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  1. Hey all does anyone know if and where I can fight more can fight more frighturns and caniboxes? I almost have my monster book complete, but I don't have the drops listed for those two.
  2. I have been hunting the LMS for a long time. In the book of beasts it says I have defeated 288 of them and still I haven't gotten one as a partner. I grinded up starkers and rebajorn to level 76 and got all the humans to level 99 while doing this. I need to know if my process is flawed. My Process Mt Zugzwang mountains I can encounter a LMS with a bunch of MS. I attack the LMS until it is defeated and then wait for the MS to all flee the battle. I use demon spear to kill them quite frequently. Is there an issue with using the demon spear or waiting for the MS to flee? Does anyone have any better strategies to use? Has anyone gotten him? If so what was your method
  3. Hey guys I was picking up my Dragon Quest games again and I wanted to fully complete the Book of Beasts for each game. I'm having some trouble though. I looked up monster location lists and sometimes they are not accurate or the monsters are stated to be there only at some generation specifically, and I am beyond end game for all of the games. So for Dragon Quest V I found a small loophole for some of the generation locked monsters. The TNT boards have monsters that equal the level of the one playing so I got some of the lower generation monsters by playing TNT with low level monsters. The book is almost 100% complete except for the chest and pot monsters, I don't know where to find more. There were only like 2 urnexpected in the game so if I didn't manage to steal their item then I will never get the drop item listed in the book. Is there anywhere where I can encounter the canniboxes and urnexpected types of monsters repeatedly in V? Dragon Quest IV doesn't have TNT boards and I can't just pick up a random low level monster to do them either. The monsters are totally different in the final generation so I can't find some of the lower level monsters like the winkster. Are all the monsters available anywhere in the end game chapter? If so is there a list somewhere that states where I can find them? Dragon Quest VI I haven't gotten far enough in the search to find any monsters that don't seem to appear anywhere. But as a tip you can possibly speed up getting the items by having everyone in the thief class when you are trying to complete the book. Are there any monsters that are hard to find or unavailable at the end game?
  4. Hey guys just started plating the mobile versions of dragon quest. Just beat DQ 1 yesterday. I noticed some changes from the game boy version, but overall the graphics and the accurate naming for monsters and stuff may make it a better version in my opinion. I was hoping they would keep all the stuff they added to the game boy one, but they didn't. Anyways back to topic. I got Dragon Quest II and I am trying to do the tombola to get the loyalty card. In brief it's a pain. I found this on game faqs, but it's not quite getting the job done. I think like a timer would help me. So if anyone has a timer for it or any suggestions I would be very thankful. I'm also going to post a few questions for the ds games soon. Here is what I found on game faqs in case it might help anyone. " It can be done, and while the timing can be tricky, it's reproducible. Each slot has different amounts of icons and move at different speeds. The sun icon will serve as your main point of reference, with the moon icon being the second. A good trick is to have a few tombola tickets at a time, and then save scum with quick save. Also be warned that once you get the loyalty card, merchants don't really hand out tombola tickets anymore. Also, I didn't include the prayer ring because this version of the game is incredibly generous with them. If I do add it, it will be in another post. Loyalty Card-The Rising Suns --Timing on Slot 1: The sun will pass, a moon will pass, and then tap the screen roughly an icon before the second moon. This slot seems to be the most generous when awarding the sun. --Timing on Slot 2: There are two suns, There's the first, and one that shortly follows after. Tap the screen at least an icon before the second sun, and it should come up. --Timing on Slot 3: This is brutal because there are a lot of icons, and it goes really fast. Once the sun passes by, a moon will quickly follow and then a second moon spins by. Try your very best to tap the screen on the second moon, and if your timing is great, you've got it. Wizard's Wand-Shooting the Moons --Timing on Slot 1: Between the sun and the first moon, there's a star. Aim for that. If you have to err on timing, make it late. --Timing on Slot 2: There are two suns, There's the first, and one that shortly follows after. After the second sun a star comes up quickly. Aim for it, but be earlier. --Timing on Slot 3: This is brutal because there is a lot of speed. Between the sun and the first moon is one icon (I believe a heart) If you tap the screen pretty much perfectly there, you'll get the last mon. Banishing Bell-Every Drop of Water --Timing on Slot 1: Aim for just before the third moon. --Timing on Slot 2: There are two suns, There's the first, and one that shortly follows after. Aim to tap the star after the first sun. --Timing on Slot 3: This is brutal because there is a lot of speed. Aim to tap the third moon. Medical Herb-Desired as much as Captain Planet's Heart Ring --Timing: Mash and you'll eventually get it. If you want one so bad, just go buy one. Especially if you have a loyalty card, you cheapskate. With strong reflexes and a little bit of luck, it's more than possible to get the loyalty card before you recruit the Princess. This post will eventually be locked from time on a slow board, but if this works for you, please PM me to let me know if it helped. I've helped myself, and I hope someone else out there can use this knowledge to score themselves some cheap goods. "
  5. Anyone look into the different stair cases and areas? Are NPC's just put in different locations? Speaking specifically about the starting castle in DQII
  6. Is there a difference between musk and monster munchies in Dragon Quest V? If so what is the difference? How do each affect the game?
  7. The inn in front of the first castle. In GB DQII there is a set of stairs at the inn that leads up to another room with NPC's. It's not in the mobile version.
  8. So one thing that I didn't get answered yet is if it can be played on a computer. Does it need to be on a phone?
  9. 0.o wow thanks for all the useful information. I loaded up my GBC version of DQII and watched a little of a play through of the mobile version. I noticed that the layout of the castle is a little different too. The GBC DQII has staircases that lead into other rooms that are not there in the mobile game.
  10. Hello everyone, been a while. Just curious about what is changed in the mobile releases of the games. I have heard that DQIII is missing all the extra game content that the GBC release had. Would like to know all the differences/what was added/ what was removed from 1-6 on the mobile versions. Next question... can I download and play the mobile versions on a laptop? Does that work?
  11. With great power comes great responsibility. Thanks Ben Parker . That's why I would just be an observer until I make my own universe.
  12. I would like to be able to manipulate time, space, and matter in any way I choose. I would spend the rest of eternity exploring the universe and it's time line as it is without any influence from me. I would shrink down and directly observe the tiniest of events at the quantum level. I would back out and see the universe as a whole. I would go back in time to watch life begin. I would enter the core of a star and shrink down to watch hydrogen atoms fuse. I would enter a black hole, take time back to it's formation, and then accelerate time to it's end. I would travel to the ends of the universe and see all the beauty I can. I would watch the lives of those I love. I would watch the lives of my ancestors. Once I had seen all there is to see in this universe and time line I would copy it, make small changes, and watch the macroscopic effects of these tiny changes over time. Also I would go and check out Helen of troy while she was nude. I am curious to see what her legendary beauty actually looked like. I would also be childish and check out different women I have been interested in. Finally I would attempt to make a better version of this universe and time line. Then I would make my own universe. I would gather and copy all the movies and games ever made, and ever to be made, and watch/play them. I would go back and witness how they were made. You fools ask for money or love. I ask to become all powerful.
  13. I think I suggested this before, but are there any events that would attract a bunch of Dragon Quest fans to gather? I know Anime Expo happens somewhat close to me, so I would be up to meeting people for a tag mode meet up there. We could also play IX and I have DW 3 with a bunch of monster medals I wouldn't mind trading. So if anyone has any desire to meet up let me know and maybe we can have a tag event.
  14. I have a cart and yes it fits into the original game boy just fine. Just highly recommend you play it on GBA sp just because of the color and back light.
  15. Beat Estark in 13 rounds. Got final knick knack. Time to begin monster recruiting easter egg experiments.

