lot of technical issues.
  14. So the USB memory looks the same as the one they sent out for the Beta. Oh well, I guess I'll just get the normal version then. Maybe get the themed USB, but it somehow doesn't call to me.
  15. To me it sounds like something that runs alongside with the game. They show a picture of you and your sibling fighting monsters for that section. I have no clue how that would work though since the save data for the online part is all on the server.
  16. That was great! First the introductory music for the video is background music from Sailor Moon, then they name Terry after Mamoru, and all of the monsters get planet (or variation of planet) names!
  17. That site just collects threads from 2ch. They don't actually have the book themselves.
  18. All of her pictures showed up fine in the posts for me. That sword is just so gorgeous. Are you going to do her with the improved wig at AX this year?
  19. The Official website updated with the flow of the start of the game. Required: DQX Game Disc, USB Memory Recommended: Classic Controller Pro, USB Keyboard. The game disc installs onto the USB memory and adds a DQX channel to the Wii. At the start of the game you choose what your character and your sibling looks like. Disaster befalls your hometown and you find yourself in a mysterious shrine. There you design your character again choosing from the tribes, and choosing your starting job. From here on the internet is required. You will need a Square Enix account, although they also
  20. I think the glasses look the best. According to the Official Site indeed they all have the same stats, but its looks like the Chimera shirt at Lawwson's comes with a "New Adventurer Set" that which contains: 3 Herbs, 3 Magic Bottles (Recover 10 MP), Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb-Item that increases the experience and gold gained in battle for a limited amount of time.) Yeah, the news was about a week old, but noone seemed to have gotten around to posting it here when I got back. I expect we will see a lot more Draky based stuff this game since they use them to "fly in" announcements at the
  21. Oh, forgot to mention that V-Jump with the package art is also supposed to have information about the start of the story, and the starting stories at the various different continents. I'll try and pick it up this weekend if I can (besides getting back to translation).
  22. Yeah, the cover art is the thing on the lower right. In other news, HORI has announced a DQ themed USB 16GB stick that will come out the same day as the game. You get a code for a Drakey shirt with it. 2,480 yen (with tax. 2,362 yen without) Little plain for my tastes, so I don't know if I will get it or not. I expect there will be a lot of outside items that you can buy that give you codes for in game items, and I don't plan on trying to get them all. Especially since your character has a limited inventory, and at least in the beta the "bank" (its not called that in this game th
  23. Yay! I made it far enough in that game on my "Quest for the Foo Hero" that I get at least some of the references!
  24. The 26th Dragon Quest Family concert, August 23 will perform music from Dragon Quest X. Tickets will go on sale May 12th.
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