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  1. It makes me speculate on the story now. Especially since the hints towards DQ1 (the logo is a flipped DQ1 logo, the hero is dressed in the Dragonlord's color scheme, etc etc).
  2. Just printed this thread out and dropped it off at my coworker's desk, haha. Best news.
  3. http://nichegamer.com/2017/07/28/dragon-quest-xi-echoes-elusive-age-heads-west/
  4. Sounds like something similar to the Last Ones / Oversoul system from FF13 / FF10-2. Or perhaps just something akin to shinies from Pokemon -- just rare versions of monsters to give you something to look out for while grinding.
  5. IT'S OUT GO GO GO (Damnit, my N3DS updated to 11.1 before I realized.)
  6. ... DQMTW? As for large monsters... while I agree it's not exactly what I would have done, it does add a strategic element to the game. Caravan Heart had something similar (instead of slot size, "weight") which I felt was pretty good.
  7. Had a war movie of some kind on TV in the background earlier tonight, actually... Hm. Which do you think is punchier?
  8. http://na.square-enix.com/us/blog/dragon-quest-vii-viii-3ds-are-coming-west So in their official blog post talking about Dragon Quest 7 and 8, Square Enix ended it with a hashtag we're all familiar with: #DragonQuestForTheWest That means two things: 1. They heard us. 2. Our petition helped. With that glorious realization in mind, it's time to move on to round two. Announcing: Leave No Slime Behind Dragon Quest 7 and 8 are great games and we're extremely lucky to see Nintendo and Square Enix chancing bringing them over. But they're not the only titles we're mi
  9. Aw man, I just realized that this thread is a powder keg waiting for a spark. Back to the original topic and away from the hugbox: There hasn't been much LGBI stuff in Dragon Quest. Japan's views on LGBI stuff are considerably different than ours, to the point that LGBI people in Japan consider America some sort of mecca for gay rights.
  10. WOO HOO, preemptive anti-SJWing! It's called the Galbrush Paradox. As defined elsewhere: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B320XBWCEAARjSJ.jpg
  11. I had two metal keys, actually... I guess I just started earlier than most? The story quests start to give enough XP to ding you as you use up your XP, or thereabouts. Once I hit Chapter 10 Mission 3 (which is very quick and easy to run through dungeon) I was gaining a level with the last fight before I ran out of stamina, which filled my stamina. This didn't stop until around level 33. That level up link I posted earlier has some others -- 4-5, 7-5, and 8-2 are either good XP/STA or easily traversed maps.
  12. I don't know, they're classified as bosses and I don't think you can recruit the end of dungeon bosses...
  13. The gold farming quest is the weekend's daily quest. It'll change to Metal Slimes on Monday.
  14. Ding 30. Currently stopped at 10-4 -- Al-Zorate Sands -- to grind, since one of the wikis says it's a really good Stamina/XP ratio map. http://muketsu.info/DQMsl/LEVELup.html I might actually hit 35 at this rate, haha. Edit: 32 now (50 minutes later). I think it'll peter out at 33 but at this rate I'm leveling up as fast as I can burn through my stamina.
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