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  1. The artist for the manga tweeted out the whole first chapter to celebrate the first volume going on sale. Since it has been publicly released I will post my text translation for the first chapter. Read it along side the pictures in the Tweet. The translation is a bit on the literal side and could probably use some polishing, but I hope you enjoy. Edited to add in links to each image on Twitter.
  2. Oh, I was hoping you would have some insight on it. The green sound effect text as well you think is a spot color? I would imagine this was before digital proofs so would you know what would be involved in adding color to the text? (I know the text is normally glued onto the original drawing)..
  3. I was going through my computer and at one point I downloaded a scan of the first real chapter's color pages as well, which is not the same as the color pages from the new edition. The Jump version seems that have colored in the text bubbles, colored text, and colored sound effect text. So this leaves the question of what the original work looks like. Was the color added by Jump? Was it removed from the new edition? I guess without asking the publishers or them having an art exhibit we can't answer these questions.
  4. Based on the time slot that the anime is on there should not be any season breaks (Just Holiday breaks like the New Year's one that we already had.).
  5. Toei Animation is asking for people to retweet and tag friends about how they are enjoying Dragon Quest Dai so far.

    Since I don't have a Twitter account I am posting here to remind everyone here to show support for Dragon Quest by showing support for the anime! If you can post on Twitter, reply to their thread at least!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mimas


      It's not likely to get one unless it can pick up more popularity in the US. (Would not be surprised if they get dubs in France etc. though).

    3. AustNerevar


      @Erdrick The Hero Yeah having a kid, this is the way I often have to watch stuff too. I said I'd make time for Dai, but it's been difficult.

    4. Woodus


      Just saw this, I retweeted it. I need to sit down and continue watching it, only got thru the first 5 episodes so far.

  6. First volume goes on sale early March and can be bought from places like Amiami.
  7. I felt these episodes were done quite well. I was glad that the pacing was a little faster (covering 4 chapters worth of content) in episode 20, so we could get the aftermath of the battle. The soundtrack was also on point these episodes as well. Talking about the soundtrack, with the CD going on sale next month the composer has been showing off a few of his tracks on Youtube lately. It should also be mentioned that the Dai Suki TV Youtube series has changed from being a once monthly live stream to a weekly per-recorded video put out right after an episode of th
  8. Sure, it probably should go there The latest VJump has Dai as the cover so there is also another set of wallpapers you can get for the Dai section as well. http://vjump.shueisha.co.jp/download/index.html
  9. The first thing that pops in my head is better equipment and item management. I should not have to spend as much time trying to manage them (partially due to insignificant storage) as I do playing the game itself. Yes. The streetpass and the Metal King map made quite the impression in Japan and led to Street Pass on the 3DS. No. I would not be surprised either way. We have only had 2 Hero's games as well. Drakey used to be the fav, but I think the Sanguini, as they are called in English, has taken over these days. Yes. I have played Stars and Parade for a short
  10. The first thing I noticed was the extra title page in the tankoban. This is not present in the new edition. Well, the reason why ends up being that this seems to have originally been a title page for a chapter when it ran in Jump, but was moved to being a title page for the Tankoban. This seems to be a common theme going through the new edition. We can see that the page was originally two toned color. Note the page with Dai and Avan on the right. It appears in the Tankoban in a different place. The above is just a comparison of the first page of the manga in all 3 editions. The only m
  11. To match up with the new anime, there is also a new release of the manga, a "Perfect" edition of sorts (although it is called the Color edition officially) which preserves the color pages from the manga when it ran in Jump. This new edition features new covers by the original artist (you can really see how his art style has changed over the years). The covers are done so that they create a large connected picture. The volumes are designed to try and keep storyline's together in the same book. They release about 3 per a month. As they are still being released I only am showing th
  12. Not a fan of Discord or Youtube either. Forums have more of a archival ability that I don't think either of thsoe offer. Not to mention that this place even at its worse has less drama than either of them.
  13. No, I haven't put them up yet. It is hard to take good pictures without stretching the binding on them. The last Dai Suki TV suggested that the ratings were good and the game has been selling better than expectations so I think it might be more successful than the reviews would suggest. Might be starting to make inroads on the kids. I purchased the two sets off Amazon JP using a Tenso address. Haven't heard anything about my order from Tenso yet, so I might need to double check things. I think Proxy services are the best bet this time, sadly. EDIT: Looks like YesAsia
  14. Possible? But I doubt they would bother for another decade or so. I would go with 3. 3 is what put the game solidly on the map in Japan. I get the feeling 5 is popular, but not necessarily any more popular than 4 in Japan either. DQ3 created the image of a fantasy world that exists in Japan and is featured in all of those Isekai stories coming out these days. I haven't been following the success of DQ11 in the West much. I get the feeling it is doing a bit better than past games, and having a PC version probably doesn't hurt that, but at the same time I don't feel like DQ is re
  15. I was a bit disappointed in episode 9. I felt that there was more more emphasis on the action parts than on the emotional impact of the episode. The equivalent episodes in the 90s version were some of the best episodes in that series in my opinion. So perhaps I came in with too much bias to begin with. The emphasis on action probably also makes the show more approachable for the younger audience set. Meanwhile, I have never been much of a fan of the following arch that introduces Hyunckel, but I thought this version did a very good job with it, elevating the episode beyond the original manga.
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