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  1. I don't know where my video cable for it has gone so I can't test how it currently is working, but I think you got a bum device. Looking for information there is some talk of broken devices floating around the used market for a while in Japan. This person was trying to repair one. They don't seem to have made much progress but it might be worth contacting them to see if they ever figured it out. This page shows how the inside is put together and assembled, so it might help in an attempt to fix it. And as proof that the sword isn't needed, here is someone who replaced it with dumbbells. Back when I was playing it I really did try the foil. It was not as accurate but it could get a response from the machine.
  2. I don't think there is anything special about the pyramid. Do you have an error message you can show us?
  3. Should I unfriend you? ^_^; Are you still playing on PC? Maybe we can help you save your character?
  4. There is a second video now with more gameplay and explanation. There will be a third video as well talking about development. It seems that you are given rankings based on how fast you beat each "stage (or you could call it wave) of monsters. Probably various quests will ask for you to beat it with a certain rank I bet. The developer wanted to stress at the end that they chose this fight and set up so that it would be a challenge and that the game doesn't have to be this hard for people who aren't good at action games (Considering that both VJump Editors were unable to beat the quest). Amusing how we got a "Kirby" going on here.
  5. Hoping I get selected for the Beta. VJump Play has a video showing one of their staff playing the game and goes over the controls. I don't have Twitter, so I had no hope from the start.
  6. As Estorerica says, they really cleaned him up from the manga. The adaption is trying to walk a thin line in keeping the show appropriate for modern children and trying to be keep the contents of the manga. It is also believed that he is based on a famous Weekly Jump manga editor, Kazuhiko Torishima. Considering that the character from Dr. Slump that is also based off of him is also supposed to be a pervert (haven't read it) and the man originally wanted to be an editor of the Japanese edition of Playboy, I am afraid that these might be a reflection of a real person's behavior. Hopefully it was just a bad joke though, especially since he also was important in the development of the Dragon Quest series itself. I don't recall Matoriv assaulting anyone later in the series, so at least the worst of it should be over. Yes, in the Japanese he says "Puff Puff" Spoiler response:
  7. Glad to be of service. When my copy arrives I will post a bit about it. I am still hoping that we get a licensed translation for this and the original manga. It seems Amiami is no longer selling the manga (out of stock?), but it looks like they still have 10 copies ad CD Japan. I expect there will be a reprint to respond to demand, but I don't know if the English language stores will be restocking.
  8. The artist for the manga tweeted out the whole first chapter to celebrate the first volume going on sale. Since it has been publicly released I will post my text translation for the first chapter. Read it along side the pictures in the Tweet. The translation is a bit on the literal side and could probably use some polishing, but I hope you enjoy. Edited to add in links to each image on Twitter.
  9. Oh, I was hoping you would have some insight on it. The green sound effect text as well you think is a spot color? I would imagine this was before digital proofs so would you know what would be involved in adding color to the text? (I know the text is normally glued onto the original drawing)..
  10. I was going through my computer and at one point I downloaded a scan of the first real chapter's color pages as well, which is not the same as the color pages from the new edition. The Jump version seems that have colored in the text bubbles, colored text, and colored sound effect text. So this leaves the question of what the original work looks like. Was the color added by Jump? Was it removed from the new edition? I guess without asking the publishers or them having an art exhibit we can't answer these questions.
  11. Based on the time slot that the anime is on there should not be any season breaks (Just Holiday breaks like the New Year's one that we already had.).
  12. Toei Animation is asking for people to retweet and tag friends about how they are enjoying Dragon Quest Dai so far.

    Since I don't have a Twitter account I am posting here to remind everyone here to show support for Dragon Quest by showing support for the anime! If you can post on Twitter, reply to their thread at least!

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    2. Mimas


      It's not likely to get one unless it can pick up more popularity in the US. (Would not be surprised if they get dubs in France etc. though).

    3. AustNerevar


      @Erdrick The Hero Yeah having a kid, this is the way I often have to watch stuff too. I said I'd make time for Dai, but it's been difficult.

