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  1. Added this to the list as well: Nitid Tutu = Spangled Dress + Dancers Costume + Life Bracer So should be good as soon as I can make it.... Yeah I would transpose everything but the Magma Staff (thus far) since it can be updated easily.
  2. Thanks for the additions. When I went to GFAQ there was no new info, it was all from the original release on the PS2. Also, I forgot entirely about crafting the Holy Silver and bought it to make the Fallen Angel (which is sad as I have the PS2 guide AND remembered the Templar Sword made something...). I usually run Swords on Hero, Angelo, and Jess (to 82 points) and snag Kasap early on then Twin Dragon Lash. I figure I use Boomerangs and Whips only for clearing groups (but TDL during boss fights with Tension like I do Falcon Cut).
  3. So, I been trying to find a list of the new Alchemy Recipes. I got a Holy Lance from the camera minigame really early in and noticed you can use it in Alchemy now where you couldn't in the original version. You could make it, not use it. So this got me thinking. what were all the changes people found? (As I KNOW people finished the game already.... I would have too but... working sucks.) So! For starters: Magma Staff = Rockbomb Shard + Rockbomb Shard + Wizard's Staff Nitid Tutu = Spangled Dress + Dancers Costume + Life Bracer Dogsbody's Helmet = Coral Hairpin + Tough Guy Tattoo + Bandana Steller Fan = Rainbow Fan + Highly-Strung Cheese + Silver Tiara Lunar Fan = Steller Fan + Full Moon Ring + Gold Rosary Solar Fan = Lunar Fan + Flame Shield + Magma Staff Oriental Wear = Flowing dress + Crimson Robe + Lunar Fan Kunoichi Headband = Iron Headgear + Mercury's Bandana Dogsbody Vest = Bandit Mail + Plain Clothes + Coral Hairpin Peacock Fan = Iron Fan + Hermes Hat Big Bad Boss Shield = Big Boss Shield + Goddess Shield + Mild Cheese Metal King Spear = Metal Wing Boomerang + Holy Lance Fire Claw = Iron Claw + Flametang Boomerang Uber Sacred Armor = Sacred Armor + Ruby of Protection + Recovery Ring Beast Talon = Beast Claw + Ethereal Stone Dragonlord Claw = Dragon Claw + Ethereal Stone Cobra Claw = Fire Claw + Devil's Tail King Cobra Claw = Cobra Claw + Hades Helm Hexlet's Skirt = Magical Skirt + Imp Knife + Mystifying Mixture. Hexlet's Hat = Magical Hat + Thinking Cap + Mystifying Mixture
  4. The thing is, in 8 you come across the Godship from 7. It is the one you awaken with the Moonshadow Harp. I can not say anything about X as I am not Japanese so never played it. You can not say that 4-6 is a seperate reality/dimension/world/etc because Erdriek/Loto go to Zenith and meet the Master Dragon. And by that standard, 8 is in timeline with 4 as Taloon and Ragnar show up and reference their game as past tense. In 9, you get the rusted Loto Sword in a chest in the final dungeon, meaning it is after 1.... *facedesks* So.. 6, 7, 3, 1, 2, 4, 8, 5 and 9 as the plausible timeline? Been playingDragon Quest since it was Warrior in the US. DW4 was my first game in the series, then played through all of them (5 and 6 via emulator long before they came to the DS). I have probably poured more time into that franchise than many people did High School. lol Anywho, food for thought.
  5. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread... but.... Is it not logical that 9 is before 7/8 (and those be before the other six)? I mean, look at the trend. 3, 1, 2 6, 4, 5 So... cant it be argued to be: 9, 7, 8, 3, 1, 2, 6, 4, 5
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