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  1. Hey all does anyone know if and where I can fight more can fight more frighturns and caniboxes? I almost have my monster book complete, but I don't have the drops listed for those two.
  2. I have been hunting the LMS for a long time. In the book of beasts it says I have defeated 288 of them and still I haven't gotten one as a partner. I grinded up starkers and rebajorn to level 76 and got all the humans to level 99 while doing this. I need to know if my process is flawed. My Process Mt Zugzwang mountains I can encounter a LMS with a bunch of MS. I attack the LMS until it is defeated and then wait for the MS to all flee the battle. I use demon spear to kill them quite frequently. Is there an issue with using the demon spear or waiting for the MS to flee?
  3. Hey guys I was picking up my Dragon Quest games again and I wanted to fully complete the Book of Beasts for each game. I'm having some trouble though. I looked up monster location lists and sometimes they are not accurate or the monsters are stated to be there only at some generation specifically, and I am beyond end game for all of the games. So for Dragon Quest V I found a small loophole for some of the generation locked monsters. The TNT boards have monsters that equal the level of the one playing so I got some of the lower generation monsters by playing TNT with low level monsters. Th
  4. Hey guys just started plating the mobile versions of dragon quest. Just beat DQ 1 yesterday. I noticed some changes from the game boy version, but overall the graphics and the accurate naming for monsters and stuff may make it a better version in my opinion. I was hoping they would keep all the stuff they added to the game boy one, but they didn't. Anyways back to topic. I got Dragon Quest II and I am trying to do the tombola to get the loyalty card. In brief it's a pain. I found this on game faqs, but it's not quite getting the job done. I think like a timer would help me. So if anyone has a
  5. Anyone look into the different stair cases and areas? Are NPC's just put in different locations? Speaking specifically about the starting castle in DQII
  6. Is there a difference between musk and monster munchies in Dragon Quest V? If so what is the difference? How do each affect the game?
  7. The inn in front of the first castle. In GB DQII there is a set of stairs at the inn that leads up to another room with NPC's. It's not in the mobile version.
  8. So one thing that I didn't get answered yet is if it can be played on a computer. Does it need to be on a phone?
  9. 0.o wow thanks for all the useful information. I loaded up my GBC version of DQII and watched a little of a play through of the mobile version. I noticed that the layout of the castle is a little different too. The GBC DQII has staircases that lead into other rooms that are not there in the mobile game.
  10. Hello everyone, been a while. Just curious about what is changed in the mobile releases of the games. I have heard that DQIII is missing all the extra game content that the GBC release had. Would like to know all the differences/what was added/ what was removed from 1-6 on the mobile versions. Next question... can I download and play the mobile versions on a laptop? Does that work?
  11. With great power comes great responsibility. Thanks Ben Parker . That's why I would just be an observer until I make my own universe.
  12. I would like to be able to manipulate time, space, and matter in any way I choose. I would spend the rest of eternity exploring the universe and it's time line as it is without any influence from me. I would shrink down and directly observe the tiniest of events at the quantum level. I would back out and see the universe as a whole. I would go back in time to watch life begin. I would enter the core of a star and shrink down to watch hydrogen atoms fuse. I would enter a black hole, take time back to it's formation, and then accelerate time to it's end. I would travel to the ends of the univers
  13. I think I suggested this before, but are there any events that would attract a bunch of Dragon Quest fans to gather? I know Anime Expo happens somewhat close to me, so I would be up to meeting people for a tag mode meet up there. We could also play IX and I have DW 3 with a bunch of monster medals I wouldn't mind trading. So if anyone has any desire to meet up let me know and maybe we can have a tag event.
  14. I have a cart and yes it fits into the original game boy just fine. Just highly recommend you play it on GBA sp just because of the color and back light.
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