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    Spam Bots

    Do you have the ability to add any more fields to the sign up page? Just a question like "Type the number one thousand " [_________] can work as a Turing test to keep out some of the Spam Bots (assuming you can check that the answer always has to be 1000 or 1,000).
  2. .ipsType_richText { color: #fff; } Have you tried this for the font color for the dark scheme? Changing that seems to change the text color when I tested using the browser's developer tools.
  3. Thanks! Looks much better!
  4. Mimas

    Spam Bots

    Something like this might help. https://www.sitepoint.com/easy-spam-prevention-using-hidden-form-fields/
  5. Is there a way to make the icons square instead of a circle? I don't see what advantage a circle gives anyone.
  6. The link does not work for me (keeps forwarding me to the mobile site.) Posting the inserts might help. But if you need to tell a blue slime from one series apart from another it might be kind of hard to help.
  7. Mimas

    Version 4

    The graphical updates are supposed to be out on September 6th, so before version 4 is even out. I would lend you mine if you were near by, LOL! You could look to see if there are cheaper used versions online though. Am I the only one who thinks that the guy in the black armor looks like an older grumpy version of the hero from DQ11?
  8. I won the Jackpot myself today! I have made it past the halfway point so the game no longer will give new spells of resurrection.
  9. Mimas

    Version 4

    Yes, both the PC and WiiU will be getting improvements in their graphics. Because of that they have changed the base PC requirement specs for the PC http://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/topics/detail/5129a5ddcd0dcd755232baa04c231698/ For most people the need for a registration code and the software go hand in hand but in my case I play both on the WiiU and the PC so I purchase the updates for the WiiU and borrow my mother's disc for her PC updates for my PC version. This kind of sharing only makes sense if you play on more than one system.
  10. Mimas

    Version 4

    You can't play version 4 on your PS4 without version 1-3 on the Playstation 4. The registration code from the PC version may work so that you could borrow 1-3 from a friend or buy it used but as the PS4 is a separate monthly payment from the PC/Nintendo monthly payment I would not be suprised if it requires you to own a new registration code for the PS4 version for 1-3. Version 4 is an expansion pack you can't just buy it and play the game without the other disks.
  11. Mimas

