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  1. So if anyone wants to add me with to the friends list for this game here is my code : 1650-2532-4224
  2. so.......... with nothing related to new DQ titles in any sort of recent news is it a safe thing to say that unless something magical and unexpected is the Dragon Quest series finally done in the states? I picked up a Wii U in hopes to maybe seeing the game come stateside and with all the lack of any sort of tiny news I feel all is lost... such a pity... Thoughts?
  3. Well I bought a Wii U in hopes of this game being released stateside but if nothing else I guess there should be a Zelda game that will be released so I didnt buythe system for no reason!
  4. Happy birthday to the one guy who kept teasing me with a bottle of beer. I ain't buying you any but have one on me today.

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. The cards rock. Thank you so very much for the Golem card!!!!!

  7. Hahaha actually no i did not off the glamor slime thing. It was indeed KS2 and actually he was just a blue slime with a lot of helium and a stolen crown! But alas I hate to say it but you are mistaken. sorry :)

  8. I still think it was you who off'd that glamor slime thing.

    every one says it was KS2... but I know the truth! (I think)

  9. hmm...sometimes I wonder about you cloudsdream.... :)

  10. P.S. NOT A PERVERT! That is all

  11. I respect RPG, but he's OLD!!!!! MUHAHAHAHA!! still love you even when your six feet under :P

  12. Izuna + respect former OR current mods = BS:)

    on a plus note, hey rog!

  13. Have a Merry Christmas RPG.

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