    4. Woodus


      Just saw this, I retweeted it. I need to sit down and continue watching it, only got thru the first 5 episodes so far.

  13. First volume goes on sale early March and can be bought from places like Amiami.
  14. I felt these episodes were done quite well. I was glad that the pacing was a little faster (covering 4 chapters worth of content) in episode 20, so we could get the aftermath of the battle. The soundtrack was also on point these episodes as well. Talking about the soundtrack, with the CD going on sale next month the composer has been showing off a few of his tracks on Youtube lately. It should also be mentioned that the Dai Suki TV Youtube series has changed from being a once monthly live stream to a weekly per-recorded video put out right after an episode of the anime airs in Japan. This change also means that it is hosted by the voices of Dai and Popp instead of the editors of VJump. Mine arrived the other week with the tapestry. Extra contents are on disc 1, and include: No-Credit Opening, No-Credit Ending, The first half of a special interview with the voice actors of Dai and Popp, and the advertisement video for the anime from the Jump Special Festa 2020. First edition can send in for the chance to get an autograph from Dai's voice actress.
  15. Sure, it probably should go there The latest VJump has Dai as the cover so there is also another set of wallpapers you can get for the Dai section as well. http://vjump.shueisha.co.jp/download/index.html
  16. The first thing that pops in my head is better equipment and item management. I should not have to spend as much time trying to manage them (partially due to insignificant storage) as I do playing the game itself. Yes. The streetpass and the Metal King map made quite the impression in Japan and led to Street Pass on the 3DS. No. I would not be surprised either way. We have only had 2 Hero's games as well. Drakey used to be the fav, but I think the Sanguini, as they are called in English, has taken over these days. Yes. I have played Stars and Parade for a short period of time for DQX events. The mechanics that are trying to make you buy gems are rather annoying. I don't find the game play itself as compelling, but I am curious about their stories. Having an online main series game. Yes. There are certainly casual fans, (there are also Japanese people who don't know anything about Dragon Quest as well), but there are plenty of hardcore fans.
  17. The first thing I noticed was the extra title page in the tankoban. This is not present in the new edition. Well, the reason why ends up being that this seems to have originally been a title page for a chapter when it ran in Jump, but was moved to being a title page for the Tankoban. This seems to be a common theme going through the new edition. We can see that the page was originally two toned color. Note the page with Dai and Avan on the right. It appears in the Tankoban in a different place. The above is just a comparison of the first page of the manga in all 3 editions. The only main difference is the title of the series being present in the Tankoban version of the page. So here we can see the Tankoban version moved the Avan and Popp picture farther forward into the book, before the two characters were introduced in the story. We can also see the color pages in the new edition compared to the black and white version in the tankoban. The new edition shows the change from color to two-toned color. Compared to the Tankoban. Here we can see once again where a title page was removed from the Tankoban edition. It makes an appearance as if it were an extra art page later in the Tankoban. On the right in the new edition is an extra picture of Avan. This won't make it into the Tankoban until volume 2. The new edition has a blank page with the title since the picture correctly as the title page earlier. The spell explanations have been moved to the end of the volume in the new edition (it is easier to find that way) so they are not present in the same place as the Tankoban. I think I have heard that these pages might have been in Jump but I can't confirm that at this point. The page orders changed a bit compared with the Tankoban, with a page of manga followed by the title page changed to the title page followed by manga in the Tankoban version. Do to this shuffle, in this picture you will notice that the colored picture pages don't match up to the Tankoban page. You will also notice an edit to the content. The six pointed star has had its lines erased. The text in the volume referring to it also calls it a "Six star" instead of a "Six pointed star". The following page in the new edition has an empty space and then the next page. Likely this is where an ad was shown in the original magazine edition. The one thing that the new edition seems to be missing so far is the interviews at the end of some volumes. Once again at the start of volume 2 they made a title page for the volume out of stealing a chapter's title page. Here is the picture of Avan from before in volume 2. So as a general rule it looks like the new version is the most correct and complete version. There have been some changes to the art and text from the original Jump serialization though, like the above six pointed star issue. There is also at least one place where an art mistake was fixed as well. I might post about those later but I will at least wait until the equivalent anime episodes have aired.
