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  1. It just kind of blows. A year ago I bought DQ XI for $60 for PS4 and I've only maybe played a few days on it, but I've been itching to get back into it and complete the game. Now I can only trade in my DQ XI for like $20 or less, and now I have to pay another $60 to get the "definitive" version of the game? This seems like beneath Square-Enix. This is like a Capcom move, still stuck in their 1990s business model.
  2. So what are the real differences between this "S - Definitive Edition" and the "Edition of Light" on PS4? Did I buy the "Edition of Light" for nothing, or will the new content become DLC? What's going on?
  3. http://devilbane.tripod.com/ Made in 1997. How time flies...
  4. Like, if I never make any use whatsoever of the multiplayer component... can I still beat the game? Will it still be fun?
  5. In the story, I mean. Obviously I-III is the Erdrick trilogy and IV-VI is "the Celestial Trilogy" (and can someone tell me exactly how IV connects to V and VI?)... there are no connections between VII, VIII, and IX, right? Or are there? If so, what? I'm really curious. One of the things I always loved about the DQ/DW games over the Final Fantasy games was how there was some continuance between games, and a sense of a saga. I also see stuff about XI being a prequel to DQ III. Is that true?
  6. Since when has either Enix or Square ever concerned either of their flagship franchises with North American audiences? Ever?
  7. Why not Wii, then, at the very least? It's cheap, selling like hotcakes. There's simply no reason why they should put DQ IX on anything but a current or next-gen system. DQ VIII was already in motion before the Square - Enix merger. That the first DQ title to emerge since the merger is on something other than a current or next-gen system -- while at the same time they are pumping out plenty of the main FF titles on PS3 and ALSO on DS -- speaks volumes about their modus operandi.
  8. It just seems funny, while at the same time there will be a ton of new Final Fantasy games put out all over DS and PS3 (the core series remaining on a next generation console), the core DQ series goes leaps and bounds backwards. There's just no good reason for it -- if they wanted to make a DS DQ game, there's plenty of routes they could have taken aside from dragging the core series onto it arbitrarily.
  9. You do realize there's things you simply can't do on a small cartridge-based, pint-sized screen system, right? All of the lovely detail and animation that was such a huge jump forward in DQ VIII is scaled back several generations, all the wonderful voice acting is going to be gone -- basically, all the gradual evolution of the Dragon Quest series we've seen is suddenly retarded back about 10-13 years. Maybe SE knows their hyperkinetic Japanese teenage market overseas, but I don't know anyone that wants to get all immersed and play their RPGs "on the go." It's crazy. When I play RPGs, I want to sit at home, relax, and spend a couple hours just losing myself a bit in the experience... not hunched over a tiny screen in a subway terminal or something at the mercy of some effing batteries. An embarassment for the franchise. Why did they have to put the IX on there? Has it been confirmed that North America is getting any of these IV-VI remakes? SE doesn't seem interested in porting any of those. Even after DQ VIII, I thought for sure we'd get Young Yangus, but not even that.
  10. Looks like now that they absorbed Enix, Square wants to finally put "Final Fantasy" over "Dragon Quest" once and for all. Dragon Quest IX for ... Nintendo DS? With Playstation 1 graphics and cartridge based, coming out about the same time as Final Fantasy XIII for PS3? Really?
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