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  1. There isnt a lot of info about the game in terms of FAQs but ill be live on it for the rest of May 2021 here, giving it a try to end credits! All are welcome to help, especially with information on the game. http://www.twitch.tv/borgsRPGquest Daily at 9pm EST / 6pm PDT
  2. I grabbed the 2016 patch posted here but how do I implement it upon the rom i found?
  3. i shouldve made sure OTHER was an idea like the ones u had. id love to see DQ1 thru 10 unreal engine remakes, total reimagines with voice acting / fleshed out story. starting from part 1.
  4. The poll will not include games that exist like Joker 3 that never came out here. I would be assuming that we'll get a translation from someone anyway. This goes beyond into the realm of games that dont exist at all. I'm going to have to go with Monsters 4. I want it to be a better m2, with a storyline of its own: The object of it will be to visit dq 1 thru 10's worlds to get a key from a major NPC and then leave to go use those keys and go thru RNG caves again. perhaps lets add more findable secrets on the worldmaps, too, even if it only uses a 'section' of a worldmap from each DQ game. Breeding should be much faster to tone down on menuing all day. The reason why i didnt vote dq12 yet is simply because dq11 is the best game of all time to me now, and its a culmination of everything before it. I dont feel the need to desire a 12 anytime soon, and really dont want 12 to 'cheapen' 11 if it ends up becoming ANOTHER culmination game. I hope when the time comes its all new in many areas.
  5. I quit listening to this #$*! when she started whining about 11's exclusive music. MIDI or not its just as good as any of the games. 11 was a culmination of 1 thru 10, which is why all those logos are shown in the game. The music sounds like a throwback in a way, too.
  6. https://streamlabs.com/BorgsRPGQuest Read this if anyones interested in the giveaway in a few weeks. I've been trying to do what I can to support our series so we get more DQ in the west. Channel URL is in signature.
  7. If anyone knows a thing about this game, i havent tried it in 18 years, and I never got far before quitting. Right now, on stream, i will retry for the first time!!! All are welcome to help me out at www.twitch.tv/BorgsRPGquest , and are welcome to try to win the best game of all time, DQ 11 (choose your version) in the raffles this week!
  8. http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm33554915 If you study this video, only the 3ds version seems to have traditional (DQ1 thru 9 style) ROUND BATTLES. PS4/PC/Switch version is just 1 person going at a time and you see his move execute (like persona) then another person goes; one at a time. Not as DQ-like as 3ds version is. If anyone knows more differences about 3ds, share it here! I intend on streaming DQ11 at http://www.twitch.tv/borgsRPGQuest when it comes out, and doing handfuls of giveaways for copies of the game. Check it out! I'm on nightly on a hundred RPGs per year.
  9. I havent really made much mention of this here but ive been streaming under twitch.tv/BorgsRPGQuest for 5 years now. Everyone is welcome, especially those in a place of people who love Dragon Quest the best! http://tinyurl.com/jwrsn6o This is my URL of finished/unfinished games in all that time. Dragon Quest XI is a day one priority for sure. Right now i'm on Breath of Fire SNES. I intend to do multiple giveaways for DQXI [pick any ENG version] around SEPT 1st because of viewer donations helping to raise more. What better community to mention my idea to than this one? Hope to see you. If this post needs redirecting to another channel let me know.
  10. Stream 1 is done tonight. 10pm EST is often start time! Caravan heart is new to me and its growing on me. I'm in chap 4 and i need someones help asap: WHAT DO HEARTS DO? How do u fuse them together with a monster? Game hasnt taught me 5 hours in still!
  11. If you know anything about Caravan heart, i'm live for the first time in a few seconds.  twitch.tv/borg1982 .


  12. btw hawk do u know anything about monsters 3? all help is needed for sure!
  13. I'm EST time and usually live around 10pm. I just made a new signature (underneath my msg here) that mentions what my channel is all about. You can goto my offline channel now and type !scores to see a list of hundreds of RPGs that are done so far.
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