  18. To match up with the new anime, there is also a new release of the manga, a "Perfect" edition of sorts (although it is called the Color edition officially) which preserves the color pages from the manga when it ran in Jump. This new edition features new covers by the original artist (you can really see how his art style has changed over the years). The covers are done so that they create a large connected picture. The volumes are designed to try and keep storyline's together in the same book. They release about 3 per a month. As they are still being released I only am showing the ones I have so far. You can see that due to basing the number of pages on story size the width of the volumes vary. They have also broken the story done into sub arch's which are color coded. The blue first arch is "Disciples of Avan" and the second is "Dragon Knight". Volume 1 has the contents of the original tankoban volume 1 and part of volume 2. It is equivalent to the bunkoban volume 1 as far as the story goes. (It is amazing how the camera showed all the grime on my cover. Went to clean it after taking the picture. Did not look this bad in real life). It is equivalent to the bunkoban volume 1 as far as the story goes. So I will compare it to these editions. The Bunkoban basically is the same as the Tankoban version but without the extra pages etc so I will focus on the comparisons to the Tankoban. The pictures from the covers of the Tankoban are found in volume 5 of the new edition. A side note before we get started, but this title page is likely the inspiration for the first cover in the new edition. Continued...
  19. No, I haven't put them up yet. It is hard to take good pictures without stretching the binding on them. The last Dai Suki TV suggested that the ratings were good and the game has been selling better than expectations so I think it might be more successful than the reviews would suggest. Might be starting to make inroads on the kids. I purchased the two sets off Amazon JP using a Tenso address. Haven't heard anything about my order from Tenso yet, so I might need to double check things. I think Proxy services are the best bet this time, sadly. EDIT: Looks like YesAsia has the first Blu-Ray up for ordering. This might be the easiest way to purchase outside of Japan.https://www.yesasia.com/us/dragon-quest-the-adventure-of-dai-vol-1-blu-ray-japan-version/1096688030-0-0-0-en/info.html
  20. Possible? But I doubt they would bother for another decade or so. I would go with 3. 3 is what put the game solidly on the map in Japan. I get the feeling 5 is popular, but not necessarily any more popular than 4 in Japan either. DQ3 created the image of a fantasy world that exists in Japan and is featured in all of those Isekai stories coming out these days. I haven't been following the success of DQ11 in the West much. I get the feeling it is doing a bit better than past games, and having a PC version probably doesn't hurt that, but at the same time I don't feel like DQ is really making much inroads into the general audiences. Smash might have done more for DQ than 11 for all I know. The popularity of 11 hasn't done any favors for Dai it seems, with very little conversation happening around it even among DQ fandom. Does not inspire me to hope that spin-off games will do well here either. Never played any Phantasy Star so no comment. It has been a while since I played a Monsters game so the only thing I can think of is having the "Monster bank" allow me to have enough room for one of each monster at least. I don't like having to fuse just to make space. The sound effects and the Sugiyama music are all basically DQ sound. There can certainly be other music like Swords and the new Dai anime, but when people think of DQ they normally hear those sounds. If band then you could call the Tokyo Metropolitan Orchestra their band? Not that they own them. I feel that maybe this question isn't that clear in what it is asking. Their perception isn't colored by it much at all I would think. There are plenty of DQ fans that have never read the manga of seen the anime. At the time that the manga was in serialization it was often over shadowed by the Dragon Ball and Slam Dunk. But the games have been influenced by it in quite a number of notable ways. Many of the unique skills and spells from Dai have made it to the games, such as Beton (Donk). I have also heard people suggest that they creation of skills in DQ6 was heavily influenced by the large number of sword skills etc from Dai. Certainly there were a few skills that seemed to have come from the manga in it. I also think though that when talking about manga and their influence on the games that the works of Osamu Kaneko should be brought up. I doubt that the Slime Mori Mori series would have existed without Kaneko's previous works creating the comical and air-headed slime protagonist. Where? Personally I felt Deborah was a great addition and the best choice. Obviously though people who haven't played the DS version would not know and love her though so she could easily be least by lack of recognition alone. I would have to give this more thought. I do like the mundane conversations with townspeople a lot though. Or talking to dogs. I don't dabble much in non-DQ games so I cannot comment on this. To have no influence from DQ I could only imagine it would have to be a pre-DQ PC game of some sort. I could see it happening again. Maybe cell phone next time? Definitely a Luida's Bar cook book. I still need to get myself a Slime pancake pan. Yes I have played. Really had a great time. I would put it above Swords myself. I don't think Swords did anything new compared to Kenshin. I try not to keep those pent up in my mind too long so I don't know what the worst is. While not exactly wrong, in episode 16 of Dai, translating Puff Puff to Motor boarding was rather....something... I think they unintentionally made the line even more sexual that way.
