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  1. Psaro X Rose, IV Hero (Male) X Eliza, V Hero X Bianca. Kiryl X Alena Madason X Nera Blade X Fluerette Hero VIII X Medea Harry X Maria Some of these names are unfamiliar to me. I've played DW 1 through 7, but forgot who Kiryl or Madason are. Haven't played DW 8 or 9 yet.
  2. The GBC remake? The only GBC remake I have is DW 3 with the Pachisi tracks, 2 bonus dungeons, and the monster medals. I played the SNES remakes of DW 1 + 2 in addition to the original NES ones that got me into RPG'ing.
  3. For me, it was (in order) DW 2 (first RPG ever for me) DW 1 DW 3 DW 4 DW 7 DW 5 DW 6 Doesn't count replays. I have yet to play DW 8 or DW 9.
  4. For me, I have played DW 1 through 7. Never got to play DW 8 or 9. DW 1 was the granddaddy of them all. Funny thing, it was the second DW game I played. DW 2 was my first. DW 2 was the first DW game I played and got me hooked on the series. It was hard for me because I wasn't familiar with RPG's when I played it. Yep, no Final Fantasy yet for me at that time. My first Final Fantasy played was on the SNES- FF 4. Anyways, I had the toughest time with the last area, the Rhone cave, killing the bosses at Hargon's castle, and then Hargon and Malroth at the very end. DW 3 because o
  5. Heh- I haven't seen "Vincible" used without the "In-" prefix until just now. There's always something new to experience everday.
  6. Hmm. Then technically, we should never get GAME OVER when we have NPC's like Hank in our party. If the 4 party members, Hank or the other NPC's can easily drag them to the church to be revived or something, but NO gold, or storyline loss (by storyline, I mean having to redo game segments all over again since your last "save").
  7. Hmm. I remember Hank taking ridiclious amounts of damage, like 200+ damage in 1 battle. Are NPC's truly invincible or do they have 999 HP or something?
  8. I wish you the best of luck, Dork. Please keep us updated on how your solo game goes. I, for one, would really enjoy watching you (or so to speak) go through a solo quest.
  9. I'm currently playing Zelda: Ocarina of Time as I'm waiting to figure out what to do with FF-2 problems I'm having (the translation and crap).
  10. One reason why I loved R.P.M. Racing was that you could actually create your own crazy race tracks! I could create all the bumps, elevations, crazy switches, crosses, etc. in the editor. How many racing games let you create your own race-tracks? Only one that I know of. I'd d a lot of different stuff like making 1 long-ass race track shaped like a snake, or make racetracks with like 100 huge bumps, or make a track with like 50 crosses or something. Simply awesome!
  11. Ohh, thanks! I remember doing memory-card swaps and "copies" on the PS consoles and N64 to backup my saves. It never hurts to have a backup save if one card gets corrupted then I can still have my saved info intact on the other card. Kinda wished I could do that on the SNES and Gameboy. Sometimes my 7th Saga game on the SNES would erase itself, pissing me off quite a bit. Thankfully I have it on emulator now, so no problems there.
  12. I hate to sound like a n00b, but how exactly do you transfer game data from 1 game cartridge to another on the GBA or something (as the GBA doesn't have memory cards like PS consoles or controller cards like the N64)? I remember Pokemon being on the GBA.
  13. I never buy sports games- to be honest I don't like them. I was never really into sports other thjan baseball, and I prefer watching or playing baseball in real life than some video game. I remember I played a couple of sports games a long time ago on the NES with a friend who rented them, and I hated it. I haven't played sports game ever since. Racing isn't considered a "sport" by me- I do like crazy racing games- some of them include... 1. Rock N' Roll Racing 2. R.P.M. Racing 3. Super Off-Road 4. Mario Kart's (SNES and N64) 5. R.C. Pro Am I'm not into the silly NASCAR or Indy
  14. Wait- I think Necrosaro was the first final Boss in the DW series to have multiple forms. Dragonlord (DW 1), Malroth (DW 2), and Zoma (DW 3) didn't.
  15. I'm currently playing DW-7 in hopes of getting a 100% completion (all bonus dunegons, most or all monster classes mastered, level 99, etc.) I heard about "Sword of Stars" but not much tho. I'm a fan of "Empire-building" games like Civilization, Masters of Orion, Empire Earth 1 + 2, and Rise of Nations. Is this new "Sword of Stars" game any good? Are there any good NES or SNES empire building games other than Civilization and Simcity (so I can play them on my computer)?
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