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  1. You should try using a double space every once in awhile. I'm getting nauseous just looking at that post.
  2. I hooked up the NES today and played some Dr. Mario. I haven't been able to crack 26,000 yet. That is my current high score. I finally played some Guilty Gear XX Accent Core on the PS2. The characters were pretty out there. I dug it. I need to play it a lot more though. I also played some Halo 3 at my friends' house, which was a lot of fun. I hopped in mid game and destroyed a giant 4, 6 or 8 legged thing and then a giant anti air cannon. I find that the bipolar method of play works well for me against foot soldiers. First you run and gun like John Matrix until your shield is depleted. Then you run and hide like Louis Skolnick until your shield replenishes. Rinse and repeat.
  3. Oh, I played with a full (in house) band on Rock Band for awhile. I also started my own solo guitar career on medium. I got through the first 2 cities with all 5 stars. I had a good amount of fun with my character creation. At first I didn't like how few options you got, but it was actually better that way.
  4. That wasn't my problem. I had trouble getting the game to boot (load up). My PS2 doesn't want to play PS or DVD-Video anymore. I tried playing the SNES version via ZSNES, but the emulator sucked balls on my TV/monitor and it looked like crap anyway. I'm happy with emulating directly from my PS disc via PC & the ePSXe emulator.
  5. Chrono trigger is so sweet, but its too short. Anyways good luck with it. Have you played it before? If so how many endings did you see? I saw 2 one where the world was destroyed and the normal one. I have played it and I was really into it, but it was a drag spending 15 minutes trying to get the game loaded up. So, I didn't really get far at all. I remember that the Frog dude had just joined my party around the last time I played. It's been awhile though.
  6. I'd like to be Mr. Pink. (kidding)
  7. I just got a PSX PC emulator working, so now I can play my copy of Chrono Trigger on my PC. My PS2 doesn't play PS games (or DVD movies). Looking forward to getting back into it. It's late now, but now that I have it working and I know that creating an ISO won't work for some reason, I'll start playing tomorrow.
  8. My card was a Dark Mage from DQVI.
  9. Got mine as well. I'll probably open it. I'll feel bad afterward though.
  10. I dabble a bit as well. Gonna try and get some more vids up on youtube tomorrow.
  11. RPGXP is very tough to get started on.
  12. I haven't started yet, but I decided to do a quick run of it in order to learn the fundamentals. I will do a Euphoric Gamedom Warriors game for this project. It is the EG (link in sig) site's community story. We all just screwed around on it, so it would be something fun that I could screw around with. Plus, I hope it would make those guys happy.
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