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  1. Oh wow, somebody did a thread revive. Alas, I do not have good news. I eventually got around to trying the thumb drive on a different computer... Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. The game is gone. Gone gone. I'm sorry to hear you ran into bugs playing the demo. If I had a way to fix the bugs, I would. Alas, like I said, everything's gone.
  2. Heya folks! So I finally got myself a PS4 last month, and of course the first (and so far only) game I have for it is DQXI. I just finished up the post-game by defeating Calasmos, and I have questions concerning the ramifications of the true ending. Question the First DQXI's world is Erdrea. Assuming that I'm understanding the true ending correctly, Erdrea and the initial world of DQIII (the one that looks a lot like Earth) are one and the same, with DQXI being a prequel to DQIII. So far, so good (minus the radically different geography, but hey, we've been dealing with that sinc
  3. Sorry it took so long to get back to this, folks. Before anyone asks, I have not yet had the opportunity to try my thumb drive on a different PC. So, the "secrets" of the game... *Takes deep breath* Part I was the demo. Again, go play it if you haven't. Part II would have been the Moonbrooke Region. You would have tracked Prince Victor, Maeve, and Raegan to the "Northern" Road to Rhone (a new cave linking Moonbrooke and Rhone, which while referencing the original Road to Rhone from Dragon Warrior II, would not have been anywhere near as frustrating). However, the cave has b
  4. Well, this project may very well have just died. Went to go work on it, maybe gather up some stuff for a status update for you all... and the thumb drive its been stored on is not working. I've not completely given up hope. It may just be that a recent update on my computer has rendered the thumb drive incompatible. I'll know more once I get my hands on another PC to try the thumb drive on. Regardless, I've been toying with the idea of revealing the plot of the game to you all, since even if the project isn't doomed, it's been taking forever. Maybe some of you might find my ideas not-
  5. Downloaded the new version this morning, and beat the game shortly thereafter. I forgot to mention this yesterday, but the game will occasionally not let me use a Warp Wing on Dragon Isle. It will give me a message saying it can't be used while inside, while I am clearly outside. One last thought: The food mechanic. I'm guessing this is a holdover from Destiny of an Emperor, but honestly, I never had to worry about food. Not even close. I think I bought a small amount of food once at the beginning of the game, but I needn't have bothered. I would suggest either upping t
  6. Continuing to play through. Still overall having a great time, but running into some serious problems. When first reaching Garinham, the defenders refer to the town's founder as "Garenham". This is the only typo in this respect, though. All other references to the town's founder correctly refer to him as "Garin". There is a set of stairs in the Grave of Garinham that does not work properly. Third floor, I think, north side. (I'm counting the "town" as the first floor.) Loved reading all the graves down there, by the way. Not sure if this is a typo or not, but the Golem is
  7. Haven't played through the whole thing yet, but here's my spoiler-free thoughts so far. 1) Hey, Adol from Dragon's Den is Sjmorgan from rpgmaker.net! Did not know that before. 2) I'm really enjoying the game's sense of humor. I love the dynamic between the Dragonlord and Da'at; very funny. 3) Great job adapting Charlock and the Swamp Cave into "towns". The locations of shops felt very natural while still maintaining the look and feel of the original dungeons. 4) Overall, good balance in battles. The opening battles on Dragon Isle feel like they take a bit too long, ev
  8. So I was reading the opening crawl to the NES version of Dragon Warrior II, and noticed something interesting: But everything that I've read states that Princess Gwaelin and the Dragon Warrior I Hero only had three kids, who became the first individual monarchs of Midenhall, Cannock, and Moonbrooke. Was there a fourth kid that continued the royal line in Alefgard? If not, who became monarch of Alefgard after Gwaelin and the Hero died? Did Gwaelin (or even Lorik) have any siblings the throne would have gone to?
  9. Heya folks. Got another status update for you. First, if you haven't noticed, I actually managed to release the demo. Yes, really. You can find the download link in my signature. I haven't gotten much feedback on the demo yet, so if you've played it and have some thoughts as to what you like (or don't like), please let me know. Other things I've gotten done recently that aren't apparent in the demo, or I've finished since the demo's release: The city of Ithilnelle is now properly populated. The Northern Road to Rhone is pretty much done. This will be the third dungeon in t
  10. Yes, it's true. It's really really true. After nine years, I managed to complete enough of Dragon Warrior: Apocrypha to release a demo. (At this rate, I might get the whole game finished before I die. Maybe.) Dragon Warrior: Apocrypha Demo Be sure to download and install the Dragon font as well, which MPerry was kind enough to provide so very long ago. And yeah, I know, there's a long way to go in getting this to be an authentic Dragon Warrior experience. I'll get there. Eventually. Maybe. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy.
  11. Okay, so I've been working on this for several hours now, and... I think I actually just finished up the plot scripting for the demo. There's one or two things I still want to fix before releasing it, and the menus are still mostly RPGMXP default, but it's... playable. And it occurs to me that, after all these years, I haven't given any thought to how I would actually get the demo out to people once I was actually done with it. Is there anywhere that would host such a file for free?
  12. Heya folks. Yeah, I know, it's been a while again. Shortly after my last update, there was an unexpected death in the family, and it pretty much killed my urge to work on this project for quite some time. I've gotten a tiny bit of work done on this lately, though. Yeah, I know, yet another "this project's not dead, I swear" post. Gonna work on it a bit today while watching Saigancat's DW4 marathon. Hopefully it won't be more than another year until the next update.
  13. So, we're airing our unpopular opinions, huh? Okay. *Takes deep breath* Dragon Quest V is one of my least favorite games in the series. I don't think it's a bad game. I don't hate it. But a lot of people seem to think its one of the best in the series, while I... well... don't. (Hey, if you love it, more power to you. Just my personal opinion.)
  14. Adol was wonderful enough to preview this project after his Legacy of Aiden stream last night. I'm not gonna give away any spoilers, but I will say this: If the rest of the game is half as awesome as what I got to see, this is going to be one great fangame. Keep it up, Adol!
  15. Didn't find out about the stream until it was about halfway over, but I really enjoyed what I was there for. Looks like a really fun game, I'll need to get around to playing it myself soon. Also, I still say the Metal Babble Oar sounds like the best weapon ever. Just saying.
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