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  1. [snip] I just want to play the game already lol. I've wanted to play Dragon Quest VII for 15 years, mate. I was too late to the DW7 bandwagon when it came out waaaay back when.
  2. Quite frankly, I don't care. I'm just happy that we're finally getting it.
  3. Guys, don't get excited. Just because both Nintendo and Square Enix announced that we're getting it doesn't necessarily mean we'll be getting it.
  4. You make it sound like we haven't seen a new Dragon Quest game since 1990. Where have you been? So the release of Dragon Quest Monsters 1 and 2, the Game Boy remakes, Dragon Quests 7, 8, and 9, the DS remakes, Jokers 1 & 2, and the mobile ports didn't happen. I'm sorry, but I have to call BS.
  5. ... Wow. You're kinda coming off as a bit of a dick, mariosmentor. You should be thankful that we're finally getting one of the most requested Dragon Quest remakes!
  6. Well, considering I'm fluent in both, I'll certainly have no trouble.
  7. Well, I'm certainly psyched! VII is the only main-series game I haven't played.
  8. My first Dragon Quest game was Dragon Warrior Monsters for the Game Boy. My dad spotted it at a game store not long after it came out, and bought it for me. I was hooked on the franchise after that. I have him to thank for my obsession!
  9. Let's see how the naysayers try to explain that we're not getting them.
  10. Good for you? I don't know why it was relevant to add this, though...
  11. Just a point of fact all DQ fans need to know about this: it was Enix that acquired Square. Not the other way around. At most it was a merger... http://www.gamecubicle.com/news-nintendo_gamecube_square_enix_merger.htm That's correct. Square was on the verge of bankruptcy, mainly due to the movie flop that was Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, when Enix acquired them.
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