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  1. It’s an up and down menu. I believe I put in arrows. the original DW menu seemed to box related and couldn’t be added to easily. Originally the spells were hard wired to the items. So I used rings. That option isn’t used now. I bring that up because of this one person might or might not have a spell useable due to the equipment. So the menu had to be auto expandable.
  2. The game is back up for download. http://dragonwarriorreborn.com
  3. I posted a detailed post, but now for some reason it's gone.
  4. 8 year old thread? try posting on a 10 year old thread? So I lost my job years ago, and was forced to shut down the website.
  5. Add dragon warrior reborn to the list please. Nakhash
  6. That is some amazing Graphics you have there.
  7. I know I may draw fire for this, but FF4 is one of my favorite games, but the DS version sucks to me. The talking is cool, but the 3D ruins it for me. As strange as it sounds, I think I'd be happy playing a 2d NES or SNES style game that talks.
  8. Thanks. DWR 1 is a near replica of DW1 with extra features and characters, but DWR 2, and DWR 3 is vastly differant then the nes versions, except for some of the graphics, music, bits of the story and bossess. Also I used bits of the DW4 characters, and places for DWR 3. There are other similarities like in DWR 2 you get a ship, and in DWR 3 you get a ship, and a bird to fly around with. The project has taken me about 2 years total of coding an editor and creating all three games. Nakhash
  9. DWR 1 is slightly bigger then the original DW 1 for nes, and DWR 2 is 4 to 5 times the size of DWR1, and DWR 3 is about 6 times the size of DWR 1. The reason DWR 3 is much longer because of the class system, so I needed to make the game length long enough to enable someone to get the advanced classes. Yeah I know the series is decent size. Nakhash
  10. Well I'm very excited that Dragon Warrior Reborn Trilogy is finally released. I'd like to thank everyone here who has helped me by providing ideas and support. I hope everyone enjoys it like I have. It can be found at dragonwarriorreborn.com Nakhash
  11. Dragon Warrior IV is my favorite video game of all time. I always found it interesting to watch Saro turn into Necrosaro. Next would have to be Dragon Quest V & III for good stories.
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