    1. solo


      Good luck you are gonna need it

    2. SamTheWeebo


      Yeah I feel like there is one in the game. So far using the cutlas trophy in battle didn't do anything. Has anyone else attempted this?

  16. Finally got Starkers on my replacement DS cart of Dragon Quest V :D

  17. nice to see the real life process of creating the game.
  18. Quests, monsters, equipment, and spells
  19. I've heard about that trick before on GameFAQs but have never actually tried it out. Was it Enix or DeJap who programmed that into the game? IDK Who put it in, but I know it works. I am really hoping that there is something similar in the DS release that we haven't found yet. I have a feeling that any such code would be linked to the nicknacks. As soon as I get the last one from Estark I am going to test some things out to see,
  20. On the DQV for SNES there is an Easter egg that allows for automatic recruitment. Have your hero in front of the party. Make sure he is not equipped with anything. Empty his inventory. Then place these and only these items in his inventory in this exact order. Cypress Stick, Sharpened Bone, Hat of happiness, Club, Saw Blade, and Cloak of Evasion. Again do not equip any of these items. Now the hero will always do critical hits, and any monster that can join will join.
  21. So yeah just beat him in 18 turns! I had the hero cast thordain, I had a fighter equipped with the Rubiss sword, and two sages using blaze most. The fighter sometimes got over 400 damage on the GranDragn. Oh just checked I have 12 GranDragn medals. I think I am finally done with the game. Only thing left is getting all the gold medals, but idk if I ever want to try that. Maybe if I start another file. I also just today completed a perfect character. I have a sage that knows all the spells in the game. That's right this character was a Dealer, then a Thief, then a Jester, and then a Sage. Interestingly this was the dealer that I used to make the town earlier in the game. She was just sitting unused in Patty's place and I felt like using other classes because my hero had reached level 99, and there isn't much point to keeping the hero in the party when she can't level up anymore. While I was making the perfect character I quickly discovered how useful the Thief spells can be. Smell tells you if there are any unfound treasures on the floor you are on. It works in dungeons and towns. Map magic will reveal any hidden things on the screen. This one I couldn't find a good description for so here is mine: If there is a hidden object in a location that is currently visible on the screen, using the spell will cause a chime to sound and two gold sparkles will momentarily show on the exact location. So if you are walking around you can use Sniff to see if there is anything hidden, and then search in detail with the Map magic spell. It's really neat. I am thinking of turning this sage back into a thief as I already have all the monster medals I need. The thief can help me to farm seeds if I want. The jester seemed fun, but the dealer seemed pointless now because I have no more need of money.
  22. I could not trigger him to say that again unfortunately. Some other lines he said at other times are suspicious though. I definitely look at what he says with more suspicion.
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