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    Football (the foot using kind), manga, Studio Ghibli, Tim Burton, and an unhealthy obsession with gaming.

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  1. Mega Man 1 (NES - completed!) Mega Man 2 (NES - nearly completed) Castlevania (NES) Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (DS) And a lot of Lost Planet (PS3 - online demo)
  2. I was thinking of getting this for PS3. Looks like a SNES game but hey, at least there's no online charge.
  3. If you do go for WA, there's a tossup between Wild arms, and Wild Arms Alter Code F. Supposedly ACF is a remake of the original. More playable PCs, more story and such. Never played much of it but I can say with 100% certaintly they don't have the same dugon layouts. At least all teh ones I've been to are diffrent from the original. Thanks for the advice. You think those two are the best in the series then? I'll go for WA 1 first though seeing how it's on the PSN, and I always like to start a series from it's origins.
  4. Currently playing Xenogears fresh off the PSN. I want to buy Wild Arms or Jade Cocoon too, but I'll hold out my yen for Grandia.
  5. Ridge Racer 7. Turns out it's my favourite semi-serious racer.
  6. Keep meaning to get Etrian Odyssey... Currently playing: Dragon Quest IV (DS) On the NES the chapter system seemed really cool and interesting. It still is to some degree but the fun-o-meter went way further up after the characters got together and opened forth new strategy options. It showed me how I prefer a gradual party rise rather than essentially starting again 5 times before things come together. But IV's unique like that. Still awesome. Legend of Legaia (PS1) This is up and down. Sometimes I think the battle system is interesting and quite deep, other times I think it's just a standard old turn-based affair covered up under loads of gimmicks. At the moment I'm having fun though and the story is pretty interesting.
  7. My first was Dragon Warrior Monsters for GBC. I got to know all the monsters etc. so eventually branched out into I - III also on GBC. It was quite hard to make the transition at first (monster collect 'em ups and traditional RPGs are very different) but it wasn't long before I came round and the 60 odd hours of III just flew by. I'd like to play the NES version when I have the chance. I've beaten them in a really stupid order actually, not one of them's in their correct position. III > I > VIII > V > IV. II and VII are in progress, I should start on IV soon too. But as it stands none of them will fall into there corresponding place. I'm hoping IX will finally be the first one to be played in order (ie. ninth). Though I may play it through before I beat one of the others unfinished ones, just to be a jerk.
  8. Currently playing: Tales of the Tempest (DS) - about 2 hours into it, am still yet to come across anything that justifies the critism this has been getting. Dragon Quest IV (DS) - I'm at the Torneko stage and the mysterious fox/human village. I love this type of thing in my games. Strange and kind of freaky but charming as well (sort of like the Lost Woods in Zelda).
  9. Momotarou Densetsu; PS1 remake of a NES game. A couple hours into it. Seems good and the story/characters are very funny. Though I just got my ass royally handed to me by a boss at the top of some stone steps. If that's an indication of the game's balance (I'd already putting a fair bit of training/equipment buying into it) my stay may be a short one, which would be a shame.
  10. Currently playing: Super Mario Bros. 3, Shin Megami Tensei, Super Mario Kart, Ogre Battle, Animal Crossing DS, Tetris.
  11. Is it as awesome as the GB original? Currently playing: Shin Megami Tensei, Super Mario Bros. 3, Dragon Quest II, Dragon Warrior VII, Animal Crossing DS, Ys.
  12. Shin Megami Tensei (PS1) Dragon Warrior VII (PS1) - After hours of wondering around tyring to find where Hadeed had gone, I cracked and hit Gamefaqs. Turns out the fossil dude had it. Ys (Master System) - Seems interesting...
  13. Ah that's that new Sega game isn't it? Looks pretty good. Currently playing: Arc the Lad (PS1), Vandal Hearts (PS1), Dragon Warrior VII (PS1) - totally stuck and dangerously close to checking Gamefaqs.
  14. Enjoy VIII. It's well worthy of a place in the series IMO. And it's also a visual masterpiece. Dragon Warrior VII - Currently trying to find where the hell Keifer is. Vandal Hearts - Taking the prison. Chrono Trigger - Just gone back in time 60 odd billion years.
  15. Happy 100 pages everybody. Is that anything like the brilliant Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven? Every other game in the series (bar the first) gets really bad write ups, and I'm sort of wondering why... did they screw with the formula or something?
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