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  1. Ok, thanks. The Hero is at 32, and I just did some checking. Apparently you don't have to fight all of them: just the Flame Spirit.
  2. If it's the worst game ever, then what about almost every Sonic game to come in recent years? I'm not gonna argue: we're talking about opinions.
  3. I find it hard to find topics for games like DQVIII and DWVII because about half of the series gets grouped under General DQ/DW. I know what kind of effort it takes, but out of convenience, adding separate sections would make for an easier, more streamlined approach. But I'm just thinking: feel free to tell this poor dumbass what he's doing wrong.
  4. Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) by The Offspring. ...
  5. NES, N64, PSone (remodel), GCN, PS2, Wii, Xbox360, GBC, GBA, DS (original model), DSi, 3DS.
  6. Seriously, I don't. The music is superb, I like the character design, the battle system IS NOT BAD, lots of replay value, and just because it's not like Chrono Trigger doesn't make it a bad game. You can't play games with bias before you play them: it is the biggest fun destroyer for any game. If someone can give me good solid reasons why CC is a BAD game, feel free.
  7. Found a copy of DWIIIGBC for 15 bucks three days ago. Been playing that, as well as Dragon Warrior NES.
  8. Well, this is the warmest (ech, no puff puff jokes) welcome I've ever gotten. And in response to Erdrick, I think it's a slime mask...?
  9. Gonna do a mini rant on FFVIII. I can't stand anything about that game. The only likeable character was Laguna, the junction system threw too much at you from the start, the equipment system is horrifyingly irrelevant until disc 3, the game is reliant on Draw-grinding, the environment was boring, the game felt very linear, and TRIPLE TRIAD. NO. I AIN'T HAVING THAT. Edit: whoops, didn't see this thread hasn't been posted in for a year. Sorry.
  10. My first was IX. Still play it to this day. Second was IVDS, third was VIDS, then VDS, then VII, then VIII, then INES, then IIIGBC.
  11. In my humble opinion, not only is Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride not only the best Dragon Quest game, but one of the greatest games, period. I can't think of any other games that follow a single family throughout generations (Harvest Moon starts you as an adult) from birth to parenthood. It's a charming game with great emotion to it and really makes you feel like you're on a long journey.
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