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  1. I seriously think of that every time I hear the word "Hero". as for Christmas/new year:
  2. Yeah, that was a really poignant moment. You go to a village only to find that it's a burnedout ruin.... that really drives home the point of what will happen to the world if the villains win.
  3. Infinite keys... but so many of them aren't worth holding on to. Basically you only need keys that get you breeding components from each family and a Lord key (well... realistically you can get most of the breeding components you need from storyline worlds and anything more important you can just pick up by stealing monsters from enemy masters!). I wonder if it will be like the old ones? In the old game, I kept logs on graph paper of my keys with notes as to unclaimed treasures (such as dream eggs and more keys) and what monsters the keys had which were good. I used graph paper to make charts of the dungeons. It was also fun to keep examples of the different key themes. the graveyard world theme was particularly cool.
  4. Or maybe they'll switch to a DWM2 style gate. walk over to the gate and it'll ask you where to go. I liked that feature.
  5. you did may attention to the name of the guy who designs that stuff right? http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Akira_Toriyama http://dragonquest.wikia.com/wiki/Akira_Toriyama Yeah... same guy. which is why people keep comparing the DQ characters to DBZ characters. Same creator, same art style.
  6. OoH! the return of Grandragon perhaps? Oh and.... the Engrish burns.... Oh and this amuses me: http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Zero_Wing
  7. Fast Growth is why jimeous's favorite monster was the Butterfly. I gotta say the first time I bred a monster with slow growth I was kinda annoyed. I got over it though.
  8. I've been playing Star Trek Online. Does that count?
  9. Really? I always got them just to turn them into armorpions.... They were pretty good though. Hmm... looks like all the DWM2 monsters will be back. the feature for looking at the old monster data is really nice.
  10. I'm impressed with how many monsters are on the box cover. Oh and Milayou looks like she's playing with the Golem on the cover. I REALLY hope we have a choice between Terry and Milayou.
  11. Makes sense to me. 3DS's aren't cheap. And I looked it up... Behemoths are normal synthesis, and I have no idea why I thought you could make them that way.
  12. I joker 2 you can synth Behemoth slimes from slimes, and synth King Slimes from behemoth slimes.
  13. My point was that it took quite a bit of time to do that. Sure it was faster than most other methods of getting a king slime, but.... it still wasn't as easy as synthing 4 slimes together.
  14. Some of them are more annoying than they seem at first glance. They require synthing low-rank monsters that, under the new synth rules, will produce higher rank monsters, thus you'd have to use a phoenix scepter to synth a +5 slime or spotslime. Also.... the old ones had + requirements of 5 or 10, not as easy as simply synthing once. Yeah, under the old rules, you could in theory get the +5 from a single synth, but.... that required a very high level and I'd really rather not level a spotslime that high.
  15. Quadro-synthesis did have some precedent in DWM2. There were certain breeding combos that required monsters with + numbers to work.
  16. Excellent!!! I've been missing those guys. looks like armorpion is a large monster now.
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