  21. I was a bit disappointed in episode 9. I felt that there was more more emphasis on the action parts than on the emotional impact of the episode. The equivalent episodes in the 90s version were some of the best episodes in that series in my opinion. So perhaps I came in with too much bias to begin with. The emphasis on action probably also makes the show more approachable for the younger audience set. Meanwhile, I have never been much of a fan of the following arch that introduces Hyunckel, but I thought this version did a very good job with it, elevating the episode beyond the original manga. The increased pacing and a few other changes helped to keep the story flowing. We should probably be getting a new opening and ending now or soon since the first cour ended. I am hoping for a bit of a change in style (I prefer a more traditional "anime style opening" or something that sounds more fantasy style). I will post some pics of the new editions of the manga, It might go in its own thread. In general it is the pages as they originally appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump, and there are a lot of interesting discoveries I made from that. At the same time though there has at least been one piece of art that was fixed, and a number of lines that have been "censored" or rewritten from the original text.
  22. NewType December 2020 pg 42-43 Interview The part of Dai TANEZAKI Atsumi One day to be the hero I admire Top left picture: The Papnica knife he was given from Leona. The blade is small but the blade boasts the enough sharpness to injure both Hadlar and Crocodine. One could say that it is a weapon that most closely represents the small hero Dai. One image down: Due to the training of Avan, within just 3 days Dai became much stronger. Both Brass who raised him and his fellow student Popp can't hide their amazement at the awesome potential of Dai. Middle image: Dai. He is the only human on the monster inhabited island of Demline where he was raised. While he is still a child, and his immature points stand out, when his anger is inflamed a crest on his dead appears and wields a tremendous power. Right image: The Hero Tutor, Avan. His real identity is the hero of legend who defeated Hadlar in the past. He tried to use the self sacrifice spell Megante to bring the fight against the resurrected Hadlar to a draw but... Middle bottom image: Meeting the princess of the Kingdom of Papnica made a big change in the fate of Dai who had until then just been a boy living on an uninhabited island. If not for Leona the master and student relationship with Avan would not have happened. Dai's Recommendation is the Beast King Crocodine!? With the start of the battle against the Dark Army, you can't keep your eyes off the story of "Dragon Quest the Adventure of Dai." What is TANEZAKI Atsumi's view, as both someone who followed the story in real time, and voices the part of Dai of this new "Adventure of Dai"? -The work is famous and the reputation has already been established and it has been put to film before, so I would think that these things would make it harder in some different ways. Tanezaki: That's right! But when I heard about the auditions themselves I was so happy about that itself I couldn't believe it. One thing is that I wanted to be a voice actress pretty early. There have been so many times I have been frustrated that there has been a work getting animated that I liked, that I loved since I was a child being made into an anime, and I was unable to make it to the point of getting an audition. So it is such an honor to get the part of Dai. And while of course I want to do Dai, I thought I would even be happy getting any role for this work. -You watched the previous anime version child you say? Tanezaki: I was still super duper small at the time so my memory isn't as clear as the male cast that are right at the correct age range, but I recall watching it with my older sister and thinking that the enemies and comrades all had cool attacks, and wishing that an emblem would emerge on me. I also made Hyunckel's armor out of newspaper (Laugh). So, then a few years after the anime ended, I snuck into my sisters room and secretly read the compiled volumes of the original work. I thought, so this is what the story was about! and once again was deeply moved. -Was there a character you liked? Tanezaki: Popp! I have always like the type of characters that become infatuated with women (laugh). You know that type of character never ends as