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  1. That is the "Hiroba" that I've mentioned before. It also has character profiles for your characters and it is where you go to download and look at the pictures you've taken in the game.
  2. We are both in the game, so if you pm us we can all arrange to meet up.
  3. They've temporarily increased the number of servers to 40. Its a big help.
  4. While it could also indicate another issue, that is the error that comes up when you are IP blocked. Were you using the VPN at that time? If you were try disconnecting and then connecting again. Otherwise try using the VPN again. Please tell us what happens.
  5. If you reach that point again, you might want to turn the VPN off before the update starts and try downloading the update using your normal internet. From my understanding the region block doesn't happen at this level so you should be able to download the update without the VPN. The VPN might be too slow and unreliable for the update to download properly. On the other hand, it does say 3 minutes remaining on your update at 45% so it doesn't appear to be that slow. So if that failed I would recomend reinstalling the game on your USB since something on it could be causing the update to fail.
  6. Warrior Priest Mage Martial Artist Theif Minstriel The image says, "Because an error occured you were not able to download the latest version of the game. Please reset the game and ????? [Can't make out what it says. Too blurry] <Pressing any button will end the game> Does it happen whenever you try and start the game and update a new version (The screen with the blue slime wallpaper or other monsters)? I think the credit card requires a Japanese address. Also, even though no payments were made during the Beta test, people had to have a Wii Shop Channel account to pl
  7. Yes, create a player. I'll try and get up screen shots tonight if I have time. I've been playing online since yesterday.
  8. Yeah, you need to choose the first option, as you've already figured out. Please keep posting screenshots.
  9. Typo, along with a bad choice in words. It was supposed to be "Pay for a ticket to placy the game" but it really should be "Buy a ticket to play the game". It is the place you go to when you need to buy another month of the game. The screen says, "The Square Enix account that you entered can not log in because it does not have a Dragon Quest X contract". Did you make a Japanese Square Enix Account? Also, you don't have to make an account ahead of time on the computer before you play multiplayer. You probably missed something when you were setting up your online account. I would rather a
  10. I would think the Homebrew Channel can Geko Loader would allow you to continue playing your American games on your now Japanese Wii.
  11. Oh, which JS do I need to disable to get rid of that ad then?
  12. Second person seems much better at the game than the first person. (Though a whole night has passed my time, so they might have just gotten better). First person wasn't saying "thank you" or anything to his teammates. It was rather frustrating to watch. Edit: Oh missed Dwaine's response. The first one definitely made them angrier. They were insulting the player left and right. And World Map music is different each continent.
  13. That is probably my favorite picture of yours. I added some more about that into the guide. The main problem is that you will lose any games you downloaded on your Wii. I also have never done it myself so I can't speak much on the topic.
  14. I think it is just a nice way of saying "For Kids" Here is a picture from the launch event.
  15. According to the new Hiroba: New Quests will be added twice a week. The release days are Monday and Thursday. Major Version Up Every 10 weeks. Level Cap will also go up then. Level Cap is 60 for now. Genki Dama require 22 hours of no play instead of the 12 hours from the Beta test. There is a V Jump guide that came out today, but the official guide books (2 volumes) will go on sale October 22. There are 20 servers, with 4 specializing in people who are playing by themselves, 5 for people with no keyboard, 3 for students, and 2 OK to film. Here is a report on the line for the ope
  16. Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to get this finished in time. I'll try to finish this later but I'm posting what I have for now. Requirements for playing the game: DQX USB storage with 16GB (It will be formatted in such a way that it will be unusable for anything but the game, so it would be a waste of space to use something much larger. Japanese Wii, or a Wii modified to have the region, online channel, and probably language switched to Japanese. The homebrew channel alone does not cut it because you need access to the Japanese online store as well as being able to start the game
  17. Here is a video of the news when DQIII went on sale. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2zqM7GtGow Now a days everyone reserves their games ahead of time or orders them online, so the long lines, and the sell outs aren't as much of an issue anymore.
  18. Huh? Even in English I don't see that article saying anywhere that it is canceled. The Iwata Asks is just talking about why they developed the system. I will start translating the newly added pages tonight.
  19. Here are the things I thought were of note in the Nintendo Direct: There will be double the number of skin colors to choose from in the character creation screen from what was shown from the beta. There will also be more hair styles, but they can't say how many. The weather does change in game. 1200 people were able to make it into Fujisawa's house for the housing server test. He left his house open so that things could be placed and moved by anyone, and the house now seemed barren. At least one of his flower vases had been taken by Horii. Horii plans on playing as a fighter el
  20. That video is just someone who got the beta test talking. The DQIX one (and VIII) were just strange. I liked this one better even if it was basically a SMAP version of the story of the Hunter X Hunter author. By the way, I hear that you can see the producer of X, Saito, in one of the crowd scenes.
  21. New commercial posted. Also has a "making of" video.
  22. Second CM should go up soon. This one finally features SMAP (I was beginning to worry). And here are screenshots and more details on the 3DS software. Sounds like something special happens if you use see someone in "Streetpass" and then see them in the game.
  23. Gorgeous, that was certainly a treat to the ears. And the Kenshin Sword and DQVI preorder slime were great touches as well. (And I happen to love DQ7 anyways) I support the idea of you recording more songs. I would assume that you are looking into buying whatever music book they must be putting out for DQ10? Whenever you get around to recording more videos of you
  24. How is it a solo costume? I can't see how Aira is any more solo than Bianca. Do your friends just not want to do any of the other characters?
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