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  1. Bought mine right now while on my trip at HK. Surprisingly people here dont buy Nintendo so there's a lot of switches too. The metabble it self is in reflective chrome. I don't even want to play with it outside due to possible scratches. Also the system comes with the game cartridge not preloaded. http://i.imgur.com/8O3YrZq.jpg http://i.imgur.com/VGzgMBU.jpg
  2. I borrowed my friend's ps4 for this game, I have the Wii U atm. First off I want to say a few things about the ps4. Holy crap! Is the ps4 loud or what from the fans, is this what most modern consoles are like nowadays? At this rate the system would have a very short life time if it overheats. Previously skipped the last gen console for PC and just getting back to the console scene a year ago. Also is the interface for ps4 tedious or what, I have to go through several sub menus to even turn the power off, wtf! As for the game it plays like a warriors game but slower, I was expecting the combat pacing be like the KH series. Its an ok hack & slash game like any other but not really enjoying it as I would like. I just became jaded from playing too much bayonetta. Otherwise I love how these characters are brought out in full 3D format and the DQ interfaces, oh how I miss this series. Not satisfy with the gameplay in general and I expect it would be more mindless once you grind to max level. I wouldnt call it bad game but is this better then the other (DW) spin-offs? Just hope that this will bring more traditional DQ games here if it gets the sell number SE wants.
  3. Just a heads up the taiwanese are getting their own translated version of the game. This calls for some serious BS since I dont recall the last time the series was popular there. Also so very nice new footage. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-02-01/square-enix-hiring-staff-for-dragon-quest-title-updates-on-heroes/.83958
  4. Even if you dont like the musou series the LE PS4 console is well worth it. Now the question is, where can I get one online? Also if this is localize and sell well maybe it will reboot localization here, just maybe.
  5. They always have the blue slime for the all of the keychain series dont they. Do you think we can gather up people in this forum and buy a whole bunch of them and split so it will ease the cost? Those in NA only though.
  6. I just checked the numbers for how many copies it sold and it didnt reach over 0.5 mil. This is the first time for the series, Im guessing its the MMO aspect of it that didnt sell well. Or most of them waiting for HD ver. on Wii U? Discuss.
  7. They need to go more old school and get transfer for the 3 limited monsters that they passed out for DWM2 if anyone even remember what they were.
  8. MMO fee of 1000 yen per month. Gonna skip this one I guess. Also they are using an external USB drive to store the game at around 16G. Finally using that at the end of the Wii's cycle.
  9. Cheat code! Well I'll be darn, but it looks the same anyways.
  10. The game wont let you, go ahead and try it. No tits allowed.
  11. I dont get when she said she have slime equipment available but there are only items like herbs for sell, anyone can clear this up?
  12. Anyone know on DWM at the treetop, theres a space you could fall down but theres a bigeye blocking you from jumping down. I've never went down there, so anyone gone through there?
  13. http://www.tonightshowwithconanobrien.com/video/clips/conan-and-andy-do-manga-072409/1139088/
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