just infatuated, so maybe it is that gab that I am weak to. So more than the "Way they grow" I am attracted to that "Gap", its quite precocious isn't it.... I recall throughly enjoying the romantic relationship between Popp and Maam. I think even though I was a child I was cheering on his relationship with Maam from the heart. Because of that, for Hyunckel....I admired his armor but I think I viewed him as the person messing with my favorite character's love life (laugh). -After all in some ways Popp is like the second main character. Could you also talk about the appeal of Dai? Tanezaki: Hmm....While at the start Dai would be embarrassed if you praised him, talking about the appeal of the character I am acting as makes me embarrassed and I have a hard time saying anything... But I like the way that he is embarrassed, and the way he can do a dry comedic straight man, and the way he is pure and straight forward....(Deep thinking) I guess how he is special but not special. But if I talk about it too much it would be spoilers syou know (Laugh). -So may I ask what to look forward to? Tanezaki: Att he start of the story the first thing that made me cry was the fight against Crocodine. You could complain, "Not the place with Avan-Sensei!" (Laugh). For Avan versus Hadlar I was just overwhelmed by intensity of the two, but Crocodine is really appealing. Re-watching as an adult his pride as a man, his hot passion, it is tremendous. Mr. Maeno (Tomoaki) does a wonderful performance and fits the character, and Crocodine pulls on your heartstrings. I've grown to have a body that is tearful with scenes of Crocodine (Laugh). The current anime has a good tempo, so these passionate scenes will come one after another. My emotions can't keep up! -So you are saying that instead of Dai or Popp that we should focus on Crocodine (laugh). Tanezaki: Personally he is my top recommendation (laugh). Of course I still love Popp! But since I was a child Popp was steadfast number one, but lately Hadlar has started to eat into that, and with those changes I can sense that I have become an adult..... -While the type is different from Popp, Hadlar is also a failure as a person, right? Tanezaki: I guess I am attracted to that sort of person (laugh). Those difficulties of middle management, it is the kind of thing you don't appreciate until you are an adult. But of course besides the main characters whose names I have already mentioned, the characters who only show up for a moment, they are also charming. There is a reason they have been continued to be loved for such a long time. You are willing missing out if you don't know this long loved work! It is still not too late, I want those who still haven't to touch upon this production. Top picture on second page: This is an original monster to "The Adventure of Dai", the Dark Scorpion. While the Scorpion types in the games are solid they are weak to the Gira type spells. So this strong opponent is one rank above them since he is immune to spells. What you gaze at is.... Even still, the reason I fight Real Courage is not planned. To rescue Leona who is in trouble....That is a large motivator for Dai to throw himself into battle. The legion commanders that stand in his way are all the cream of the crop but Dai is someone with courage who does not flinch. "No matter what the danger is, he will dive in to save those who he cherishes....that is who Dai is" (Tanezaki) Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Every Week/ Saturday AM 9:30-10:00 TV Tokyo Affliates See Page 110 for other channels Web: https://dq-dai.com/ Twitter @DQ_DAI_anime Interview by GIGAN-YAMAZAKI
  23. Looks great! Thanks a lot! Yeah, there will be a good 10 episodes of the 2020 version up for free by this evening so it is a good time to start a binge. I would suggest this version over the original version since the whole story should be covered this time and the last one ended right when the story was just ramping up. It still is a fun watch, but if you only have a limited amount of time go with 2020. There were also some wallpapers that came out with the last VJump Cover
  24. @Woodus On that note, not a bug, but I noticed the DQ anime section is still rather slim. Maybe you could add a link to Crunchyroll and Hulu's page for Dai? I also have someofficial Dai wallpaper's that you might want to host in that section. Edit: Such as these ones for the upcoming smartphone game. 1125x2436 1080x1920 750x1334
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