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  1. This was quite an emotional episode, even knowing what was coming. I think I am warming up to Zaboera's voice (really sounded wrong to me last episode). Music was on point. Voice acting was also on target. I don't recall on having any real issues with the translation this time either. The episode followed the manga pretty closely with a few lines cut (I assume for time) but nothing major. I think this was also the first episode to have flashback scenes. I am very excited for the next episode. So I ordered a number of Dai goods. Today I will post the cards from the new arcade game
  2. Hmm? I certainly consider the Switch to be a console. It is the only one I use daily. Just feels like if they were planning on releasing it on the Switch they would have not held off in announcing what console it would be on.
  3. Yeah, Switch would make me the happiest, at least I have a PS4 if it comes to it. I was thinking about the same as you on it though.
  4. Episode 7: Maam's Turmoil I enjoyed this episode more than the previous one. They did a good job on focusing on Maam and it has one of my favorite quotes from the series in this episode. I did think that the censoring of blood from Crocodine's eye injury negatively affected the episode. It's hard to tell what happened, and confusing to suddenly see that he has a scar on his face. The censoring of blood also is rather ironic in that we still are seeing the violence, but the results of violence aren't shown. But I guess this is what the Japanese censors require for children's television now
  5. Mantan Web Interview with Tanezaki Atsumi Tanezaki: Playing Dai in "The Adventure of Dai", she was Rescued by a "Comrade" October 1, 2020 [Picture: Atsumi Tanezaki who plays the main character Dai from the anime and manga "Dragon Quest the Adventure of Dai"] Atsumi Tanezaki plays the part of the main character of Dai in the new television animation "Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai", which is based and uses the setting and world of the popular "Dragon Quest" game series. The story was a popular series serialized in "Weekly Shounen Jump" (Shueisha) from 1989 until 96' and it has be
  6. Wow! I really wasn't expecting an English release. We still don't know what platform it will even be on. Though I would not be surprised if it is coming to the PS5. I hope this means that the anime is getting enough viewers for them.
  7. This episode had a lot cut from the original manga. In general, it still worked but the episode felt a little lower budget at the same time. The animation wasn't as good, in particular when Maam saves Popp it looks like she can fly, not like a jump. The fight with Crocodine still looked good, my sister was not a fan of the "up skirt" shots he kept getting, but I am sure we will be seeing more of those. Maam's voice actress sounded good, Crocodine I might need a bit more time to get used to. I am wondering if the voice of the "Akuma no Medama" is its own voice this time, or indicative of anothe
  8. The new music for the series was used well in this episode, and I thought the animation and the voice acting was on target to make this the emotional episode that it needed to be. The localization was interesting, choosing to keep "Megante" instead of the localized term "Kamikaze". I personally wish they would leave the spells and such as they are in Japanese more since this is a subtitled version anyway, but for fans who normally play in English, is this format of translation working out better for you? I think the pacing of the series makes much more sense in a world where anime seri
  9. Starting in the December issue of VJump magazine (with a preview in the November issue) is a new Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai spinoff manga series titled "Yuusha Avan to Gokuen no Mao". It is a prequel based off of the adventure of the hero Avan with his original battle against the "Dark Lord" Hadlar. The December magazine has Dai and Avan on the cover. It also includes a card for the new Dragon Quest arcade game (which is very similar to the old Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Arcade game) The first chapter is pretty much a redrawing of the origi
  10. There is another Daisuki TV scheduled for this Saturday 10am, right after the latest episode (episode 5) of Dai. (This would be 6pm Pacific Daylight Time Friday). In the meantime, later today, one of the animators working on episode 5, Yuya Takahashi, is streaming his drawing of a Dragon Quest Dai picture.
  11. Among this year's recipients of the Japanese "Person of Cultural Merit" award is Sugiyama, the composer of almost all of the Dragon Quest games. Last year, Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, received the award as the first person in the video game industry to be awarded last year. Of course Sugiyama isn't known just for his Dragon Quest compositions, having worked on creating songs for anime and pop music in the past as well. There does not seem to be any coverage of this year's awards in English yet. Here is the article on NHK. In the article Sugiyama is quoted as saying that he intends
  12. It really is hard to make much of a judgement on the episodes, I am still just so happy that we have the possibility of seeing the story finished in animated form this time. This was another episode that was rather close to the source material. I personally wasn't a fan of the scene change so that Dai used Hyado to make an ice cube to cool Avan's nose, while the original had Popp handing him a bandage. But really, with the TV broadcast restrictions, it made sense to remove the existence of the blood, and I guess the focus on Dai's magic use will make a nice contrasting book end later. This epi
  13. From the November 2020 Newtype magazine (page 32). Note: In Japan besides the Gregorian Calendar, they count years by the Emperor's rule. Like the American use of "Millennial" the Japanese use the term to describe a time period or generation. Since last year Japan started "Reiwa" (Previously was Heisei). Note 2: The below interview and character descriptions are a bit on the "spoiler" side of things. Those who want to avoid spoilers may want to skip reading this. Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken Every Saturday AM 9:30-10:00 TV Tokyo WEB https://dq-dai.com Twitter @DQ_DAI_anime
  14. As Dai is broadcast I expect there will be a number of interviews and articles. I will attempt to translate them for the English speaking community. Generally I will aim to keep character and place names as shown in the official translation (I might have to go back an fix some of them after the show airs to know these though). Spells and monster names I am not bothering to look up the English equivalent at this time. Newtype November 2020 Mantan Web Tanezaki Interview
  15. This episode was pretty close to the source material just with a few of the jokes cut out for time and some other small changes. I know some Japanese viewers had trouble getting used to Avan's new voice, but I thought the new actor does a very good job and sounds quite natural. I wonder if they forgot how suspicious he is supposed to sound since they got used to thinking of him as the kind teacher. The translation continued to give us some questionable choices for spell names. "Glimmer" has got to be a new low I think. I am also a little concerned they used "master" for Popp's usage of "Sensei
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