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  1. Glad you were able to figure it out. I was going to suggest following his video. Were you able to complete Quest 4 as well?
  2. For the lottery you need to talk to the guy in the yellow outfit in the inn in Glen. The same one that gives you Genki Dama. I believe you do not have to have done the quest to use the concierge before you can do the lottery, but if you haven't done that quest yet you should. The option should be the one on the top ふくびきをする and then agree to give up a lottery ticket. You should then hear a rustling sound and a ball will drop. The color of the ball indicates your prize. A possible problem you may be encountering is that you need room for the prize in your bag before you can do the
  3. Can't get it going, so it is hard for me to answer that question! They say the real thing will have the orchestra music. The map is places on the left like it is in the WiiU version though. How many FPS you get could be in the settings. I thought I saw a screencap of the settings showing that you can change how many people you see, which the WiiU is able to show more than the Wii (Which I think maxes at 10?).
  4. Gamepad Setup You can change the settings of your game pad. Left column: Keep reset Confirm Cancel Auto Run Jump Model Rotation clockwise Model Rotation counterclockwise Show the main command window Show the map Show the communication window Reset the camera position Right column: Analog Stick Character position settings Camera control settings Analog Stick Sensitivity Settings Option Respond even when the window is not active. Bottom Buttons (Left to right) Return the original settings Save Settings Cancel Keyboard Settings You can change the keyboard
  5. I have Windows 7 (64 bit Pro if that matters). So I don't think that the OS is my issue. My computer is Intel core i7-2600 COU @ 3.4 GHz and the video card is AMD Radeon HD 6700 series. Don't know if that information helps are not.
  6. I would not be happy I haven't ever seen a GM in DQX. They are really rare. The botting and tool use are things I had not heard about before. That makes a lot more sense on why there would be an issue. The main complaint that I am seeing against the PC version is worries about increased bot use.
  7. Quest Requirement: Level 10 Location: Any Bank You need to fight Bubble Slimes until they drop Kirameki Ink. (It is a special item, not the type that shows up in the normal bag).
  8. After installing the benchmark, I try and run it and it always crashes immediately. Can't even read the contract.
  9. Off topic, but what happened? They would probably keep us on the same servers, I've been thinking, so that they can keep costs down. In game, I've only heard one insult about Westerners playing, and I haven't gotten a bad reaction from anyone I told that I wasn't Japanese. Of course I am not talking in English where anyone else can see me.
  10. The encoding is off and some of the selections are not being displayed correctly so I cannot read them. I will see about translating the rest at the end of the day. Feel free to put up an other screen shots you want translations for.
  11. Hi, It is that time of the year again, and the schedule has been posted, so I figured I would see who else is going to Anime Expo this year and see if we want to have a meet-up. The schedule is all over the place for me this year, and I am not really excited about any of the guests. I'm planing on going to a Japanese speakers/learners meetup at a local hotel on Saturday at 5pm, but that is the only hard thing in my schedule.
  12. I focused completely on passives with my character first. I definitely think in the long run that you want them. But for leveling up weapons skills seem to be a better choice. There are no passive attacks (Other than if you count Lost Attack) that carry over from one class to the other. All my friends who focued on weapons first were able to level up faster, and then they just used the skill reset to get the passives later. By "Shield of Kings" are we talking about the shield you get as part of the Shinwa Storyline? I guess I should compare it to my Slime Knight Shield, and see if it time
  13. Checking the Beta page, you are extremely limited. You can't finish any more of the story quests (other than helping other people at their starting race city). That could be fun depending on your Japanese communication skill level. If you haven't done the quests for support comrades that would be good to do. I would recommend wandering around Glen Castle Town and taking up quests and getting to know the area. You might want to give crafting a try. You should be able to do every craft other than wood working and armor making. That way you can choose what you want to do when the real game comes
  14. No, VPN you don't need Windows 7. That is only required for making a hotspot for your WiiU. On a PC you just need to set up the VPN on the computer that you will be playing on and you should be good to go. Tell me if there is anything you need help with for that.
  15. I actually do think that it will be news about the game going global. There have been other Nico Nico streams and they DID NOT have an English translation. Neither does the second video that will be streaming at the same time as the announcement video. Why would they announce an English version in a Japanese stream? Because the Japanese players are their current customers and they want to be the ones to tell the news in a way that won't turn them off rather than having it come from a third party. I would imagine that this would mean that there will at least be some shared servers, which makes
  16. Sorry, that is a bad translation. The "Other games" is referring to in game games. As you can see in the official translation calling it "23:00~ Let's figure out a game to play in「DQⅩ」!". People currently play hide-and-seek and the like in the game. They aren't going to talk about none-DQX games during the DQX stream. "
  17. Yeah, you will need to get a Nico Nico account. With the free one you are likely to get booted off a few times, but normally I can get back in if I keep trying.
  18. I'm going to be quite sad if it comes to pass he is retiring. The industry itself will be greatly diminished from this loss. Smoking, not video game development.
  19. Source? Same source that you Siliconera article you posted used. The 4Gamer interview. In particular. page 2
  20. Huh? No, 2.0 is an expansion. In the suggestion section of the Hiroba a bit back the director said that it would be a new purchase for 2.0. Though you can supposedly still play what will then be 1.5 and you just won't have access to the new content. A bit back he said he was quitting. I don't know if it lasted or not.
  21. Yes on text, no on inventory management. I prefer using the keyboard myself. I sure don't need a desk or anything for it though. Look, you don't translate the whole streaming schedule into English for nothing. The non-announcement video does not have a translation. (Though they don't spell announcement correctly in the translation)
  22. The streaming videos in question come out on the 22nd in Japan. Here is the Hiroba Link and this is the Main Video Link, and then the secondary non-announcement video that will be playing at the same time. Umm, which I just noticed, the description for the video has an English translation. That is rather interesting. My first expectation is that they will announce the 2.0 expansion pack. But this English translation, that could mean something.
  23. With the Hiroba diary feature, I don't need this place to record my gameplay anymore! Well, the hair change and the rental outfits are newer additions to the game, so I guess they did not plan for them in those scenes. But, you will never know what it is like to be shoved out into the cruel world with nothing on but your underwear. Why did that old man have to stare at me?! I made a fast dash back to the church that day, and never looked back. Oh come one Saro! Just get a Japanese Wii or Wii U (you can probably get the first for fairly cheap at a local Book Off) and join us!
  24. Not DQVII, but if people want to ask about DQX the twitter account for the producer is @SaitoYosuke_Z and the director is @JIn_Fujisawa
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