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  1. Yeah DQ9 is pretty much a war between Celestrians. You end up having Mortals help you, but so does Corvus. It's really a fight between you and him. One is an ancient Celestrian bent on revenge, the other is.... not. The battle rages over several planes, but eventually ends when you defeat him.
  2. Heh, I did in DQ9 what I usually did in DWM2. Namely... grind random maps for loot until I get bored. That tends to make you drastically over leveled... I first started doing it in my second play of DWM2. In my first play, I ran into the Metabble mini-boss and well, I didn't lose, but it was really long and frustrating. Attack! Miss... Attack! miss... Attack! 1 damage! Yeah, that gets old fast..... In my sencond play I did an UBER breeding project that gave me a King Leo. By the time I actually fought the Metabble in my second play, my King Leo pretty much sneezed on it and killed i
  3. I'm still working on this, does anyone have a version of the map with stuff like treasure chests and urns marked? I started working on it before I was able to find my copy of the game. I still haven't found it.
  4. BTW, I finally started... It only took 2-3 years, but.... The catch? I'm making it in Star Trek Online, thus to see the end result properly you'll have to play that game.
  5. Yeah, panicking is the worst thing you can do. I thik it has more to do with reporting. It's not like school shootings are a new phenomenon. It's that they get reported on CNN more often.
  6. Yeah, comedy is extremely difficult to translate. Literal transliterations of jokes are usually nonsensical.
  7. How did the files get on the chip?
  8. Hehe, that is a big factor, yeah. I have actually developed some understanding of Japanese just from listening to it so much.
  9. It doesn't bother me if voices are different as long as they sound appropriate to the character. Writing in the script is more of an issue.... Some animes have ridiculously extensive changes. Others.... things are rephrased but mean the same things.
  10. Hehe.... You'll get used to it eventually.
  11. I only play one game supported by microtransactions. Lord of the Rings Online. At least there your stuff is permanent, account-wide, and subscribing even for a month gets you permanent benefits.Actually, that's mostly true for STO too. Being a subscriber for one month gives you account bank(permanently). C-store ship/costume unlocks are account wide.
  12. I seriously think of that every time I hear the word "Hero". as for Christmas/new year:
  13. 1: Post more often. 2: convince people on this board to play Star Trek Online.
  14. Yeah, that was a really poignant moment. You go to a village only to find that it's a burnedout ruin.... that really drives home the point of what will happen to the world if the villains win.
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