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  1. Sorry for being off topic, but what program did you use to make that?
  2. hmm i saw it perfectly fine
  3. hmm oh that. Dont know been there for awhile
  4. Lol you mine as well give him a list opf names and what date you wanna be them :-p
  5. oh ok cuz in the one i downloaded you started in king loriks chamber
  6. Nice but is that a fixed demo or is that the one where you start out with stuff?
  7. You get appointed. But I dont think we need anyone else we got, Arena Leader, Arena Shopkeeper, and Arena Monster Master Thats about all we need
  8. can i Be changed back to VaAllstar
  9. I gots An idea (wow amazing) Why Dont you just make a list on the First post you made so everyone dosnt have to look around for who had there name changed
  10. Its d to have a diff. name cuz im not Va ne more. But thanx i like the new name
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