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  1. It just kind of blows. A year ago I bought DQ XI for $60 for PS4 and I've only maybe played a few days on it, but I've been itching to get back into it and complete the game. Now I can only trade in my DQ XI for like $20 or less, and now I have to pay another $60 to get the "definitive" version of the game? This seems like beneath Square-Enix. This is like a Capcom move, still stuck in their 1990s business model.
  2. So what are the real differences between this "S - Definitive Edition" and the "Edition of Light" on PS4? Did I buy the "Edition of Light" for nothing, or will the new content become DLC? What's going on?
  3. http://devilbane.tripod.com/ Made in 1997. How time flies...
  4. Like, if I never make any use whatsoever of the multiplayer component... can I still beat the game? Will it still be fun?
  5. In the story, I mean. Obviously I-III is the Erdrick trilogy and IV-VI is "the Celestial Trilogy" (and can someone tell me exactly how IV connects to V and VI?)... there are no connections between VII, VIII, and IX, right? Or are there? If so, what? I'm really curious. One of the things I always loved about the DQ/DW games over the Final Fantasy games was how there was some continuance between games, and a sense of a saga. I also see stuff about XI being a prequel to DQ III. Is that true?
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