    Version 4

    You are confused. Version 4 has always been scheduled to come out in November. The all in one package (versions 1 through 3) came out in Japan "today" as scheduled. http://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/topics/detail/9c19a2aa1d84e04b0bd4bc888792bd1e/
  12. The support website says that you might be having trouble with your firewall or security program on your computer blocking you.
  13. You gather Yocchi as you travel around the map. They appear randomly scattered about. So far all the ones I have found normally have been good enough to get me thorough a map. You can't use higher rank ones that you get from street pass until you advance far enough in the dungeons to use them anyway so at least early on I don't feel much need to street pass. As soon as I got the boat I started wandering every place I could that I knew would not advance the story. I was happy to be able to make it back to my home town. Now at least I have it in my Rula list. I battled Kandata for some black pepper, and I found the battle with him to be one of the most challenging I have had up to date. I was only level 20 at the time, and I might be falling behind on armor since crafting can make better armor than what you can buy I hold off purchasing anything in the hopes that I can get the recipe soon instead. I have now made it to the town with the martial arts competition, but the battery on the 3DS once again reached its limits for now.
  14. I have reached the part that they showed in the gameplay videos and the demo's that they had in Japan. (Going to go and fight the giant scorpion). I have ran across 3 metal slimes (2 were in the same battle) and have managed to defeat all of them. Either I am using up all my lifetime supply of luck or they are not running away as much as they normally like to. I did manage to defeat one with a critical hit, which was exciting since I have not had many critical hits so far playing in general. For the quest where you need to find the golden cactus it also showed up my first battle with a cactus after taking the quest, so I am thinking that maybe today is just a lucky day for me. Resurrection spell for where I am in the game now is: だばか ざせり ずずべす かぬの ぐひな ま At least in the 3DS I have not seen any armor reflected in the normal character animation. A few times for the story it has changed though. After having escaped from jail I wore a scarf around my head for a time. Kamyu and I wore a light cloth outfit for the steam bath house.
  15. I have not made it that far yet, so I can't say who is evil at this point. But they say he is the "brains" of the duo.
  16. Here is my pic from the final story boss of version 3.
  17. With DQ11 having come out today, I figured we needed a thread for us to share our gameplay. I pre-ordered the 3DS download version so that I could play the game as soon as the clock hit midnight in Japan. I happened to have the day off so I have been playing since it came out (except now the 3DS needs to charge). I decided to not use a DQ1 or DQ2 spell code for my first playthroughh since it seems kind of like cheating. At 3 house I have finally made it to the opening animation. For now I have chosen the 3D version, the mix of the two was really nice for getting a good view of the map. The spell for where I am in the game now is: あけじ らどべ にちぎと ぐらじ げやお ゆ
  18. On the latest Dragon Quest TV they announced that at the wake time the version 4 package is to be released that support for the Wii is going to be dropped. http://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/news/detail/ae1d2c2d957a01dcb3f3b39685cdb4fa/The Hiroba website says they will announce a cheaper upgrade path for Wii to Switch at a later date.
  19. Thanks everyone! Always good to survive another year! Wish I had that slime cake though. Slime cake makes every year better!
  20. The anniversary event was extended back in October so you can still get the dress. http://ドラクエ10.jp/dq10_memo83.html These present codes expire in 11 hours but if you put them in before that you will get the item that allows you to fight the Dragon Lord. You have one week before the Dragon Lord will no longer be avaliable.
  21. Two different attributes is often good so that you can have one hammer that increases damage to monsters that say are weak to fire, but one with no attribute that you can switch to (switch hands) when a monster is resistant to an element.
  22. http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n180317413 Fornow I think you will only find them on Yahoo Auctions and you will need to pay a middle man for it (In the past I have used Celga). Yeah, if you have the time in your schedule try going ahead of time. I could not believe that they could sell out day one, they have got to have more stock again by then. I bought the slime party t-shirt since it was soo cute even though it is too big, but at least it is a Japanese size large so it isn't quite nightgown size. I wanted the slime hero plush though and they were out of that, hopefully they are making more or only have a certain amount set aside for each show. Good luck shopping, and good luck in your seating.
  23. I got back from my trip to Japan last Friday (July 29). Other than Dragon Quest, this trip I went to Shikoku, Kyushuu (Checked out Haus Ten Bosch), Osaka (Universal Studios Japan), and Tokyo (Disneysea, original Yoshinoya). Obviously though, the thing people on this site are probably the most interested in though was the Dragon Quest Spectacular Tour and the Dragon Quest Museum. While both debuted on the same day, I went to the show first (July 22, opening night) and the museum on the 23rd. The Spectacle Show started out in Saitama, which is about a one hour train trip from Tokyo. I got there about an hour before the doors were supposed to open, planing to get dinner and then line up to enter. This was a bad plan. I was expecting that they would sell Dragon Quest merchandise within the Saitama Arena itself, and you would only be able to buy once you got in. This is not the case. They were already selling things by the time I arrived. By the time I made it to the front of the line for merchandise they were already sold out of many of the items, including the shirts in any size smaller than large. Outside they were also selling shaved ice in commemorative plastic Slime Tower cups (Slime Stacks). They only have two flavors, Mango and Strawberry. I did not eat one myself (but did pay to have the cup) but heard that unlike good shaved ice it was hard like a snow ball. The shaved ice was in a cup in the slime cup, so it was easily removed and the slime itself was perfectly clean. ^Where the Shaved Ice was sold ^Sign for Shaved Ice. ^Cosplayer ^Cosplayer entertaining people while we line up to get in. ^Statues near the entrance. After I picked up what I could from the store it was about time for the doors to be opening soon. The place was flooded with people. Many who you could tell had been to the museum earlier in the day. Upon entering there was a large row of flowers for the performers sent to them by various people and groups. There was some expensive non-Dragon Quest food that could be bought in the Arena but I did not want to miss anything, so I just went hungry. There was a long line for both the men's and women's restrooms, so I would suggest that if you go to go before you go. On every seat there was a wrist band with a large light attached to it. You are supposed to wear it during the show and then put it back when it is over. There was some security walking around telling people that you were not to record any part of the performance. I took a picture of the stage on my cellphone before the show started though to give you guys an idea of what the stage was like. The stage is surrounded at each side by the seating with branches that reach out to the seating. It is from these branches that characters and enemies often emerge. My seat was near where key characters would often emerge. That meant that I mostly always saw their backs. There was some seating on the ground, which had some interaction with the characters, but I have doubts on how well they could see the stage in general. There were large rectangular curtains hanging from the ceiling that formed a cross centering the stage. These could be raised or lowered and were used for projecting background and effects. At the start of the show there were two merchants at either end of the stage that told jokes. They also told the audience how to do the Torneko Shorts dance (Underpants Dance). You could by a washrag that looked like them that they wanted you to use for the dance, but they said if you had not purchased it that you could use a hat instead. We were told that in the performance Torneko would request of us to do the dance with him. Torneko made a brief appearance then, telling a few jokes with audience participation before the show started up. Putting the story in spoiler tags. This video from the official promotion gives a pretty good look into what the show was like. Edit: Added in the rest of the pictures. As there does not seem to be any interest in this write up I won't bother with one for the Museum.
  24. If I am understanding you correctly, you have never played before, right? I doubt that you will be able to get your save file off of their computer, and there won't really be anything you will need to move over. You will start with the prologue/tutorial part of the game offline, but once you finish that you will start the online part of the game. If I recall you can't go back to that offline portion again anyway, so no save needed. There is also an offline part of the game that starts at the same point and that is what you would want to carry over back home, but it would be a waste to play it at the cafe anyway, so you might as well not worry about it and just play online, and play offline at home in the future. The net cafe I have been to is at http://jiqoo.jp/shop/9931547/ Takadanobaba It has a special DQ area. You will have to sign up to use the cafe, but the kiosk does English as well.
  25. About to watch the Live Spectacular Show.

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      Cool, make sure to make a post about it and any photos if you could take any

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