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  1. So if anyone wants to add me with to the friends list for this game here is my code : 1650-2532-4224
  2. so.......... with nothing related to new DQ titles in any sort of recent news is it a safe thing to say that unless something magical and unexpected is the Dragon Quest series finally done in the states? I picked up a Wii U in hopes to maybe seeing the game come stateside and with all the lack of any sort of tiny news I feel all is lost... such a pity... Thoughts?
  3. Well I bought a Wii U in hopes of this game being released stateside but if nothing else I guess there should be a Zelda game that will be released so I didnt buythe system for no reason!
  4. So it seems like all retailers do not have the game. Even our GameStop was expecting it today and did not get them. Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy all show as backordered and 2-4 week lead time. Anyone actually seen this game in stores or gotten their copies from an online retailer?
  5. Happy birthday to the one guy who kept teasing me with a bottle of beer. I ain't buying you any but have one on me today.

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. The cards rock. Thank you so very much for the Golem card!!!!!

  8. Hahaha actually no i did not off the glamor slime thing. It was indeed KS2 and actually he was just a blue slime with a lot of helium and a stolen crown! But alas I hate to say it but you are mistaken. sorry :)

  9. I still think it was you who off'd that glamor slime thing.

    every one says it was KS2... but I know the truth! (I think)

  10. hmm...sometimes I wonder about you cloudsdream.... :)

  11. P.S. NOT A PERVERT! That is all

  12. I respect RPG, but he's OLD!!!!! MUHAHAHAHA!! still love you even when your six feet under :P

  13. Izuna + respect former OR current mods = BS:)

    on a plus note, hey rog!

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