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  1. I just wrapped up DQVI on the SFC the other night (defeated Dark Dream in under 20 rounds for the alternate ending). I got to thinking that was probably my favorite conclusion to any Bonus Dungeon in the series. I remembered DQVII's dungeon being more chock-full of treasure and the battle against the Spirits was fun, but I'd have to say Dark Dream is most likely my favorite post-game boss in the series. Did any of you guys have a particular favorite Bonus Dungeon? The only games I recall that had them were DQIII remake, and DQVI-VIII (never did much post game stuff in DQIX so I'm not sure)
  2. Good idea. Tried that as well but no success. Turns out I wasn't aware that Luisa's Tavern can only hold 16 total characters once the wagon is full. I could've sworn you could obtain at least 1 of every recruitable monster in the original SFC version but I guess not. I had to dismiss one of my monsters in order to get Boss Troll. How can you blame me, though? If the game would tell me that it wouldn't be a problem. Instead I got: "BossTroll would like to join your party. Accept? Yes B1AB B1AC BossTroll" End of battle.
  3. Alright, on a different topic, I'm running into trouble when trying to recruit the Boss Troll and Killer Machine 2. I've been fighting these enemies in Pegasus Tower and I've actually had the chance to recruit both. The problem I'm running into is the game refuses to allow me to grab them. They'll get back up and want to join, but when I select "Yes" the game spits some jumbled text at me and the enemy runs off. I have plenty of free space at Rudia's Tavern so I'm not sure why they won't join. I have 2 mastered Beastmasters in my party as well. I also tried recruiting the Killer Machine 2
  4. Best part of the whole game. Unless you forget she has the Rainbow Dew.That aside, I prefer the monster park the best. On that topic, can't you also make the mistake of leaving a shard in her inventory when she departs for a while? It's been way too long since I've played through this game, so my memory is a bit fuzzy. I don't necessarily have a favorite moment with each individual character, but I really enjoyed the story during the transition between the end of Disc 1 and the majority of Disc 2.
  5. Well, due to the dodgy NoProgress translation, I didn't realize that just because the game says 'Cannot' when you scroll down to the character doesn't necessarily mean they can't. I just tried to equip the Glass Shoes on Babs anyway and it worked. So I was able to pass Rank 7 with flying colors (had about 320 Style). Thanks for the suggestions guys.
  6. For some reason it doesn't look like Babs can equip any accessories that I have. I have the Glass Shoe but it says "Cannot" when I select it and scroll down to Babs. Don't know how I forgot about the Slime Knight location. I suppose by the time I got to Dhama and had a Beastmaster I didn't do much backtracking.
  7. Thanks for the info! I might just try to get the Slime Knight but I haven't run into any yet. I just revived Zenithia Castle and got Terry. Any idea where to find Slime Knights?
  8. I've been replaying DQVI on the SFC lately and I'm having a little trouble winning one of the later ranks for monsters only. When I played this game years back I don't recall having such a difficult time winning the 6th (or is it 7th?) round where you can only use a monster companion. I know I have to have at least 260-ish Style points to win, but I feel like the Metal Babble I'm using (yes, I got extremely lucky recruiting Babs) has such a limited equipment set-up that I can't quite reach the par to win. I'm hesitant to use all my Beauty Plants because I want to save them for the final compet
  9. DQVI and VII had some of my favorite music from the series. I'm trying to recall that battle music you're talking about in DQIV on the DS. I'll have to look it up
  10. I like how the heroes from DQ4 are front and center for their article on 1&2 Maybe they figured the American audiences would recognize those characters as opposed to the heroes from DQI&II? I guess DWIV had a bigger impact than the first 2 or 3 installments in the series. At least in North America. Still, it is strange. That's like printing a FFXV ad with Cloud and Tifa front and center.
  11. Neat find! It's true that the graphics and sound were much better than the originals, and the game play was smoother and more enjoyable, but I was never really a huge fan of the DQV graphics engine they used. Were these really the best graphics available at the time? Although the colors are much more vibrant, the graphics themselves weren't a huge step forward from the NES in my opinion. However, the DQVI graphics for the SFC were far superior to any other DQ game at the time. Maybe that's why I enjoyed the DQIII remake so much.
  12. Those Slime Pancakes are brilliant. I remember trying to make my own at home one time... they didn't turn out like that.
  13. I believe those two shields are the same. Names of things are commonly changed between different versions of the same game in the DQ series. I would agree to Plattym3's comment about using dungeon maps, but for the true authentic experience you may only want to pull up a map when you simply have no idea where you're going or you're stuck. The dungeons in DQI&II aren't very complicated (with the exception of the Cave to Rhone at the end of 2). It seems like DQII's difficulty really takes a jump near the end. It's like all of a sudden when you hit the Cave to Rhone monsters are kicking
  14. And just to add to the depressing and dark nature of this game, I'll choose Flora as my wife just to break Bianca's heart.
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